Non reservation holder $2500 refundable?.

Non reservation holder $2500 refundable?.

Last week one of my colleague designed and ordered AWD Model3 after depositing $2500, he didn't have reservation. Today he is having second thoughts and is thinking of cancellation. I told him that if he cancels, he will lose the $2500 deposit. He is saying(insisting) that for him $2500 is refundable for him since he didn't have the reservation and will get back his $2500, if he decides to cancel.

With reservation when I designed, it clearly stated non refundable deposit of ($2500 + $1000 reservation).

I am now confused, so a person without reservation can design, order a car and get back his $2500, if they decides to cancel?. Does anyone has factual information ?.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 juli 2018
carlk | 20 juli 2018

Deposit you put when placing the order is not refundable. That's the way it always has been for Tesla and for most other cars too.

aleek2die | 20 juli 2018

Under the order agreement link from Tesla is states:
Your Order Payment is fully refundable only until your order is matched
to a Vehicle, at which point it becomes nonrefundable

Maverick M3 | 20 juli 2018

@ Magic 8 Ball Don't blindly believe google searches. There are news articles which says 'Tesla will become a Trillion dollar group in next 5 years' and there are news articles which says 'Tesla will be bankrupt in next 5 years' .

I was looking for facts and @ aleek2die is right, payment is refundable until they match the payment to the order.

I had a discussion with my colleague again, he called local Tesla design center where he ordered the car. He was told that by Tesla representative that he can cancel it and get $2500 back, before VIN is assigned. Once VIN is assigned it becomes non refundable.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 juli 2018

Don't blindly believe google searches, I agree. Does the Link give you a better idea of what is going on vs blindly believing strangers on a rumor mill?

Some sources are more trusted than others and everything on the internet is true.

WantMY | 20 juli 2018

Yes, if somebody is dumb enough to have $1000 reservation deposit and placed an order - you are on the hook for non-refundable $3500 deposit. New buyers are only on the hook for $2500. Can not fix stupid.