Would I have made it?

Would I have made it?

After reading a few recent posts about cold weather impact on range, I wonder about a recent trip I took.

I used evtripplanner after reading the recommendations on this website. I don't own a Tesla (yet), but my recent evening trip got me thinking. I traveled 170 miles roundtrip to a wedding in chilly weather (I averaged 0 degrees F to -4 degrees F). I entered -4F temperature into evtripplanner and got 130 miles actual consumption one-way given the altitude changes and ambient temperature.

This means that I would've used 260 miles of range for a 170 mile journey, right at the outright limit of the MS 85D I want to buy. If evtripplanner took the temperature and altitude into account, would I need to add a safety factor in the estimated range for the trip? There was no charging possibility at my destination, so I would've had to make the roundtrip on a single charge.

Could I have made it? Would you have tried it in a Tesla, given cold temperatures at night?

buickguy | 2 januar 2015

A good rule of thumb is to plan your trip with a cushion so you can handle the unforeseen. I use a 10% cushion here in sunny California. My limited experience with really cold weather -- like you experienced -- would add another 20% to that. Your proposed trip looks to work only with a 0% cushion. Time for a Plan B, which will probably involve some level of charging in the middle. By the way, your car would use some small amount of energy just sitting while you attend the wedding, more if you stay overnight. Factor that in, too.

Tylyoung | 2 januar 2015

No... you would not have made it!


170 miles round trip with a 2 hour stop for a wedding and frigid temperatures.... you will need 260 in range {AND A PLACE TO CHARGE WHEN YOU GET TO THE WEDDING} to keep yourself and your MS warm.. 78 degree car cabin and still travel along at 75-85mph. Cold weather is just...COLD!

HEAT is gong to cost you big time in range! Plug in somewhere during the wedding, even if a 120v.

COLD is tough on range (dense air)-- HEAT ---REALLY EATS UP ENERGY RESERVE and don't forget that your BATTERY needs energy to stay warm too!

teen degrees F to minus whatever!!!! is just brutal on range etc.

Tylyoung | 2 januar 2015

... change my above to 340 in range not 260...hence the charging at the wedding or somewhere very near!!

A real world 40 mile trip when it is 15 degrees outside you'll need 80 in range for a fast warm comfortable ride! The heat you need to off set the cold temperatures outside and normal traveling speeds is just crazy at depleting range!!

Bet TSLA | 2 januar 2015

You would likely lose about ten miles of range just warming it up for the return trip. The battery has to warm up for it to work.

Blu Zap | 2 januar 2015

Don't forget to use the seat heaters so you don't have to run the climate control as much. That helps range.

Hart | 2 januar 2015

@Panoz: You most likely would not make it going speed limit. But don't forget, going slower will drastically increase your range. Plug it in and see what you get. I know, going slow sucks, but it's an option.

tes-s | 2 januar 2015

Going slower may decrease your range in cold weather, if you are using the heater.

You would have been fine - just may have had to turn off the heat on the way home. :)

Brian H | 2 januar 2015

Drive downhill all the way home.

Smooth | 2 januar 2015

I am taking a trip from Seattle to Montana next week. Has anyone made the trek from Missoula to Butte in cold weather in an S60? Based on EV trip planner, I think I can make it but there's not much wiggle room. I think I'm ok for the rest of the trip. I'm spending a night in Coeur d'Alene charging since there's no SC there yet.