Solar Roof deposit refund

Solar Roof deposit refund

I recently asked Tesla for a refund of my $1000 deposit since no one has contacted me for over 9 months.
Anyone else asked for a refund? How quickly did Tesla respond?

Babaron | 27 juni 2018

Where are you located?

adamledwell1 | 19 juli 2018

Hi Druid. Did you every get Tesla to contact you? I cancelled my order and have been waiting ~8 months for a refund of the deposit.

scott.witlin | 22 august 2018

I had the same issue. I waited a year and no one contacted me. I requested my refund and now have waited about 3 months and not received anything. Anyone know the best way to follow up with Tesla?

Patrick | 24 august 2018

Adding another refund request to the list. We just cancelled this week after hearing of a likely 2-3 year wait from a Tesla Energy rep here in Florida.

The site said the credit will appear on our credit card within 30 days. If not I assume one can just call Tesla and request the refund in person.

jeschneider | 29 august 2018

You are able to cancel the refund yourself, if you'd like, through your MyTesla account. If you click "Manage" on your Solar Roof reservation, you can cancel the reservation right there.

kobeboy1000 | 11 september 2018


acegreat1 | 13 september 2018

Kobe it sounds like you worked in that field for 35 yrs. You should take your girls car and drive it off a cliff. Do her a favor. Do u all a favor. But knowing Tesla's,,,, you would survive it

acegreat1 | 13 september 2018


acegreat1 | 13 september 2018


blakeborup | 20 september 2018

I cancelled my order approx. 7/15/2018. I've heard nor received nothing. I assume this is now just money lost. And a good lesson relative to dealing with Tesla.

mamirahmadi | 20 september 2018

Cancelled my solar roof order in April and haven’t get the refund yet. I have called them many times and each time they gave me a different answer and no money yet! Very frustrating!

rlhpublic | 25 september 2018

I'm out $2K - put down deposit for slate and standard roof tiles. Anyone interested in joining a class action lawsuit? There must be enough of us to make it worth a Texas attorney's time...

rlhpublic | 25 september 2018

I'm out $2K - put down deposit for slate and standard roof tiles. Anyone interested in joining a class action lawsuit? There must be enough of us to make it worth a Texas attorney's time...

Patrick | 1 oktober 2018

Cancelled and received refund check by mail about 3 weeks later.

HUNTERR | 16 november 2018

More than 4 months since I cancelled - anyone other than Patrick actually get their money back? I really don't want to sue these people, but I am afraid that their cash flow problems mean they aren't going to return my deposits.

HUNTERR | 16 november 2018

Update: actually got through to a human being on the phone a few minutes ago and have been promised resolution in 3 days. Will update one way or the other in a few days.

aamacdowell | 17 november 2018

Its been 3 months now since I cancelled. After 2 months I phoned - got a response to forward my deposit email confirmation - that they would have anyway if well organized. Still zero response. Looks to require more hassle. Doesn't look promising for the other deposit on the tesla car.

naomi_akita | 20 november 2018

What is number to contact to get refund?

andrewbstettner | 5 december 2018

Add us to the list of folks with no refund. It has been 6+ months since I cancelled on the Tesla website. I called and spoke to Amanda at Tesla at the end of October and she asked for a little time to look into it. Still nothing. I just emailed her to ask for an update. We will see if I get a response.

matthew.mickley | 21 december 2018

It’s been at least 3 months since I cancelled this. No refund. I checked last month and my order wasn’t cancelled?!. I cancelled again and called support. Ultimately I was disconnected and never spoke to anyone. I suspect this is related to cash flow problems. This company is an exceptionally poor communicator. It’s costing them some solar roof sales.

matthew.mickley | 21 december 2018

It’s been at least 3 months since I cancelled this. No refund. I checked last month and my order wasn’t cancelled?!. I cancelled again and called support. Ultimately I was disconnected and never spoke to anyone. I suspect this is related to cash flow problems. This company is an exceptionally poor communicator. It’s costing them some solar roof sales.

haiprakash | 27 december 2018

It has been 3 months, I cancelled the contract. There was no response on the refund. Horrible service.
I am worried that it is lost. What is the best way to get my REFUND. PLS HELP IF ANYONE IS SUCCESSFUL

adamledwell1 | 28 december 2018

Same boat. Cancelled 1 year ago and still no $1000 refund despite multiple additional requests. I'd be willing to join a class action lawsuit. I'm thinking of having an attorney send a letter as well.

I got this from a person at Tesla back in July but then he never responded again:
Hello Adam,
I will forward this request over to My finance department so that they can investigate the cause of the delay. In the meantime, could you please provide me with your current mailing address in the chance that we must mail you out a physical check?

Best Regards,
Andrew Garcia | Specialist, Inside Sales
6569 S Las Vegas Blvd Ste 200, Las Vegas, NV 89141
p. (725) 223-2594 |

hillary.hardt | 4 januar 2019

I had deposits on the solar roof and the model 3. I requested a refund on the solar roof last June when I had to replace my roof. I reached out several times and got bounced around from department to department, often reaching a complete dead end. Out of frustration, I cancelled the model 3 deposit last fall and receive that refund immediately. Willing to join a group effort to collect our refunds.

henryhu1 | 13 januar 2019

same problem. never got the refund from solar roof deposit after cancelling back in Sept of 2018. Called them multiple times. I was promised on the phone to receive the refund but nothing came through on credit card or in the mail.

eva95678 | 19 januar 2019

Same here! I called Tesla energy customer service 4 times to get my $500 deposit back! but no actual progress. We canceled the solar roof project over 6 months ago!! If anyone is going to have a lawsuit with them, count me in.

dancinginpinkheels | 6 februar 2019

Also waiting for a refund... I spoke with someone from customer service today, and she claims that the team was notified last week regarding my refund. But it's been 2 months since we last spoke with the salesperson (who was also MIA!) and started this 6 months ago! Apparently our salesperson emailed the team that manages refunds, and they have to open a service ticket to begin or expedite the process. But no commitment to give our money back as of yet...

sschaem | 11 februar 2019

I canceled my order, and I think it took about 2 weeks. No communication from Tesla, I just saw a credit on my card.

I really wanted this product since I need to re-roof, but I cant wait another year.

Cant be mad at that, but Tesla should communicate better so people can better plan their construction/roofing projects.

SO | 24 februar 2019

Where is HUNTERR’s update?

brad | 19 april 2019

I just cancelled my deposit, placed in May 2018. Just now read this forum and honestly I am concerned that it's going to be a huge hassle to get my money back (and probably can no longer dispute the charge with Amex since it was so long ago - although they have helped me fight similar situations in the past.) I'm rapidly losing faith in Tesla's ability to roll this out. Also the federal tax credits start phasing out after this year, so I'm going to look at other smaller projects for my barn roof instead of the house. I was interested in the SLATE product since my historic home has a 100+ year old slate roof.

rdh37 | 26 april 2019

Just an FYI, I finally got my $500 solar deposit refund last Sunday. Took a couple of very frustrating months, numerous chats (recorded), several phone calls and...

1. Initially paid the deposit to have the site survey done (months ago and never committed to purchase as my wife was investigating other options) through my local store/gallery/whatever they call it these days with a solar sales specialist.
2. Out of the blue got an email from someone in Las Vegas saying they were now my POC since solar operations consolidated in Vegas.
3. About a week or so later, the record of the transaction and findings was removed from my Tesla account with no warning or notice whatsoever.
4. At that point I contacted the new POC and cancelled and requested a refund.
5. This started months of back and forth emails, no responses etc.
6. Finally went back to the store, spoke with former solar sales guy and store manager.
7. This then started a new chain of emails, phone calls and non responses.
8. After about a couple of weeks of this I went back to the store and stood there while both the sales guy and the manager got on the phone. Promised refund within a month by a check. Note this made no sense as they should credit back to the credit card.
9. One month and a couple of days later went back to the store. Promised refund within the next week.
10. The following Sunday night received notification of a $500 on my credit card.

The bottom line is at this point I will no longer consider Tesla for solar, no matter what improvements they may make. Sad because I love my model 3 and the service on it has been absolutely phenomenal. I assume that Tesla solar, based on what I have observed, read etc. will be allowed to die on the vine and be written off.

The effort, aggravation and frustration of this process was way out of proportion to the dollar amount involved. Consider, if you cannot get satisfaction any other way, a claim in small claims court. Fortunately, in my case, it was not necessary. Had the refund not showed up, that is the way I would have proceeded. I will attempt to answer any questions if someone has any. Have a nice day.

theraphosa | 27 april 2019

I also requested a refund of my 1330$ for 4 powerwalls and solar roof. No confirmation email. Called Palo Alto facility got directed to a bogus number. I've sent in 2 emails on the website and have never gotten a reply. It's been 2 months and still waiting on my deposit back (it was given in 2017). This company is a steaming pile of shit honestly. (At least solar side)

Jer | 7 maj 2019

Cancelled solar roof reservation on website, received call to confirm cancellation a few days later. Refund check arrived a week after phone call. No problems cancelling.

ccsimmons73 | 16 maj 2019

Put a $1000 deposit down on a solar roof in October 2018. I've been very disturbed by recent stories about their progress so decided to cancel in April of this year. Submitted the cancellation request online. After about 3 weeks contacted them and they said they had no record I cancelled. Gave them my order info and then they came back with some bullshit about having issued me a refund in March after a February cancellation. I hadn't even cancelled at that point. Now they are doing some sort of investigation with the bank. What a joke! Discovered today there is no record of my order anymore on the Tesla website. I do have all my emails and confirmations saved so have proof. If I don't get my refund soon I plan on taking them to small claims court. If anyone gets a class action suit going I'm on board.

OFFICE | 31 maj 2019

The first bunch of Tesla folks who called me were great...but when it came down to scheduling a real visit by real Tesla people to our property...everything seemed to fall apart on Tesla's end. Tesla's inability to schedule an ordinary appointment made me nervous about their ability to install a high-tech roof. This situation caused me to cancel my order and request a refund. I have been waiting longer than 30 days for my $1000 refund. Tesla promised to investigate the refund delay. I will update my post as time goes on. Good luck to the rest of you!

Brettjarboe | 18 september 2019

Cancelled my roof too and have had zero contact and even Tweeted Elon Musk, just for giggles, with no response. I am looking at filing a complaint with BBB and Federal Trade Commission at this rate.

Noam | 18 september 2019

It might not help anyone who paid by check or direct debit, but if you paid the deposit by credit card, you could contact your credit card company and contest the charges. Tell them the company never provided the system you paid the deposit on, and hasn't refunded after you cancelled the order. Generally, the credit card companies will refund the money to you account, and then chase after the vendor to get their money back.

olya.geo | 24 januar 2020

I have requested the refund of $1000 several times online ("your request is being processed") and via phone with one Priscilla (withholding her last name for now). No response, of course, over the last 70 days.
Sadly, a friend of mine who worked for Tesla, left because allegedly bad customer service is taught and encouraged.

gregbrew | 24 januar 2020

Please don't spread alleged lies...

terezahubkova | 27 marts 2020

I paid for the tesla roof 15th Jan 2018. Never received the product -≥ I asked for the refund 24th Sep 2019 and again 7th Feb 2020. till today, I have not received the money even though they are claiming to return the payment within 30 days. If you know how to get the money back, I'll be glad for the advice.

ssmyers5 | 3 maj 2020

How do you cancel? I ordered because there didn't seem to be a way to get more info until I did. But there is no slate option and I don't like that there is no dedicated person for your project like there was for Solar City. I did not approve the plan or purchase agreement. I keep reading that there is a cancel link if I click "manage" in my account. I click "manage" for the solar roof, but there is no cancellation link.

jp_lande | 6 maj 2020

I paid my deposit of $1000 back in May of 2017. Tesla called me earlier this winter to start the process of home assessment. After giving them all the details, they found out that building codes requires a snow load of at least 70 lbs/sqft. Tesla roof is designed up to 50 lbs/sqft. Too bad!
They said they will refund the deposit, this was a couple of months ago.

If you click on "Order Details" there is a "Cancel Order" link. At least it shows up for me (even though they said they would cancel it from their end)

mail.dendy13 | 7 maj 2020

Yup. Did a massive remodel in coastal So CA. New e-panel enabled solar and EV chargers. Unfortunately, I was limited to a 200A feed by our utility (SCE) unless I wanted to spend many tens of thousands of dollars more for a new feed.

My goal was to keep total household energy costs below $100 a month. This includes electricity, natural gas and gasoline. With super efficient everything, EVs, PV and Powerwalls, we got there two years ago.

Now, with the cost of all forms of energy sure to increase, keeping it there will be a challenge.