RESOLVED - Battery degradation within 3000 miles on M3?

RESOLVED - Battery degradation within 3000 miles on M3?

Not sure if existing M3 owner has similar experience. When I first picked up my Model 3 in April this year, I was getting 281 miles at 90% in the morning after charging it nightly.

After couple of weeks, I started noticing that the estimated miles at 90% was slowly going down to 280 miles when charged up to 90%. At first, I figured it must've been a software calculation thing as it is purely an estimate. But then it keeps doing down, 279...278.... And finally this morning it sudden went down to 276 miles at 90%.

I have only driven close to 3k miles on the M3. Not sure if this is normal or can even be called as "battery degradation"?

sean | 29 november 2018

@bradbomb I generally set my limit to 70%. At 70% the range indicates ~195 miles. At 100% it shows ~280 miles.

sean | 29 november 2018

@michael he was not very specific. I questioned him about the indicated miles being a set value based on SOC. He said the 2015's, 2016's etc worked that way, but not the 2018's. Cars with the "newer software and [on-board] computers" are “trying to be more realistic with their range estimates”.

Mike UpNorth_ | 29 november 2018

I'm not seeing that with my car. My estimated miles left are based on 310 battery. Yet my lifetime ~335wh + I'm in a cold climate. You'd think I'd be displaying way less estimated miles.
Unless I just need more miles driven. I'm under 1500.

sroh | 29 november 2018

Sean, this doesn't sound right at all. My wife and I are on the same build. Similar driving. Hers imputes to 309 miles at full charge. Mine used to only get up to 290, but has increased to 300 after several deeper charges (20% to 90%).

sean | 30 november 2018

Showing a bit more range per SOC %
Here is a video

Mike UpNorth_ | 30 november 2018

So only off ~15 miles....I would guess a 100% charge, down to ~25%, should recalibrate.

sean | 30 november 2018

@michael I took a 1200 mile trip last week lots of deep discharging to full charging. Didn’t seem to make a difference

Cswan | 17 juli 2019

I am in a similar, but not quite as drastic situation. I have had my M3 SR+ for three months, put 4,500 miles on it.

On July 2nd I received the software update to 2019.20.2.2. The next morning, I noticed my 90% SOC range had gone up from 216 miles to 218 miles. I was giddy. The next day, July 4th, I received the update to 2019.20.2.4. On the 5th, my 90%SOC was back down to 216. Then every other day for the past two weeks, the 90%SOC range would drop by a mile. It now sits at 211 miles.

Extrapolating the SOC to max charge, that means I have lost almost 6 miles of range in three weeks.

This past weekend, I took a long distance trip, around 320 miles each way. I figured I would take the opportunity to "re calibrate" . I drove to the first Supercharger, total of 173 miles. I had charged to 100% prior to departure. So starting with 211 miles, driving 173 miles, I ended up with 33 miles remaining charge. Not bad.

On the return trip, I stopped at the same supercharger, skipping the first SC stop to get me down under 20 miles range, charged to 100% while having lunch, and resumed the final leg of my journey. Driving conditions were identical to the first trip. 90 degree ambient temp, no rain, no wind. I barely made it home with only 9 miles remaining. That looks to me like a 24 mile difference in range to cover the exact same distance under the exact same conditions.

Then on Monday, I got to work, parked in my usual shady spot, and went about my day. At lunchtime, I decided to check my charge level, and noticed that I had a huge drop in range. I parked that morning with 199 miles left, only to find by 1:30 that my range had dropped to 176. That is 23 miles lost in five hours. I turned off Sentry mode, put Cabin Overheat Protection to Fan Only, and continued to monitor. By 4:00, my range had dropped to 170.

I always park in the same lot, always have Sentry Mode on, and always have Cabin Overheat Protection on, and I have never seen a drain of more than 10 miles in any given day.

Each instance is not enough to worry me, but add them all together and I am concerned over the condition of my battery.

By the by, the "recalibration" did seem to slightly help the total range, bringing it from 211 @ 90%soc to 213@90%soc, but it is still down by over three miles.

I called the SC nearest me (Jacksonville FL) and the service technician said a OTA scan of the car showed no alerts or flags. He said he and his team would look further into it as much as possible remotely, but I would probably have to bring it in to do a full diagnostic. I have a due bill for a minor scratch prior to taking delivery, so I might just bite the bullet and take my baby in next week.

Was there ever any reason given for why this thread is marked as RESOLVED? What fixed it?

Cswan | 17 juli 2019

***EDIT*** My 100% charge rate for the beginning of the trip was 234, not 211. | 17 juli 2019

@catoriswann - Nothing wrong. Seems normal to me.. 90% of 240 is 216. Keep in mind 90% could be 89.5 to 90.5%, or a range of 214 to 217 if zero degradation so some variation is expected. Also keep in mind 90% is an estimate. You did well to get a low SOC and charge to 100% and then check the range. You'll also get a bit more degradation in the first year and then it slows. Perhaps as much as 2% in the first year, and 1% or so per year after that.

As for loss of power while parked, that has zero to do with the battery and everything to do with what is powered on - such as sentry mode and cabin overheat. The temp of the battery itself can also affect the range.

EVEdriver | 26 juli 2019

@catoriswann Same pattern here with my 4 months old (8200 miles) M3LR. Used to go to 279 miles at 90% all the time like a clock. Then came 2019.20.2.2 and it started fluctuating like 280, 279, 282, 284 etc ... Then with 2019.20.2.4 it dropped to 272 in a day or two. Stays there now.

Cswan | 26 juli 2019

@EVEdriver I suspected the update to .20.2.4 had something to do with the change. Whether it caused a drop in efficiency or resulted in a more accurate reading of range to SOC, I guess we will never know.

My sweet baby car has not degraded any further since then. It is still sitting on 213 miles at 90% SOC after two more weeks.

I did get the upgrade to .24.4 night before last, and it did not effect the range at all.

I did notice my lifetime Wh/mi rate has slightly increased from 236 to 241 over the past month (I assume as a result of the three long distance trips I took).

Even at the new, higher rate, 241 Wh/mi is ridiculously efficient. I seriously can't see how anyone can hate on Tesla. This car is a marvel of modern technology.

I know it will come, but I can't imagine a day when we look back at this model and think it antiquated and quaint.

x3socheata | 15 januar 2020

I'm having the same exact issue with my 2019 M3. I only have about 3600 miles on my car. I only charge my car to 90%. I have the standard range plus. I should be at 250 at 100% charge but I'm only getting 227 at 100%. I lost about 23 miles in range. I've been reading post on draining the battery to about 10% and charging it back up to 100% to re-calibrate the battery. Let's see if that works. Tesla Service Center ran a diagnostics test on my car and stated that my battery was healthy...

stingray.don | 15 januar 2020


If I'm not mistaken, the 2019 SR+ had 240 miles of range and the 2020 SR+ has 250 miles of range. So this is a 13 mile discrepancy. Charging from 10% to 100% a couple of times might recalibrate. However, we need to keep in mind that the battery meter range estimate will be influenced by external factors such as temperature, and it is not an indicator of battery health. If Tesla says your battery is fine, then your battery is just fine. Having said that, it is normal to experience some battery degradation in the first few months of service.