Wot! No tools!

Wot! No tools!

There is no mention in the Owner's Manual of any tools that come with the Model S. No jack, no lug wrench, no screwdriver. I've looked in the frunk and the rearunk, and found no sign of any tools in 60 years of car ownership, I've never owned a car that came without any tools. (On the other hand, I've never owned a car that came with a lot of features the Model S **does**come with!) Clearly Tesla doesn't want owners fooling round with their cars.

Dr. Pete | 24 juni 2015

Apologies for the missing punctuation. I wish this forum had an Edit option!
...and found no sign of any tools. In 60 years of car ownership...

sorka95032 | 24 juni 2015

Well since there's no spare tire there wouldn't be a jack. You should have the tow hook and the front license plate holder which are typically left in the trunk.

In the back, you should have a circular zip bag that has your charging TOOLS in it such as your UMC cable and 3 adapters.

negarholger | 25 juni 2015

Dr. Pete - you have to realize it is the 21st century now... welcome to the future.

lolachampcar | 25 juni 2015

Oh, so many "tool" comments to be made here :)

prp | 25 juni 2015

What exactly would you do with the cheap tools that come with ICE cars?
Replace spark plugs, fix a loose coolant hose, add raiatir fluid, nearly forgot an oil change.
Tesla have removed all of those joys and took your tools away.

David Trushin | 25 juni 2015

One tool that is available is an edit function so that the op can modify the original post. Probably the only tool you will need.

trixiew | 25 juni 2015

My last ICE, Lexus CT200, came with a first aide kit. Didn't seem like a message a new car would want to send.

acegreat1 | 25 juni 2015

Trixie I have a lexus 200 and I don't have a first aid kit. 2013 | 25 juni 2015

Soon we'll have a 3D printer in the Frunk. If a part goes bad, the design is downloaded and printed and you have a new part ready to go! It may take a few more years for the automatic robot installer software. Never see a shop again until the 3D printer supplies run out.

SCCRENDO | 25 juni 2015

@DrPete. I am also disappointed. Thought my Tesla would come with a stethoscope and an ultrasound machine. Oh well.

Bighorn | 25 juni 2015

I was just getting over no neatsfoot oil for the buggy whip.

renwo S alset | 25 juni 2015

I was hoping for one of those hand cranks you start the motor with.

renwo S alset | 25 juni 2015

And you would think they would include jumper cables. I mean, I did pay large cash money for it.

Red Sage ca us | 25 juni 2015

I'm told that TOOL is a pretty decent band.

bobrobert | 25 juni 2015

Dr. Pete punctuated his title line with exclamation, not question marks, a sign of joy that his MS requires no tools, little attention - the car is his servant, not master.
My experience isn't quite the same - my MS calls to me, like Cameron Frye's father (Ferris Bueller's Day Off), to come wipe her down with a diaper, stare at her, & sigh. And spray the garage to keep teens away.

teslamonterey | 25 juni 2015

I'm still trying to find the clutch.

kevinf311 | 25 juni 2015

Joking aside, I do keep a small bag of tools (socket set, bit drivers, tiny hammer, work gloves, etc) in my car. First aid kit, too.

Of course, outside of a lug lock key, I've never had a car come with tools. I suppose there was a bumper jack in the '86 Town Car and then scissor jacks in the later model Town Cars.

The shift for me has been that instead of using this bag of tricks for my own vehicle, now I have it available should I provide assistance to a stranded driver. The first aid kit will probably still be for me though...

Brian H | 26 juni 2015

Dr. Pete;
Actually, for the first post only, there is an edit function. Look up near the Tesla logo, upper left.

Polybius | 26 juni 2015

buy a can of fixaflat?

jordanrichard | 26 juni 2015

Dr. Pete, were any of these previous cars American? The only "tools" to be found in an American car was a jack.

SCCRENDO | 26 juni 2015

The only tool you need is a cellphone and Bluetooth connection. If you have a problem call Tesla.

Dr. Pete | 26 juni 2015

Thanks Brian H. I see the Edit button now.

I recently purchased a set of locking lug nuts. To install them you need to remove one of the standard lug nuts from each wheel. I started looking for the tool kit, and to paraphrase A. A. Milne, the more I looked, the more the tool kit wasn't there.

@SCCRENDO: unfortunately, my stethoscope didn't come with a lug nut wrench attachment.

Thanks to all the posters for your droll comments. You're all so smart I don't need to explain the A. A. Milne reference.

Earl and Nagin ... | 26 juni 2015

Reminds me of a local 4th of July parade I was in with our Tesla Roadster. We were in the marshaling area and the driver of an old antique pickup truck, for some reason, came over to me, standing by my Roadster and asked if I had a pair of pliers.
I blinked a couple of times, looking at my little roadster and his big pickup and to this day, still try to figure out why he'd ask me.
I, of course, opened the boot and grabbed the Leatherman I always keep under the carpet in a notch and loaned it to him. I always keep the Leatherman and a voltage detector probe in the Roadster for emergency repairs and to test whether RV park outlets are powered.
We've come a long way from our other Roadster, a '52 MG TD that has a full toolbox mounted under the bonnet to help handle its regular breakdowns.
Great Progress. Go Tesla!