Time on clock always 1 minute fast

Time on clock always 1 minute fast

It might be a silly question but I have a Sig X and a 100d S and on both the clocks are always 1 minute fast, in other words when you get a time signal on the radio the clock on each car it one minute fast, WHY?

SteveMost | 19 juni 2018

A minute fast is a feature. A minute slow, that would be a problem.

USCRXDR | 20 juni 2018

Thanks, you answered my question, very thought provoking

Bighorn | 20 juni 2018

Maybe the radio signal is delayed

bob | 20 juni 2018

elon time

JAnnen | 20 juni 2018

www. time. gov/ says my Model X is half a second slow.

jerryk | 20 juni 2018

I wonder if Tesla has their own NTP servers providing the time and those are miss set.

ratchet | 20 juni 2018

Most cars with built-in navigation use the GPS signal to set the clock. I set my watch to a digital clock with a GPS receiver. I just checked to confirm that my 2017 MX 100D, my watch, and my cell phone are all in sync. The time signal on the radio is probably delayed but the vehicle clock should be accurate.

Redmiata98 | 22 juni 2018

Now I understand “soon” when EM uses it!

JPPTM | 23 juni 2018

Just a note--if you listen to radio on a streaming service (TuneIn), there is a lag between the 'live' broadcast and the stream. So in that case the clock time will be ahead of the 'radio' time.

Bighorn | 23 juni 2018

So what you’re saying is I was right?!

Bighorn | 24 juni 2018