"NEW" White Delivery

"NEW" White Delivery

I am wondering if anybody with the "new", $1500 pearl white, got the call or VIN assigned?

tharrod | 3 juli 2018

I haven’t :(

CharleyBC | 3 juli 2018

Waiting....... | 3 juli 2018

Pearl white is not new and has been shipping for 8 months or so on the M3. It's identical paint to the Model S/X pearl white. The only change was the price is now the same as the cost on the S and X (also $1500). Here's the total list of paint colors and release dates: and a lot more about Tesla paint and coatings.

JuJo0 | 3 juli 2018

@TT is correct. The "new" Pearl White is the same Pearl White we've been seeing; the price is the only thing that has changed.

Cassidyrneilson | 3 juli 2018

It was stated in another thread that a tesla rep said the the pearl white was reformulated. I can see this being true due to the issues they had early on with the color matching on the bumper.

feedpaula | 3 juli 2018

Configured 6/27 and waiting.

Wormtown Kris | 3 juli 2018

If someone said it on the internet it must be true.

Shopaholic | 3 juli 2018

I ordered a pearl white on 6/1 (still no call or email) for 1K. Will my price change at delivery or they will honor the “old” price you think?

blunt2544 | 4 juli 2018

Nothing yet. I have all green checkmarks and edit button is gone but no VIN, call, or emails. Sad day :(

@shopaholic you should still hold the lower price

keithsun9 | 4 juli 2018

Configured 6/28/2018 white/aero.
Phone call and email to confirm delivery date and location.
Delivery date was set as 7/14/2018.
No VIN yet.

Sslnight | 4 juli 2018

Kinda in the same boat about it being the same Pearl White as before and it just being one of the most popular colors so i dont expect a change.

That said i hope that there is some sort of change as i dont want mismatched bumpers.

antonelli182 | 4 juli 2018

Nice keithsun9
When did you reserve yours and where are you located ?

keithsun9 | 4 juli 2018

@antonelli182 I reserved 4/1/2016 around 8:00am EST. Maryland.

antonelli182 | 4 juli 2018


antonelli182 | 4 juli 2018

Congrats keithsun9!

suren.petrosyan | 4 juli 2018

Congrats @keithsun9!

Thanks for sharing