Yes! VIN# assigned

Yes! VIN# assigned

Just got email, VIN# 40129, set for June 15 delivery!


sbeggs | 11 april 2014

@wizexo, congrats! What did you order, color, options?

wizexo | 11 april 2014

@sbeggs - thanks.

MS85, black, textile interior, piano trim, panoramic, tech package, subzero, parcel shelf.

Was originally going with white, but my son complained way too much.

TheRaven | 11 april 2014

Gee I should have ordered the Sub Zero refrigerator as well.

centralvalley | 11 april 2014

Got mine at 10:30-- 40132. May 15.

CT-Greg | 11 april 2014

Welcome, Wizexo. As Tom Petty sang, the waiting is the hardest part. I've had mine just why of 3 weeks now after a late January order. You're going to love it.

NKYTA | 11 april 2014

Welcome and start practicing a big, wide GRIN!

FlyA4 | 11 april 2014

I've been lurking for a few weeks but might as well join the fray. VIN 39565 P85+ with the sub-zero fridge blue gray interior.


wizexo | 11 april 2014

@CT-Greg - can I assume the CT is for Connecticut?

I'm outside New Haven.

Kutu | 11 april 2014

No VIN here, from what I read into this is that my late May delivery date must be pushed back to late June!

wizexo | 11 april 2014

@Kutu - don't read anything into my delivery date - it was a request by me.

CT-Greg | 11 april 2014

You can assume that. I'm in Avon.

Kutu | 11 april 2014

@wizexo - Thanks, I'll keep holding out hope for late May!

Jolinar | 11 april 2014

congrats to new owners, you'll love her :-)

Webcrawler | 11 april 2014

The wait gets tough after the VIN is assigned...

jordanrichard | 12 april 2014

wizexco, welcome to the family, particularly the CT family. I have had my car since Mar 29, I am in Vernon. VIN 32897 S85

amitb00 | 12 april 2014


GAGSTESLA | 12 april 2014

@ kutu
Same here, no vin, expected late May.

Can't be much worse than no vin, I'm already on pins and needles

Brian H | 13 april 2014

At least you're spending a little of your ill-gotten gains on something worthwhile! >;\

will2372002 | 14 april 2014

Congrats to everyone just got my VIN# 40381 on 4/14

sbeggs | 14 april 2014

@GAGSTESLA, on VINs and needles?