Tesla Model 3 Backup Camera Black Screen

Tesla Model 3 Backup Camera Black Screen

I know there are forums on this already, but wanted to revisit and see if any new Model 3 owners are having issues with their backup camera going black on an intermittent basis? Happens when you initially get in the car and put the car in reverse or tap the camera button on the screen. A soft or hardware reset does not make it go away. Also, I notice a 3-4 second delayed response on the screen when putting the car in drive from reverse or existing out of the backup camera window on the screen. When I leave the car parked and come back 30 minutes or so later it goes back to normal most of the time. When it is working it works fine without failure while driving, both reverse and tapping the camera button works without any issues. Seems to happen 30-50% of the time. Took it to the service center this week to see if they need to replace the camera. After looking at the time stamp they determined it is a firmware issue not hardware related. Engineers are working on developing a firmware update to fix this problem. No ETA was given on when this will be available or which firmware update version. Anyone having similar issues?

Dragon2020 | 6 maj 2018

I had a black screen a couple of days ago. Had not come back.
I only had the M3 for a week and didn’t pay too much attention to the backup camera. Now I can see part of the rear bumper. Is this normal?

rajivrag | 15 maj 2018

Experienced the black screen twice, 2nd time this morning after the latest update was pushed to the car. However after a reset, it worked right away. I'll continue to monitor it. Seems to be a firmware issue?

Ericschmidt | 15 maj 2018

I had the black screen two days ago but hasn't happened since.

rand889 | 15 maj 2018

had a few times in the last few days. a couple of times where the whole screen (mcu) was black. didn't have a problem for the last few days. no new firmware updates. strange.

idoggmd | 15 maj 2018

Happened to me on Mother's day, once I started to drive and turned on the camera manually it resolved. It was just the camera though, rest of the screen was ok.
Anyone know the reason for this?

susan.coe01 | 15 maj 2018

Just started happening to me tonight. Ironically today my glovebox started popping open on acceleration AND I got the charge port door needs service alert. Not a good day for my Tesla.

billlake2000 | 15 maj 2018

Susan, will you ask for a ranger rather than take your M3 to a service center?

smuray | 31 maj 2018

My backup camera was black (with guidelines) today, and the GPS wasn't updating my car's location from the parking lot on the way home. Powering the car off didn't help, nor did resetting the tablet. I didn't see any of the blind spot arcs or speed limits on the way home either, but when parking I did get the "ZOMG YOU'RE TOO CLOSE TO THE JUNK IN THE GARAGE" sensor warnings.

Hopefully it'll magically work again tomorrow.

lilbean | 31 maj 2018

Me too.

pdet | 31 maj 2018

I'm still experiencing sporadic black screens even on 18.13

Chudzik | 31 maj 2018

I had a black screen today for ~30seconds after getting in the car to go. Display returned after 30sec (I could still drive even when black). Charge port did not open via charger at the end of the drive segment when I got home. Not sure if these are related.

RP3 | 31 maj 2018

I also get the black backup camera with the white lines. 2018.18.3 it only lasted about half a second when it happened. Now with 2018.18.13, when it happens, it lasts about 4-5 seconds. i see it about 4 or 5 times a day now... :<(

billlake2000 | 31 maj 2018

I'm wondering, did Elon borrow any programmers from Microsoft? Could explain a lot. TeeHee

mos6507 | 31 maj 2018

Not so funny if the bad programming is bleeding over into autopilot...

JayInJapan | 31 maj 2018

Unless, of course, you’ve read the manual and know AP’s limitations.

vikas.s.shah | 1 juni 2018

Has anyone contacted their local service center for this problem? This is second time I had to take the car to the SC to look into this issue. The first time they told me it was a known "firmware" issue and that the latest 2018.18.13 should fix it. That is clearly not the case. It is progressively becoming worse with every update. When it goes black it does not restore back to normal unless I park the car and come back 30 minutes later, even then it is random. They are now looking to see if it is a hardware issue. When the vehicle support team looked at the logs when this happened it showed an error message with AP system and Ethernet cable connection. I recommend contacting your service department. More people who report this issue, more it will become a priority for Tesla to fix it.

djharrington | 1 juni 2018

I hadn’t seen this at all (dating back to 2018.4.x forward), until the 18.13 update. They’ll fix it. At least it has only been a couple second delay. I can’t stand the thought of using my mirrors and turning my head just to back up! ;)

Paul.r.freedman | 1 juni 2018

Mine started doing it after my .18 upgrade. I had the 2018.20.5 update last night, and its still doing the black screen thing,

Mikewilson | 1 juni 2018

Mine has done it twice in the 2 weeks I’ve had it. First was in day two: I came back to the car and whole screen was black, though it still let me drive. Screen came back on after maybe 1 minute (of anxiety). Then today; whole screen black, but let me drive. After a minute, came back, except the backup camera stayed black with visible white lines, played with it a couple of minutes, but no luck. If doesn’t recover, or happens a 3rd time, I’ll take it to be seen...

RP3 | 1 juni 2018

sounds like people are having 2 different behaviors in this thread. I've never had the whole screen go black, but I have the backup camera go black while still showing the white guiding lines. The name of the thread is 'backup camera black screen'...and I'm hoping it's fixed in the next (guess not 20.5). A few of you sound like you have larger issues with the whole screen going black...

vikas.s.shah | 2 juni 2018

I started this thread to discuss the backup camera issue. My issue started prior to the latest SW update. At first, it was a intermittent failure of the backup camera during the initial start of the car. Once it failed it will not go back to normal even after a reboot. However, if it was working it would never fail. Now with the latest update it is happening on a consistent basis. I also had the entire screen go black for the first time last Sunday. I took it to the SC and they determined it is not a software issue, because this 2018.18 was suppose to fix the firmware issue that was causing the camera to go blank. They are now replacing the computer and rechecking all the cables to ensure there is a secure connection. It looks like most people on this thread issue is not that severe as mine. Most people camera comes back after a few seconds. Mine did not come back at all. However, I highly recommend you contact Tesla and let them know about this so that they can take action and fix it if it is a firmware related issue. More people who have this consistent issue the more likely Tesla engineer's will look into it to find the root cause.

bill | 2 juni 2018

Yeah, me too - intermittently.

nicktrash | 2 juni 2018

they may have changed the way the camera LENS COVER opens and closes. Having the car only a day, I have noticed that if I get in and out within about 15 minutes, there is no delay when going into reverse. Goes immediately to displaying the backup image.

When I get in the car in the morning, or after a few hours leaving it parked, it takes about 1-2 seconds from the COVER to open. You can hear the cover opening and allowing the sensor to see the image.

The white lines are simply computer overlays, so they will be displayed by the parking/proximity sensors even before the backup camera image is displayed.

seanxushen | 3 juni 2018

I did not check which firmware that I am on now. Got this M3 on Friday, happened twice since..Last time, it becomes black with guidance lines. It came back after put into P and then put into reverse again. But today, it became black screen with guidance lines, it could not come back by just trying put into P and Reverse. I did a soft reset the screen, it comes back now. I know last night my firmware updated, but looks like the new firmware made this worse..

vikas.s.shah | 3 juni 2018

Seanxushen- I recommend you call Tesla support when it happens again and time stamp the date/time. They can look at the logs and hopefully determine what is causing it. The more people that complain the likely they are to fix the problem if it is indeed software related. They had to replace the computer on my new M3.

Paul.r.freedman | 7 juni 2018

After the current .20 update, I don't seem to get the black screen anymore, but now I get underexposure. Often the screen is too dark. Wasn't doing this before.

Paul.r.freedman | 10 juni 2018

The new s/w update solved the dim screen issue. ( updated on Friday afternoon)

bill | 10 juni 2018

We encountered that intermittently then it went away. But lately the image looks too dark, and I've had one instance when it had a markedly blue cast to it. Something's funky here.

thomas.hitchcock | 10 juni 2018

After every update mine seems to get worse. When I first got the car I never noticed it blacking out, with he latest update sometimes it stays blacked out the entire duration that I am in reverse.

billlake2000 | 10 juni 2018

hitchcock, have you got 2018.21.9 yet? Howzyer cam on that firmware?

rrinn | 14 juni 2018

I just picked up my model 3 today. The backup camera initially worked OK, and after a 30 mile drive for calibration, Autopilot and TACC worked OK. Then, after a brief stop, the backup camera went black and TACC/AP became 'unavailable'. A reboot did not help.

up2u | 24 juli 2018

Backup camera malfunction today (black screen) following software update last night to 2018.26.1 but I called Tesla support and they talked me through a reset of the car, first try was holding down both knobs on the steering wheel until the Tesla logo appeared on the screen (which didn't fix it), second try involved turning off the car via one of the screens, not touching the door or brake fo a couple of minutes, then pressing the brake pedal. That reboot seems to have been successful and the backup camera is working fine now.

M3phan | 25 juli 2018

Picked up my M3 on 7/7, love it, though within the first week the screen was blacked out upon entry of an otherwise turned on vehicle, and the back up camera also was intermittent black screen on several occasions… Took the car into SC and after a week of data analysis, Tesla engineers approved a complete replacement of the car’s computer system. That was unexpected but am happy if it fixes the issue. Pick up car tomorrow from SC, and hope all is well. (I enjoyed a 2017 S 100D loaner but honestly will enjoy getting my M3 back. Truthfully like it better than the S.)

M3phan | 25 juli 2018

Bill (re. Your June 10 post); our reverse camera also had a strong blue hue to it, noticeable for example on cream colored cement roads, along with some greenish pixelation top mid screen, and occasional color tone flashing. This with the blacked out screen issue is hopefully fixed by their replacement of the cars computer system. We shall see. I am hopeful.

M3phan | 28 juli 2018

Thought I’d update on my black screen fix; as mentioned above, the SC ended up replacing the entire computer for the car, but later that same day after picking it up I experienced a black screen on entry of the car and also a delay in the reverse camera turning on the screen. I’ve had the car now with the new computer for three days, and every day have experienced a black screen upon entry at least once a day, with a daily couple times of reverse camera delays in turning on… So a week in the SC to replace the entire computer and it hasn’t changed anything… With everything I’m seeing on these threads about this, it has to be something buggy and I am hoping the next update remedies this but gosh this is frustrating for sure.

Thetigran | 3 august 2018

Have the same black screen issue almost daily on my M3 since I got the car back in May with exactly same symptoms you are describing. Believe it's not Firmware but Hardware issue like a bad connector contact since it mainly fails at high temperature conditions like hot weather, leaving the car under sunshine etc and has no problem in the mornings or at cool weather conditions.

TeslaLandShark | 4 august 2018

I've taken my car into service three times for the "3 to 4 second dark backup camera with white lines overlaid" issue. The first time they updated the firmware (didn't help), second time they replaced the backup camera (didn't help), third time they said they consulted with engineering and its definitely a firmware bug. No commitment about when it will be fixed but its somewhat reassuring to know its not just my car doing this. Here's what they listed on the service order:

Corrections: Rear Camera General Diagnosis
Verified concern, escalated to service engineering(tool box session 419895). Concern is
not a hardware issue, it is a firmware bug that will be addressed in a future update.

yellowchevy66 | 4 august 2018

how do the automatic updates work, does the car have to be connected to wifi, or does it come via LTE? I have have black screen on backup since picking up car a week ago, and friends are telling me they are getting downloads, but my car has not gotten one?? Does it need to be out in the open to receive the signal?


vpujols | 4 august 2018

Experienced this today, but half the screen to the bottom was black....kept going in reverse slowly and it corrected.
Have the car for a week now, latest software.

TeslaLandShark | 4 august 2018

The updates will come over LTE if you are not connected to WIFI. I've been an owner (Model S) for 5.5 years. You never know when they will show up.

Atoms | 4 august 2018

This is the only bug I’ve not experienced! Now tomorrow it will start doing this after r adding this forum. ;)
Request firmware update. If that do s not fix it, may need camera module replacement.

markcmann | 4 august 2018

Received my M3 on 7/21 but didn’t noticed what firmware version installed (too excited) but received a notice that first evening that a firmware update was ready to install. I let it install that night and the next morning it was only version 2018.21.9? So now two weeks later no 26.3 update yet (car is connected to WiFi)?

I’ve had the 3-4 second backup camera delay on occasion but this morning the backup camera was solid black with the white guide lines. I reset the display and even powered off the car to no avail. I contacted the nearest SC and scheduled an appointment for Friday, 8/10. Later in the evening we took the car to dinner and what do you know, camera now works!?! I’m keeping the appointment for service to see if the issue comes back over the next several days and if not I’ll cancel it. Hopefully it is a firmware issue and can be resolved sooner than later as it appears to be a common issue. Time will tell...

kmazzone | 6 august 2018

I got the car about three weeks ago. Never had a problem, with the backup camera, until last week. Now it is all black for a few seconds after I shift to reverse. Never updated and still on 2018.20.11.

ebmcs03 | 6 august 2018

Geez. These service centers are wasting so much money replacing whole computer screens and rear cameras when it’s a software issue?

I get the black screen when going into reverses too. It takes about 2-3 seconds to pop up. Meanwhile I use my mirrors. Haha

RP3 | 6 august 2018 seems like I have read quite a few people that have not had the issue initially after delivery and then they develop a black screen lag over time (independent of FW version). That happened to me also. Back in April, the first few weeks I had no lag in the camera, but now it is pretty consistently giving me black screen for 2-3 seconds... Could be related to time or could be a heat issue now that it's summer?!?

K.A. | 9 august 2018

I got my car a month ago. All screen and camera are normal until today, backup camera black screen (with white lines). The car is in version 2018.28.1. I am in San Francisco where never get too hot. Interier temperature was 72F when the black screen happened.

thusly | 10 august 2018

After rebooting, backup camera works. However, this problem returns about 10% of the time. I think it started soon after one of the SW upgrades about a year ago.

M3phan | 10 august 2018

Update 8/10: so with update 2018.26.3, no longer have experienced total black out screen issue. Still have about a 2-3 second delay on rear camera image when reversing only occasionally now, most times it pops up immediately. Haven’t found this related to any one consistent thing (heat, cold, morning, after work...). Appears that update fixed it fir me; maybe that in addition to the new computer install last month.

BrianUlch | 15 august 2018

Took delivery Aug 4th 2018. Went entire week with no issue. Starting Aug11th got pure black with white lines when in reverse. Called Telsa Techs who were prompt and easy to work with however their tips didn't work. After some time it will all the sudden work again. Then randomly goes back to black. Past week it has been fairly close to a coin flip as to if the backup camera will work or not. There is absolutely no detectable pattern as to when it will blackout. Sometimes it won't work in the morning, other times it goes black at night. For others that are having this issue please continue to post to this forum until the Tesla engineers get this resolved. I'm no expert however all the evidence suggests some type of bug in the software. Come on you Tesla geniuses send us all an update with a cure because other than this issue the car is pure perfection.....

gmkellogg | 15 august 2018

@BrianUlch It could be software, but I also wonder if you have a loose cable connection.