120,400 Wheels/Tires a month.

120,400 Wheels/Tires a month.

Just did some back of the napkin calculation.

If they are producing 7,000 Teslas a Month at Fremont, that means they are dealing with about 120,400 Tire/Wheel assemblies a Month!

Believe Fremont gets their tires and wheels already assembled with tire pressure monitors, valve stems, inflated and balanced from their suppliers.

That means, if you figure full run time and 4.3 weeks a month average that they are dealing with a tremendous amount of these to mount on the cars.

This clarifies to me just how much work it takes to produce all the cars they make every month.

A tremendous amount of work will keep all the employees and robots working hard to fill the demand for their vehicles.

Just getting all those trucks unloaded and the wheels transported to the final assembly area must be a logistical accomplishment and entail many hours of work.

Can't imagine the total amount of parts it will take as they begin the process with bare rolls of aluminum and steel, with the cars being created and out the delivery bays in just a couple days from the raw parts.

What Tesla is accomplishing is beyond a miracle.

Tropopause | 27 juli 2018

And counting! Go Tesla!

rxlawdude | 27 juli 2018

Posts like this are never tiring.

JustSaying | 27 juli 2018

We saw 4, 3's today. The last one dark grey is now charging next to ours at a hotel charger in Rancho Mirage.
A sign of things to come! I will start having to leave earlier for the desert on Friday mornings.

Tesla-David | 27 juli 2018

Yes this confirms what I saw today at the Seattle SC dropping off my MS for annual service, many, many M3’s everywhere for pickup by new owners. I have never seen this much activity in past five years.

blue adept | 28 juli 2018

@Uncle Paul

Tesla has managed to ramp up production so much that they've ran out of room and have had to expand outdoors with the use of tents!

Yodrak. | 28 juli 2018

My napkin tells me that 7,000 Teslas per month, each having 4 wheels with tire, is about 28,000 wheel/tire assemblies. What does your napkin think that Tesla is doing with the other 92,400 wheels with tires?

Just curious.

Uncle Paul | 28 juli 2018

My mistake. Ment to say 7,000 per WEEK,

IF they have any extra tires they can keep them in the TENT :)

Yodrak. | 29 juli 2018

Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, that's a lot of wheel/tire assemblies to have to deal with! Unimaginable, then, the amount of work that other auto manufacturers are putting into assembling their vehicles given that they make orders of magnitude more than Tesla does.

David N | 29 juli 2018

Wheels, tires, dash boards, windshields, roof glass, seats etc....
Just having everything on hand when needed is only half the battle, now you gotta assemble it and assemble it correctly to satisfy even the pickiest buyer.
No we know why Elon has said multiple times that making cars is extremely difficult.

blue adept | 1 august 2018


Well, "other auto manufacturers" have been at it for several decades now, over a hundred years in fact, so they should have wheel/tire production down pat by now so....

Yodrak. | 1 august 2018

"... they should have wheel/tire production down pat by now ..."

Note that the OP's point, to which I responded, was that wheel/tire assemblies are made by others, not by the auto manufacturers themselves (and who might more appropriately be called auto assemblers).

blue adept | 1 august 2018

Fair point, though if you'd of read a bit further into it you could've easily enough come to the conclusion that I was referencing those self-same "auto assemblers" by alluding to the other automakers having decades worth of infrastructure development to oversee the logistical aspects of parts manufacture.

I'll be time.