In another thread, Tesla service was compared to Rolls-Royce's.

How many of you have had a Rolls Royce, so that you can actually tell what they'll do?
I did. Bought a brand new SS II in 1979 and took it for its maiden trip from Stockholm via London to Spain.

When coming to London, rather than concentrating on my work (recording a piano concerto with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra), I had to search out a RR repair shop for some repairs, incl. an oil pressure gauge that showed too low a value. After some arguing - they didn't really have time for me - they swapped it and said that they had filled oil. Fine. Next was at 2 a.m. in the French countryside, when the oil pressure fell to zero. I immediately stopped the car, and my wife and I spent some freezing hours in a cooling car (this was way before mobile phones!) until the morning. Car on flatbed to a normal repair shop, where it was ascertained that there was oil in the car, and the meter was faulty.
Continued to Madrid and ascertained that the extra kick-down gear-change stopped working, along with about 10 other faults. The Madrid RR office tended to car, kept it for a week or so (there went our vacation) and proclaimed the car to be a virginesque pristine car afterwards. We went homewards. By the time we came to Lausanne the car had so many faults, incl. brake loss that I went to RR Head Office to have it turned in and repaired. My Father-in-law had also written a very sharp letter to them. They took the car and - after a huge discussion - I got them to spring for a rental (they wanted us to take the smallest, cheapest car on the market, when I finally lost it completely and barked them out, so we got some middle class sh-t instead) AND a single flight back to Lausanne to pick it up. They kept the car for close to 7 months!!!
I came down to Lausanne and started driving home. Within 10 miles the car started to malfunction again. They sent someone out to repair it on the road and then somehow I made it home, with a punch list a mile long. Got it repaired and sold it as fast as I could, at a huge loss.

Why do I get all the lemons??

The Tesla P85 also has malfunctioned from the moment I sat down the first time, but look at the service, the willingness, the friendliness!!! They sent a Ranger 800-mile roundtrip. When that didn't work, the sent a loaner the same 800-mile round trip and swapped cars. That's where I am now.
I am so impressed I don't really know how to express myself. The Vice President of WW sales of Tesla actually answers letters and gives good explanations.

Yes, I may have got another lemon, but Tesla sure knows how to make things feel right.

But don't please talk about Rolls Royce in my presence. Just don't.


Roamer@AZ USA | 28 oktober 2013

Can we talk about smart phones.......
Good to have you back Robert. Been kind of quiet without you here.

ELECTRICFAN | 28 oktober 2013

I just had my first experience with Tesla service today. They picked up my car at work and fixed it, then brought it back. I lost NO time from work or sitting in a dealership. I am so happy I could cry. And the problem is fixed! (knock on wood)

robert | 28 oktober 2013


I was gone 2 nights and one day for a shortie to Finland. And I was missed?



Captain_Zap | 28 oktober 2013

I'm happy to hear that you are happy Robert.
They do their best to make all of us happy no matter where we are.
They are growing and learning while we, as customers, do our part by sharing with them what our needs are once in a while.

Tesla is growing and expanding so quickly. Fortunately, they adapt very quickly too. It has been amazing to witness. One short year ago Tesla was making around 20 cars a day. Look at them now and imagine what is yet to come!

GeirT | 29 oktober 2013

Wonderful Robert! Love your anecdotal stories. For sure no RR on me and I pray I'll be spared for a lemon - taking delivery on coming Tuesday.

J.T. | 29 oktober 2013


We need to convince you to upgrade your cell phone. I would not suggest to you that the IPhone is the Rolls Royce of cellular communications but it will enhance your few days of the month when your Tesla is not in for service.

Your ability to heat up the car before you leave is reason enough. You did hear from on high that heated windshields are not in our future, but The Lord helps those who help themselves and I am sure that means you should get a smart phone. There's no other way to interpret it.

robert | 29 oktober 2013

Well, put it this way:

if an iPhone is in any way equivalent to a Rolls Royce, you have just given me yet another reason to not buy one (read the first post of this thread).

Best - Robert

GeirT | 29 oktober 2013


;-) keep pushing! One day Robert will see the light.

J.T. | 29 oktober 2013


I made the reference to RR because of your post. Like I said humor is a high wire act and incredibly subjective. Now there are two people who don't think I'm funny: you and my wife!

J.T. | 29 oktober 2013


My Rolls Royce reference was not the only hilarious part of that post. BTW that part was hilarious because you had said in your Original post NOT to mention Rolls Royce around you. So, I did so by saying I won't compare the IPhone to Rolls Royce even though that comparison is usually a huge compliment. Not in your case evidently, so, hilarious.

I also said that the smart phone would enhance your ownership experience for the few days of the month when your car was not in service. This was poking fun at the fact that there have been more days since ownership without your car than with it. To say it would make the short time between service calls enjoyable is hilarious in so many ways. For one, how can anything make your experience with the car enjoyable when you're waiting for the other shoe to drop on your 3rd 12 volt battery and short it out. Mega hilarious.

Lastly, quoting whoever said that The Lord helps those who help themselves as referring to buying a smart phone is irreverent and therefore, hilarious.

Hope these explanations help you see how funny I am. Explanations have never helped with my wife, but here's hoping.

With regards and respect,


robert | 29 oktober 2013

I can only say that I am not quite at my best today, after having spent a full night throwing up in a ferryboat from Finland to Sweden, on account of a storm that we probably created ourselves because of global warming that is due to the fact that Elon Musk took such a bloody long time to invent the Tesla.

Of course I knew that you were pulling my leg. I worded the answer the way I did to pull yours. I think it is called stiff upper lip. But I was laughing inside.

Maybe we should crowd-fund my new mobile. Or Tesla might chip in because of all the research work I do for them...


Yes, that was a joke...

Mathew98 | 29 oktober 2013

@JT - It ain't funny when you have to explain it...

If someone slap you on one cheek, do you offer the other cheek too. Or do you offer that person the other set of cheeks to slap?

J.T. | 29 oktober 2013

@Mathew98 i actually thought the explanation was funnier than the jokes, my wife did not think anything about it was funny. So, slapping after 38 years of marital bliss is lost on me.

brandtlings | 29 oktober 2013

@Mathew the other set with raspberries...
JT, I have the same problem with my wife...

I just had my first experience with service, someone smashed the passenger side window and stole my wife's iPad. They ordered the part and made me an appointment for yesterday. I took it down and 3 hours later, new window and sparkling clean car! I couldn't believe the cost was only $216!! Completely cleaned out all the broken glass and made sure the regulator was working properly. (some window motor part I think)

Oh yeah, they had a loaner for me so I could run some errands and do some shopping while they were working. AMAZZZZZINg!

brandtlings | 29 oktober 2013

Most expensive part was I spent more on the shopping trip than the car repair...

NomoDinos | 29 oktober 2013

Robert - were you the pianist or the recording engineer, and what recording was it?

JT - you keep that line out, my friend. One of these days someone is going to bite and realize your comic genius for what it is!

NomoDinos | 29 oktober 2013

(... but I'm pretty sure it won't be your wife.)

Car t man | 30 oktober 2013


you're doing it all wrong.. Most passengers on Scandinavian
ferries throw up because of intoxication, which is the
prime reason for taking ferries :) you only got the
result, without the fun stuff in between

robert | 30 oktober 2013


Neither - I was the Producer. Grieg PC, Eva Knardahl, RPO cond. by Kjell Ingebretsen. BIS-CD-113

@Car t man
Yes, you're right, but in the morning it took a very long time to drive out of the ship, since the Police were letting every single driver blow an alco-test. Precisely then I was happy.....


Car t man | 30 oktober 2013


were there any drivers apart from yourself even allowed to drive off of
the ship? Or were they turned around, to yet again replicate the trip
in every detail? :)

I too was a producer for a while. The last thing of the kind you might be at least vaguely familiar with involved only the second public "concert" of COD.ACT .. If it isn't too contemporary for your taste :)

robert | 30 oktober 2013

Looking at the expressions of the bunch of drivers that were standing beside the queue, waiting for their driver's licenses to be revoked, I firmly believe that they would have liked to reverse back into the boat. The beauty is that there is absolutely no way to get out of the queue, once you're in it. We're VERY strict here when it comes to drinking and driving. A glass of beer, OK, if you're big, otherwise license is gone 6 months for a first offender, not counting the huge fine.
I am so sorry, but I don't have a clue about COD.ACT - it does come through as a bit fishy for my taste, though...

Brian H | 30 oktober 2013

Yes, the explanation was hilarious-er than the original(s). FWIW.

Car t man | 31 oktober 2013

Trapped fish then...
don't they impound their cars also?

No need to be sorry. I am a bit at the other side
of the spectrum. Only contemporary and tech art.
Imagine Ars technica, Documenta, etc.. contenders.

You're in classical music. In many projects, we
actually cooperated with some national philharmonics
but the focus was always as contemporary as it gets.

As for COD.ACT, they are winning contemporary arts
awards around the globe like there's no tomorrow.

I will now play myself some Bach, to bridge the difference :)