Would early MXs command a premium price?

Would early MXs command a premium price?

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I have a feeling vperl , trigger and Roamer would pay double to get an MX before Xmas...(joke)

Triggerplz | 4 november 2015

LMAO it would be nice to get my X by Christmas as last week I had a 240 line installed but about paying double NO WAY I was born at night not last night.. LOL

jordanrichard | 4 november 2015

Do you mean if as soon as someone took delivery of their X, and then turn around and sold it?

Ross1 | 4 november 2015


MyXinTx | 5 november 2015

Interesting concept...I wonder if anyone would be willing to pass along their order, or another willing to pay a premium to get one without the a surrogate reservation holder.

Anybody ever fess up to that plan?

Red Sage ca us | 5 november 2015