Kids model S referral code

Kids model S referral code

I ordered my Tesla Model X and took Delivery in August of 2017. I was promised a Kids model S Radio Flyer as a promo. After I took delivery I asked my sales person about how to redeem this and he started avoiding me and not returning my calls or emails. I contacted the delivery advisor as well and after months of trying to hunt these guys down I am at my wits end. This is just poor customer service and false promotion and advertising.

I have copies of all my emails and the logs of when I called and who I left messages for. I can name names but I will wait for someone from this forum to contact me first to see if we can resolve this. My son has been waiting for hist Radio Flyer for a very long time (9 months)

SCCRENDO | 17 maj 2018

The owner whose code you used gets the referral gift. The buyer gets free supercharging and other incentives.

Rocky_H | 17 maj 2018

@SCCRENDO has this correct. It is the existing owner who refers you who gets that prize. It is obviously supposed to be an incentive for existing owners to tell their friends about the cars. The new buyer gets free Supercharging included with their vehicle, and maybe other things, depending on which time period of the referral programs it was. That is the prize that you get. Here is the page that describes how the referral program works.

Rocky_H | 17 maj 2018

And if you want the kids' Radio Flyer, I can sell you a brand new one in the box in whatever color you want, shipped straight from Radio Flyer for 20% off retail, since I have that prize waiting for me but haven't ordered it yet. That's the one and only referral I have ever gotten in 4 years, because everyone I know keeps ordering pre-owned cars.

ibawany | 18 maj 2018

I referrred myself from being a previous model S owner as well. I bought a second Tesla. I confirmed I would be given both the 1000 off on the car and the radio flyer for the renewal.

SCCRENDO | 18 maj 2018

Perhaps you need to email the Tesla referral program. We are all ok with you getting the kiddie Tesla. But I guess our opinions dont matter much

jain.karina | 26 maj 2018

@Rocky_H is this the $500 coupon that you are selling?

SCCRENDO | 26 maj 2018

No he is selling the radio flyer kiddie Tesla. But I would be happy to trade my early solar installation coupon that comes with the 3rd referral for a kiddie Tesla

Rocky_H | 29 maj 2018

@jain.karina, Basically yes, but I don't think it can be transferred exactly. I have an email with the link to let me order one for free. But I think once on Radio Flyer's site to order it, I could probably enter someone else's name and address to get it shipped directly to them. So yeah, basically I could just order it to be sent to you, and then you pay me back for it. Since it's still legitimately brand new directly from Radio Flyer, 20% off sounded like a pretty decent discount to me. That would be $400 for a $500 product.

So many people here value them at nothing, because they know people are getting them for free, so they act like they're doing you a favor offering lowball stuff like $200, but there are obviously some customers paying full price, and 20% off is better than that.

Anyway, if you're interested, email me at rockford_hinten at Yahoo com

Rocky_H | 29 maj 2018

I was thinking that the order link was somehow associated with our Tesla accounts, so only the original person could use it, but maybe it is usable by anyone you forward the email to. Don't know how that part works, exactly.

Rocky_H | 29 maj 2018

Oh, you've got to be kidding me. They expire?! I just went back to check on the link to order it, and I just found the wording that says it has to be used by March 31st, 2018. Never-freakin-mind. Damn it.

SCCRENDO | 29 maj 2018

@Rocky_H. I am happy to refer people even without the incentive. But overall the incentive program is a bit of a bust. If they want to offer it they need to provide a choice of decent gifts

Rocky_H | 29 maj 2018

Yeah, how ironic is that? Instead of a $500 kids' car I didn't want, I would have really loved a $50 Tesla jacket. But hey! They came out ahead on me, because I didn't want their gift so much I never ordered it, so they didn't have to pay out anything. Super.

jain.karina | 31 maj 2018

@Rocky_H thanks for checking for me. Appreciate it and its a bummer that the code expires :-(

jmda61 | 23 oktober 2018 Please use .. daddy needs wall charger

lilbean | 23 oktober 2018

Bag spillage, need cleanup.

brian.plackis | 26 april 2019

For SALE - Brand New 2019 BLUE Tesla S for kids. For Central Coast and Northern LA folks, available for $450. Normally $499 plus tax and shipping. Please email me