Payment issue encountered at Tesla Shop checkout (Error code: KR36)

Payment issue encountered at Tesla Shop checkout (Error code: KR36)

I'm trying to buy some items from the Tesla Shop, but I'm getting the following error after trying with 2 different credit cards:

There was a problem processing your payment. Please check and try again or contact your bank. For further assistance, contact (Error code #KR36)

I called my credit card company and they said they didn't see any charge attempts on their side, which means it must be on Tesla's side. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

mastersyl | 7 juli 2018

Same issue here.

robbechamp | 7 juli 2018

Same for me.

patrickstpierre | 8 juli 2018

Same here. Looks like a website issue.

abrew2014 | 9 juli 2018

Same here

denis300 | 9 juli 2018

Yep. Been going on for a week.

patrickstpierre | 9 juli 2018

Sent an email to on Jun 29th.
No reply yet.

kevin.zych | 11 juli 2018

I still cannot get through AND I also can't order the Wall Charger at the Service Center. lol

I'm amazed that it's this hard to hand over my money to Tesla. This hasn't been a very good first experience for me since I'm a new owner! :(

minister87 | 12 juli 2018

I have the same issue. I tried with 2 different credit cards.

mastersyl | 12 juli 2018

I was able to make finally my order yesterday.

minister87 | 16 juli 2018

Still same.

alebouc | 18 juli 2018

Still same error since 1 week !

epunderwood | 25 juli 2018

I have had the same experience. Let's Tweet Elon about it!

retinoic | 25 august 2018

I too am experiencing this error with multiple cards and shipping addresses.

ioannis.nousias | 31 august 2018

Just a me too. Multiple cards, multiple devices and browsers. Bank says everything checks fine on their end, check with the merchant. No response from

ulrichard | 31 august 2018

That is normal when using credit cards. Better accept Bitcoin payments.

Tuba | 4 september 2018

Same problem here.. emailed and also called.. They could not help me on the phone they said my email was forwarded somewhere... I used discover card and Discover said that the transaction was authorized but then Tesla did not complete the transaction.

Bit amateur to have this issue at a company this size..

johnrowell | 21 september 2018

Apparently the Tesla shop is still offline. Have been trying every day for the past week.

vpfonya | 22 september 2018

Same here

mvppaul | 24 september 2018

Same here. Is anyone home??

vemmadi | 4 oktober 2018

same here

terrizzi | 1 november 2018

same here

no clue from corporate on how to handle it.

chrismon | 16 november 2018

I'm having this problem today too... tried several cards from different banks, and also tried on different devices, different IP Addresses, no matter what I do I get that same error code.

chrismon | 16 november 2018

UPDATE: I contacted online sales and they responded to my email in about an hour telling me they fixed something on my account and to try again. I went back into the store, logged in under my Tesla account, and the transaction went through first try. :)

tony987654321 | 17 november 2018

Same issue here. Tesla online sales do not even respond after writing 2email during last 2 weeks. Very poor service.

winston102959 | 17 november 2018

Same issue here all day even using other credit cards from different banks. Trying to order a Keyfob. I sent an email to the with no response.

geoffrey.bell | 27 februar 2019

Looks like they still haven't fixed it.

julianlara | 12 marts 2019

I am having the same problem...

ashleydelea | 19 marts 2019

I'm having the same problem. Anyone know what the problem is?

El Mirio | 20 marts 2019

Use Firefox web browser, Tesla webpage has issues with safari and other web browsers.

jkdman123 | 23 maj 2019

I am trying to order a 14-50 adapter for my new Model 3 and it doesn't matter what browser I use (Safari on iOS, IE or Firefox on Windows), when I go to checkout I get the spinning wheel of death forever and I can't complete the transaction. Not very encouraged about my first buying experience!!!