Powerwall stopped working after 4 days

Powerwall stopped working after 4 days

7/3/18 Installation
7/5/18 Inspection
Everything was working fine from 7/3. Solar powering the battery to 100% every day and we were able to use only the power from the Powerwall at night.
7/6/18 Went to be with the power showing in the 90s percent.
7/7/18 This morning, woke up a saw that we're pulling from the grid and solar. Powerwall is showing 0% and not being charged by solar.

Called tech support (877) 571-7652 and recording said they'll call me back in 48 hours.
Also, called and left a message with the guys that did the installation. Still waiting ...

davbui | 7 juli 2018

Called Powerwall support (this is the better number for Powerwall) (877) 961-7652. We did a power cycle while she ran some diagnostics on her end. Powerwall was at around 80% when it shut down around midnight. Power cycling did not work. Escalating to tier 2, which will take 3-5 days to respond.

Tesla-David | 7 juli 2018

@davbui, sorry to hear about your problems. We had our 2-PW2 installation turned on 6/22/18, and our system has been operating flawlessly over past two weeks in self-powered mode, with backup power set at 50 percent. Our PW2 draw down to ~78 percent and are usually charged back up to 100 percent by 10 a.m. I live in Edmonds, WA, and we are only he second PW2 installation in WA so far. Let us know how long it takes to resolve your problems. Hope you get everything operational soon.

davbui | 7 juli 2018

Tesla support ran diagnostic on the Powerwall. It looks like the Powerwall shut down at aournd midnight with about 80% charge. We'll see what tier 2 does in a few days.

davbui | 9 juli 2018

Tier 2 support did some remote diagnostics. The app used to show the Powerwall at 0% (but it had around 80% before shutting down) and solar power directed to the house and grid. Now, the app is not showing anything and is showing a connection error.

Tier 2 is still working on it.

davbui | 10 juli 2018

Still not working. This issue has been escalated to tier 3.

davbui | 11 juli 2018

Tier 3 - Service Engineering is still working on it. I was told it "may take 2 weeks" and no, Tesla will not replace the battery.

My powerwall has been non-operational (5 days and counting) more than it's been operational (4 days).

Tesla-David | 11 juli 2018

@davbui, very sorry to hear that your PW2 is still not back in operation. Our PW2 has been working flawlessly since 6/22/18. Hope you get everything fixed soon.

brian.rtl | 11 juli 2018

@davbui Our Powerwall worked “flawlessly” for about 6 months, at which time it had the same behavior is yours. We escalated up through tier 2 support and eventually Tesla sent out some replacement parts (new Neurio) to our installer. All in all, we were off-line for about a month. Hopefully it just as a one time thing and it’s smooth sailing from here.

davbui | 12 juli 2018

Hey Brian ... thanks for sharing your similar story. Our Powerwall also worked flawlessly ... for 4 days :-) Then it decided to stop working at around Midnight. There was no sign that would indicate that it would malfunction.

I called Tesla today and they said they have ordered a replacement battery (the rep said it was a whole replacement) and it will take 4-6 weeks. The prior rep said that if they had to do a battery replacement it would take 8 months or more.

I really liked the Powerwall when it worked, and yes, hoping the next one will work flawlessly (knock on wood) going forward.

brian.rtl | 12 juli 2018

Yep, Powerwalls are fantastic when they work. Kind of a shock (no pun intended) when it went off-line, but if it works from here on in I’ll forgive them.

davbui | 14 juli 2018

Hey Brian .. so I received a pretty good update from Tesla. They have processed an order for a new battery. They determined that it would take less time to replace the battery than it would if they tried to fix the powerwall remotely. They would like to take my battery back to their lab to do a full analysis.

My take from this is 1) they know (or have an idea) what the issue is; and 2) I will be receiving a new battery.

Having experienced the powerwall for 4 days, I am looking forward to getting the new one installed. Definitely worth the wait.

Tesla-David | 15 juli 2018

@davbui, happy to hear that they will be replacing your PW2 with new one. I feel incredibly fortunate that we are 23 days into our experience with PW2's and couldn't be happier with their performance. I hope your new battery performs the way ours have.

sylviaw79 | 17 juli 2018

My PW only ran for an hour before it apparently shorted out, taking the power to the house off as well. Fortunately, I was able to isolate it and get the house power on again. Took a week to get a replacement battery and it's been OK since. I hope the initial rep's suggestion that a replacement would take eight months to obtain was just the rep misunderstanding Tesla's obligations in this situation.

davbui | 20 juli 2018

@sylviaw ... 1 week to get a replacement battery is pretty good turnaround. The initial 8-month estimate has been reduced to weeks ... I have been told 6-8 weeks and 9-13 weeks. But all the reps agree that the order has been approved and they're waiting to get the ship date from the warehouse. It's been 2 weeks so we'll see ...

sylviaw79 | 20 juli 2018

davbui, it may have helped that I hadn't yet paid for it. Also, under Australian law, I could have walked away from the contract at that point.

davbui | 26 juli 2018

@sylviaw ... that makes sense. Tesla billed me the day the battery was up and running. I paid it in full the first day.

Good news: Tesla called yesterday and said they could do the battery swap this morning. They stopped by this morning and battery is up and running.

Day 1: Solar is sending half the kW to the grid even though the battery is not fully charged. I've changed the settings to self-powered so I'll see if it adjusts tomorrow.

reggiedevers | 1 august 2018

My Tesla Powerwall died after 5 months this week. I connected with Tesla support, did all the remote troubleshooting and reboots. None of that worked. I called back today to Tesla support and there is no one to help. All 4 of the Powerwall support techs are out sick and the supervisor will not take any calls. So far my support experience is terrible. I will keep you up to date on this support journey.

Adkeji | 2 august 2018

@sylviaw79 your response means you’re in Australia that means Shipping and installation of these tesla energy products is international. Do you have any idea if we can get this solar generating systems ( power walls & solar panels ) and installation in Nigeria? I’ve sent several requests to Tesla supports and no response yet.

davbui | 2 august 2018

@reggiedevers, what is your location?

It sounds like you're going through something similar to what I experienced. I would suggest to keep calling them back even if they tell you that someone will call you back in 48-72 hrs (they won't). Getting them to request a battery replacement (if that is the issue) will be the hard part. When the show up to replace the battery, it took about 1 hour.

reggiedevers | 5 august 2018

Hi davbui, I am in Northern California in the Bay Area.. I was able to get another support tech to look at my battery after I complained loudly to all the people that were involved with my battery install. Tesla is going to replace my battery. The replacement time is 4-6 weeks. I am told they have to order a battery from the Gigafactory, then it has to be shipped to a local warehouse, then they schedule an appointment with me.. I am disappointed that the battery died and I am not happy with the replacement time. I will keep this forum up to date with this service journey.

egalan1 | 8 august 2018

One of my power wall's stopped working correctly a few days after installation. Called several times and they had support run test after test after test to finally tell me a few days later when I called them for an update that the battery was faulty. Knew that already. They need to change out the power wall they told me. Says it can take 4 to 6 weeks. Waited 4 weeks and magically they have a replacement when I called them for an update.FYI I called every week when they said they would call me back with the updates. Waited 30 minutes to get the repair scheduled. Closest appointment date they have will be a month from now. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! If I could do it again i think I would have went with another company. I keep getting I'm Sorry I'm Sorry from everyone at Tesla. Never heard so many Sorry's in my life. When I asked for something they can do to keep me happy. A credit or some sort of swag. The rep lost his mind. I proceeded with losing my cool and then he hung up on me. Watch out!!! They love you in the beginning, then once they have you your expendable.

shank15217 | 13 august 2018

@egalan1 What other company were you thinking? The ones that cost twice as much for the same basic product? Tesla has you by the ballz, hopefully their service will improve after this restructuring.

egalan1 | 13 august 2018

@Shank15217 You are absolutely correct!!! Actually other then the poor service from Tesla, my solar from Solar city is working and I have battery backup on one battery. Plus!!

egalan1 | 13 august 2018

@Shank15217 You are absolutely correct!!! Actually other then the poor service from Tesla, my solar from Solar city is working and I have battery backup on one battery. Plus!!

davbui | 15 august 2018

@egalan1 Here's a good article comparing powerwall with its competitors (Sonnen eco vs. LG Chem RESU vs. Pika Energy Smart Harbor).

Were you considering one of these companies? Or something else?

reggiedevers | 18 september 2018

UPDATE on the replacement of the PW2. My battery arrived in their local warehouse and I am scheduled for replacement installation on 09/27/2018. My total time from reporting the battery dead until replacement 07/31/2018 (DIED) to 09/27/2018 (REPLACEMENT). So the replacement cycle for me is going to be nearly 60 days.

reggiedevers | 1 oktober 2018

My PW2 was replaced on 09/27/2018. it died on 07/31/2018. So far it seems to be working fine.