Worst experience EVER!

Worst experience EVER!

I had an accident in this January and my car has been waiting to be repaired for almost half a year. It parks right there in Irvine Collision which is one of TESLA's authorized body shops. I got emails from them who work in Irvine Collision and told me that Tesla sent the parts which has flaws for three times . I also contacted Tesla Customer Service , tired to tell TESLA that what I had encountered. This is a leasing car of mine, the party who hit me will not pay for the delay of that. I called (877)798-3752 TESLA CUSTOMER SERVICE BODY SHOP SUPPORT for at least 6 times . I told Ms. Leticia that I was requested another Tesla car for a transportation because of your delay. Ms. Leticia tired to contact the manager Mr.Randy Campbell of Buena Park Service Center , and he refused my request and pushed me to another service center like ping pong. I kept contacting Ms. Leticia, she said she tried to transfer my request to Coast Mesa Service Center, but I didn’t receive any calls from Coast Mesa. I contacted them again and again but no any responses from her. I twittered Tesla Service and Elon Musk on May 17. Mr. Joe C. replied me that he was seeing which parts that I am still waiting on and if he could do anything speed up ,but after that AGAIN no any news!

This is TESLA doing for all the owners who had accidents. I had a huge group of people to complain about their waiting time so long. But no use!!

For new customers who wanna get a TESLA , think about it before you get a SUCK TESLA!

zhangsteven | 22 juni 2018

SEE above!

ghoticov | 22 juni 2018

Want some cheese with that whine?

zhangsteven | 22 juni 2018

want a KUNGFU PANDA = inner peace

Redmiata98 | 22 juni 2018

Wow, something does not sound right here. There has to be more to the story?

Silver2K | 22 juni 2018


jjgunn | 22 juni 2018

So you have a lease on this vehicle .... Yes?

Why are you not requesting a loaner/replacement?? Back in January?

Everyone is also aware of the shortage on Tesla parts. I'm sure most parts are at the factory to build new cars.

It's an effing lease, you don't own the car.

If you haven't driven the car in 6 months, are you receiving compensation? Or just continuing to pay on a lease without a replacement/loaner?

Jeezus.....does the Cadre have to do everything around here?

jerryk | 22 juni 2018

I would see a lawyer about non receipt of services for payment. They should at least provide you a loaner Tesla..

Madatgascar | 22 juni 2018

I see the OP has taken @Bighorn’s advice from one of his other threads with the exact same complaint.

Bighorn | 22 juni 2018

He’s going to give Chinese drivers a bad rep.

Bighorn | 24 juni 2018