play video on screen

play video on screen

I am looking someone who can turn my 17 inch screen to allow it to play movies, youtube channels.
I heard it can be done without messing with the software?

sentabo | 24 maj 2018

If you do this while on the road, please keep us apprised of where you are so we know which areas to avoid.

booshtukka | 24 maj 2018

It can't be done without significant effort and potentially damaging your car.

Annoying, since this is a vehicle you're likely to be sat in while you're not moving for thirty mins at a supercharger. It wouldn't have been difficult to block video while moving, instead of blocking video altogether.

That said, other premium vehicles find a way to do this for the passenger with negligible impacts on safety records.

I find a huge screen with no tactile feedback and a needy interface when moving more dangerous than a youtube video in a parking space. | 24 maj 2018

@ak - I find premium ICE cars with 100 buttons with confusing icons along with a tiny screen that requires many layers of menus operated by a mouse or touchpad to be more dangerous than a parking space :)

@tuanle007 - There is no way to change Tesla browser to access videos. You can make hardware modifications to pass a video signal in place of the rear camera. It requires some conversions, as it is not a video or hdmi input. It will be costly, time consuming and require a bit of engineering, but can be done. That said, why not just use a tablet or phone that has an internet connection while parked?

I expect the primary reason Tesla will never provide video on the main display while parked, is they are paying for the LTE bandwidth. Video uses a massive amount of bandwidth in comparison with what Tesla provides today - maps and streaming audio.

booshtukka | 24 maj 2018

@TeslaTap - which premium ICE car requires a mouse??? And okay, what about disabling video over LTE but letting me stream it from my phone? I find the stupidest thing about having a 17" screen, the idea that it's okay to use my phone or tablet to fill in gaps in basic behaviour. That's so embarrassing. Here's my huge screen. But here's my tiny screen I'm going to use for Waze or Netflix or video I already have downloaded. What kind of idiots are we, that we think that is reasonable in a "car of the future"?

jordanrichard | 24 maj 2018

"I expect the primary reason Tesla will never provide video on the main display while parked, is they are paying for the LTE bandwidth. Video uses a massive amount of bandwidth in comparison with what Tesla provides today - maps and streaming audio." ding, ding, ding!!!!! There is your answer. Tesla is footing the bill and it would surely cost them a lot more money if video was enabled.

booshtukka | 24 maj 2018

@Jordan It could work on wifi then?

jordanrichard | 24 maj 2018

ak, sure, but the premise and I completely agree/wish for it, is that one could at least watch videos while charging at a supercharger. However, unless you are using your phone as a hotspot, you are not going to have Wi-Fi. It would obviously seem pointless to be sitting in your garage, connected to you home Wi-Fi, to watch video.

booshtukka | 24 maj 2018

Well, they could add it at superchargers. :) Or yes, use my phone as a hotspot. Or charge me for the data connection in the car!

I would love it if you got basic data for free, but for a fee I could share the car's hotspot with the kids in the back, and play video when I'm stopped at a supercharger. Or on the Eurotunnel train.

jordanrichard | 24 maj 2018

I am not a computer expert by any means, but I am assuming that there is a video card in the computer to play the real time images from the rear view camera. I further assume that same video card could/would be used to play streamed video.

EVRider | 24 maj 2018

Even if technically possible, I think supporting video from the touchscreen is extremely low on Tesla's priority list.

booshtukka | 24 maj 2018

We know it is capable of playing video. The browser has had it disabled intentionally. Someone even hacked it to play video (though the clip has been taken down):

booshtukka | 24 maj 2018

@EVRider Yes, agree. Though adding games as Easter eggs is apparently vital. And building a robot dragon. Both of these have been announced by Elon as coming soon. A clear, sensible and user-focused roadmap.

DTsea | 24 maj 2018

ak maybe you would be happier with another car. heaven forbid Elon have a sense of humor. | 24 maj 2018

@ak "which premium ICE car requires a mouse?"

The 2013 Lexus ES350 uses a mouse as does many Lexus cars of that era. I think they switched to a touch pad at some point, or perhaps they still use the mouse. It's a fixed mouse where your palm moves it around. Another huge failure for Lexus. It sort of works, but a huge step down for the touch screen design they used to offer. A touch pad is not any better - perhaps worse trying to control it while driving.

I'm not sure anyone that has used a touch screen feels the mouse is better. It would be really fun to enter text or numbers while driving, but like a lot of features, Lexus locks it out. Likely it is close to impossible to do. It would be hard to do even if parked!

Then BMW has the awful iDrive. Seems like the engineering never asked a user to try it while driving. A clunky mess. Then MB created COMMAND, an iDrive knockoff, with Audi following with MMI. Volvo All these are just a rotary dial, worse than the Lexus mouse.

I'm sure there are others, but my quick and short list. P.S. I've used/tried most of these. Most have a 500+ page manual and a course at the dealership to attempt to "train" you to use these systems so you don't kill yourself while digging through endless menus trying to find the function you want. Ok, rant over :)

EVRider | 24 maj 2018

This isn’t about video, but since @TeslaTap brought it up, I have to agree that BMW’s iDrive is awful. My wife and I have owned several BMWs with iDrive, including her current i3, and all of them had a terrible UI. In addition to iDrive, the numerous buttons with mystery icons are just as bad. The Tesla touchscreen, on the other hand, is intuitive and easy to use. The lack of video support doesn’t bother me.

pnajar | 24 maj 2018

Why do you want to mess with your car when there’s a simple solution that exists? Get an iPad or other tablet of your liking with a cell connection and you can stream whatever you want or play most games. My iPad fits very nicely between the console and my seat.

Madatgascar | 24 maj 2018

Or you can duct tape your iPad to a wire frame over your rear license plate so the rear camera captures the iPad video and plays it on the 17" screen, with audio thru Bluetooth. Solved! | 25 maj 2018

I agree with sentabo above. Bunch of Joshua Brown's in the making.

sentabo | 25 maj 2018

Matatgascar, that was funny.

NKYTA | 25 maj 2018

Agreed, but what if water gets on the camera lens? ;-p

bp | 26 maj 2018

In previous ICEs with built-in DVD players, you could play videos on the console display while the car was parked, and there were 3rd party hacks to fool the media player so the video could be played while the car was moving (which could have side effects, such as killing the navigation system).

Within a few years, Tesla will enable video on the console while the car is in motion. This will happen when they get approved for FSD - at which point all manufacturers will start shifting away from drivability to keeping the driver and passengers entertained when the car is driving itself.

Until then, I strongly concur with the comment about using a tablet. That's really the best solution - and what we are doing now on road trips. Using a smartphone as a WiFi hotspot, we can stream recorded and live video to a tablet, and have the tablet's audio routed via Bluetooth to the car's audio system. The driver can listen to the audio (shouldn't be watching the video - even if the car is operating under AutoSteer) and the passenger(s) can watch the video.

The only problem with this is audio delay. The audio will likely be slightly out of sync - which can be annoying for anyone watching the video. Some video players have an audio delay adjustment - that can solve this problem.

DLebryk | 27 maj 2018

bp- significant audio delay.

On a long trip, my wife connected a laptop to the car via Bluetooth. She watched a DVD while I drove. Honestly, couldn't be easier. The problem was really bad audio delay - that's Bluetooth's problem, not Tesla. I got to listen to the movie - really dialog heavy - to so it worked well.

Yeah I think AK just wants to complain. Nothing anybody ever says will change his mind about the heinous 17 inch screen and how it isn't designed the way he wants it designed. Yeah, hey AK, you can connect a Bluetooth mouse to the screen, that works. If you used a Bluetooth trackball, you could have your BMW experience back.

Haggy | 29 maj 2018

"I agree with sentabo above. Bunch of Joshua Brown's in the making."

I'd say it's just the opposite. I've been able to watch video from the front seat of a car before, but the car required me to be in park with the parking brake on. If Tesla did that, it would keep me from watching a video while moving and make it less likely that I'd have it on a separate screen and leave it on once I start moving.

SbMD | 29 maj 2018

It is part safety, bandwidth (both mentioned above) and part security. Even with HTML5, there is a risk that the management of multimedia in the browser could lead to opening paths for malicious scripts.

sr.smr | 29 maj 2018

Perhaps when Tesla sets up all the satellites and shares the service for their cars there will be enough bandwidth to provide video service and more.

data | 16 juni 2018

Has anyone hooked a cd player

uzval_Tesla | 4 juni 2019

Hello people,

I was able to play videos on my Tesla model 3 fairly easily by using a remote desktop option available on chrome and a pc/ remote server. I haven't used any jailbreaking techniques. The process was fairly simple and hadn't taken me more than 20-30 mins. I will try explaining it in brief in this post. Let me know if you guys want a detailed video or the steps , I'll try preparing one. I felt it might be useful for someone waiting at a charging station. (please don't use it while driving)

Download chrome remote desktop extension using a chrome browser on a machine that you want to connect. This machine can be your personal laptop or an amazon ec2 instance or any remote server.

install the chrome remote desktop extension, login into the extension using a google account and setup a pin for it.

it would be ideal to have an onscreen keyboard pinned to your dock/taskbar which will ease up typing on our tesla screens as tesla keyboard is lagging a bit when you use it on your remote desktop.

Once the pin is ready, now go to your tesla screen, login into the gmail account that you used with the extension and type in the browser.

Now you will be able to see the remote desktop, click on it and voila! you will be able to control that machine using your browser on tesla model 3 screen

once connected to your remote desktop, you can click on chrome and play videos or have webex meetings or anything

NOTE: Since we are using remote desktop client, the sound wont be there for the videos. A quick fix can be to play the same video on your mobile (since it is connected through bluetooth to your car, it will play sound in the car speakers). Sync the audio and enjoy

mavraamides | 16 juli 2019

I lost power to my house last night. I was bored so I decided to watch YouTube in my Model 3 only to find that it couldn't play video (I've had car for only 3 weeks so I didn't realize this issue).

Just watched on my phone instead through the car's speakers while charging on USB port. It would be nice to be able to watch on Tesla screen but this was still better than sitting in the dark without AC.

EVRider | 16 juli 2019

@mavraamides: The ability to watch video on the browser while parked is coming at some point, but it might require WiFi so you still would have been out of luck during a power outage.

gleep6991 | 17 juli 2019

You can make your phone a WiFi hotspot

EVRider | 17 juli 2019

@gleep6991: Good point, that would work if your cell signal is good enough.

nicksprague | 19 juli 2019

It would be nice if they just let you play video files off of a usb stick when the car is in park. Seems simple enough and would not cause any bandwidth or safety issues.

EVRider | 20 juli 2019

More importantly, playing videos off USB would let you view dashcam and Sentry Mode videos in the car, which a lot of people have asked for.

bill | 20 juli 2019

Let us hook up to a different call provider and if you do let us play video when it is safe and a real browser would also be nice.