Delivery Nightmare!!! Outrageous Tesla Delivery Experience.

Delivery Nightmare!!! Outrageous Tesla Delivery Experience.

Yesterday, I had an appointment to pickup my new M3 white RW Tesla at 2:15. I arrive, and the usual nice greeting... after over an hour of waiting, I ask politely how much longer it will be? I am told my car is NOT EVEN THERE.

Now, why couldn't they text, email, phone or Pony-Express this to me before I made the 1 hour trek to Fremont is beyond reason. Not only that, but when I checked in, the nice and polite woman could have told me that my car isn't there and there isn't a chance in hell that I would get it that day.

Now, it's the next day, and after being told that Fremont Delivery Center would get back to me yesterday afternoon and this morning, still nada... not a word... no info.

Even my very nice delivery specialist is polite by absolutely no help in terms of straight information about anything.

I am sorry, but this is outrageous. I wasted yesterday and was hoping to get a delivery today (I was told yesterday afternoon by someone in support that the car was delivered).

I am really sorry that I paid with electronic transfer. I recommend that everyone not do it. Pay with a cashier's check.

(sorry for the venting)...


CharleyBC | 1 august 2018

Now, wait a sec. Isn't the Fremont delivery center like across the road from the Fremont factory? How'd they misplace your car within Fremont?

Sorry for your frustration. I remember our excitement a couple weeks ago on our delivery day. I can only imagine how it would have felt to have a similar outcome. Good luck.

eli | 1 august 2018

Yes... things fall through the cracks. What I mind is the total lack of communication and consideration. (And most likely the car isn't coming directly from the factory, but from some storage lot from God-knows-where... the Mojave?_

KP in NPT | 1 august 2018

I think they're having some growing pains with delivery logistics. I know it sucks and I'd be disappointed too - but once you get your car, this will all be forgotten and you'll love it. :)

Bighorn | 1 august 2018

Nightmare? Really? Funny timing.

billstanton | 1 august 2018

Yep, nearly the same thing happened to me last week, but my ISA contacted me in the morning to let me know the car was not on "on site". Fremont too. Time off work already scheduled etc. But I got it yesterday. Happy now, even with minor imperfections that need to go to the service center. Still happy. Ok to vent. Hang in there Eli.

Kathy Applebaum | 1 august 2018

"I am sorry, but this is outrageous."

If this rises to the level of outrageous for you, you lead a privileged life for sure.

Yes, it sucks. Yes they should be better about not letting any cars slip through the cracks. Yes, they should hire only perfect employees. But once you get the car it will all be just a funny story.

Ask me some time about why my delivery got delayed. Was I bummed? Yes. Was I even stomping my feet and feeling sorry for myself (privately, not in public)? Yes. But I also understood that the delay was a result of them trying to deliver more than twice as many cars as they did just a few months ago, and finding quality employees and getting them up to speed in a short time is really, really hard. And in the end, it's just a car. Well, okay, it's a magical space car. But you know what I mean.

KTJinCA | 1 august 2018

@ Kathy love "magic space car!"

KP in NPT | 1 august 2018

Magical space car yessssss

christian | 1 august 2018

Nightmare? Outrageous?

First world problem much?

walnotr | 1 august 2018

I’ve been thinking they should be called Hyper Loop Launch Vehicles.

voytres | 1 august 2018

"magic space car!"

good one)) still thinking about the name

VLTWGGN | 1 august 2018

Did you have any issues getting your MVPA on time?

gcklo | 1 august 2018

The delivery center is literally 5 min away from the factory. Tesla should have been able to locate the car really fast.

This is certainly not good

LOWTECK53 | 1 august 2018

You regret paying electronically? Are you suggesting that you would waive the $1,000 in line fee and $2500 deposit & just walk away over this?

Flanmansd | 1 august 2018

@Kathy, "I am sorry, but this is outrageous" - Don't think OPs comment is about the botched delivery but more about the delivery experience (or lack of). I agree with OP. He should not have had to sit around for over an hour and then have to track someone down just to be told your car isn't even there. That's not a privileged attitude, that's just common sense. At what point does it become "outrageous"? 2 hours, 3 hours, closing? Misplaced car, understandable given their high tempo delivers. Totally ignoring a "paid in advance" customer, outrageous...

Let's say you go to that swanky steakhouse in town. Took weeks to get a reservation but you're in. Order the T-bone steak, medium rare with all the fixins and you pay in advance. You sit around for an hour while your waiter ignores you, even passing by your table many times. You finally get his attention and ask about your steak and the waiter says, "Oh we don't have any T-bones today, maybe tomorrow". Waiter walks away without any apology offered. Pretty outrageous huh? Kinda the same thing for the OP IMO.

mike_f | 1 august 2018

ALWAYS PAY WITH CASHIER'S CHECK! NEVER EVER PAY IN ADVANCE. I am expecting a delivery tomorrow AM at my detailers shop in Fremont, I am paying full amount with cashiers check that I will not relinquish until I am satisfied after the car is inspected. Not sure why anyone in their right mind would pay for something site unseen. Too much chance for something to go wrong (phantom delivery?) and since TM has your money, you have no leverage at all.

Bighorn | 1 august 2018

I sent in my final payment in by ACH this morning--car will be home delivered and satisfactory, no doubt in my mind.

Rocky_H | 1 august 2018

The "magical space car" is not a Kathy original, though. Proper credit to Matthew Inman, the cartoonist of "The Oatmeal" for coining that phrase.

I call mine one of the other nicknames he uses in the comic: "Electric Cruisebeast"

cascadiadesign | 1 august 2018

That's a bummer. But guaranteed you'll be over it 5 minutes after driving your new car. My delivery experience was excellent, but for a few, production hell led to paperwork & delivery hell.

Kathy Applebaum | 1 august 2018

Yes, definitely read Matt's tesla comic. Although NSFW, it pretty much sums up the Tesla experience for me.

@Flanmansd I wouldn't call the steakhouse experience outrageous either. Would I be upset? Yes. But I try to keep perspective on what really is an outrage. War crimes are an outrage. Torturing people is an outrage. Bad service at a steakhouse is not in my book.

Bighorn | 1 august 2018

Cancer also sucks.

lilbean | 1 august 2018

Life must be good if you consider that a nightmare.

wayne | 1 august 2018

One’s mind is a terrible thing to lose.

gcklo | 1 august 2018

I agree. Do not pay electronically. Pay with cashier's check.

Tesla want your money and will work harder to avoid not getting your cashier's check. If you have already paid, there is less incentive to deliver smoothly.

Resrch03 | 1 august 2018

Ditto, Bighorn (well, except for the home delivery part). Got all my ducks lined up and I'm looking forward to taking delivery in a couple days.

Shock | 1 august 2018

"If this rises to the level of outrageous for you, you lead a privileged life for sure."

Pot meet kettle. The notion that anybody in these forums does not lead a privileged life screams of a complete lack of self-awareness. Most of the world couldn't so much as dream of spending $50k on a car.

"First world problem much?"

Cute. Don't we live in the first world? So many of our problems are first world, unless you brush off any issue less serious than scavenging for scraps at the landfill to feed your family?

The OP's experience sounds a lot like mine, though. I bought a non-Tesla last month. I showed up on time, it was out front, freshly cleaned and ready for me. I went in, signed the papers, we were out in less than an hour.

Oh, wait, it didn't sound like his experience at all. I'm also 100% positive that if my car hadn't been ready my salesman would have let me know ahead of time. I don't get why people are okay spending $50k but claim to be satisfied with an experience that Suzuki would be embarrassed by.

sroh | 1 august 2018

@Shock, why are you still here?

I don't own a BMW.
I don't have an order for a BMW.
I don't plan to order a BMW anytime soon.

==> I don't waste my time on BMW message boards.

Get a life.

SGB | 1 august 2018

Pretty sure all the delivery specialists are now building cars.

displacement | 1 august 2018

For those who haven't been through this yet, skip the cashier's check and pay with electronic transfer from your phone on site after you look at the car. ACH works fine whether you do it the week before, day before, or 5 seconds before they let you off the lot with the vehicle. ACH transfers do _not_ have to clear your bank before Tesla will hand over a vehicle, it just needs to be initiated.

Also, don't forget to breathe. I also didn't have a great delivery experience either, but those hours/days will have disappeared from your memory when you're still enjoying the hell out of the car a year or two from now. Or better yet, go ask someone who's bought an ICE from an entrenched manufacturer what their delivery experience was like. That recalibrated my expectations considerably (have never bought a new car before, so the 3 is all I have to go on so far).

cascadiadesign | 1 august 2018

@Shock - Serious question. Do you own, or plan to own a Tesla?

Bighorn | 1 august 2018

Oh, oh! I know this one! No on both counts.

cascadiadesign | 1 august 2018

@Bighorn - Kinda what I thought. You can tell who the trolls are because they love to denounce the company, but never share experiences with the car itself.

sbeggs | 1 august 2018


dgstan | 1 august 2018

It's just another thread where the people who already have their car have no empathy for those of us who do not.

mos6507 | 1 august 2018

[or those who haven't been through this yet, skip the cashier's check and pay with electronic transfer from your phone on site after you look at the car.]

How about a briefcase full of dollar bills in a back alley? They throw you the keycard, you slide the briefcase, then hope the car makes it home without the drive unit popping.

...this thread is surreal.

Tesla2018 | 1 august 2018

It reminds me of a doctors office.If you make an appointment and want to change or cancel it, they want 2r hrs notice. But if you have an appointment, its OK for them to make you wait in line for overr an hour.

dgstan | 1 august 2018

Tesla2018 - The term is arrogance. You treat people with respect - especially your customers. If people don't feel good about the purchase, there's a good chance they won't feel good about the car.

One time I had a deal all worked out at my local Nissan dealer. Color, options, price, all done. I told them I wanted it and all of a sudden, they only had a vehicle with different options, higher price, etc. I started to walk out and, through some miracle, they were suddenly able to locate the car I wanted on the back lot.

I told them to stuff it and, right in front of them, called the next closest Nissan dealer and closed the deal over the phone. I'm the customer and they need to remember that. I don't care how charismatic the CEO is or how revolutionary your product is - without customers they have nothing.

eli | 1 august 2018

When I initially wrote my post, what upset me was not the fact that I didn't get the car—glitches and sh-t happen and I accept that— but I am upset about the fact that I wasn't informed before I arrived or after for several a long time, and even after the "event," I still wasn't informed about anything until more than 24 hours later. And then, I only learned anything because I spent hours on the phone pursuing the information, finally to find out where the hell the car was and what was happening because one really helpful specialist in LA looked up the info in the Tesla database. Tesla, on it's own initiative, didn't pick up the phone (or e-mail) to inform me about anything.

It's all about communications and being honest and straight forward (like the phone message at the Fremont Delivery Center that states "The next available Delivery Specialist will be with you momentarily" or something to that effect, but of course, the Delivery Specialist NEVER picks up; the phone hangs up on you).

Hopefully, I'll get the car tomorrow or Friday.

cascadiadesign | 1 august 2018

eli - Within 24 hours of taking delivery, I received an email survey asking about my "delivery experience". Included was a free form field where I could type in anything not covered by their questions. Tesla needs to know about your experience and the survey is one additional channel.

dgstan | 1 august 2018

Eli - I hope you get your car Friday. I'm "supposed" to get mine then too, but all I'm getting is silence out of Tesla. I've made repeated inquiries to my ISA and the "fixer" who's handling my lost car and they have not responded.

SkinnyITDude | 1 august 2018

My car delivery at Fremont was delayed and currently scheduled for Friday. No response from delivery specialist when i asked her to confirm if the car would be available this time.

eli | 2 august 2018

Progress report: It is Thursday, and no progress. The car is at the Fremont Delivery Center, ready for delivery according to the database, but my Delivery Specialist is unable to give me any information about when I can get my car. When I try to get information, I basically get nothing back. Amazing!

bj | 2 august 2018

I would be rather unimpressed with such an experience if it happened to me, given the magnitude of the purchase.

Tesla is growing fast and this is a symptom. Organizations hire people and... well, they’re people. Some are better than others at their jobs. Some are trained better or internalize that training better than others. Some give a d@mn and others less so. Some handle pressure well and can maintain grace, others become snarky and rude in the same circumstances. And the support systems they use may not be perfect. Data is not entered correctly or at all, things are not tracked perfectly, messages are overlooked or go missing. All growing pains.

This is not to justify but to explain.

sbutler | 2 august 2018

Let me begin by saying, I have nothing new to contribute to this thread and I completely sympathize wtih OP's situation.

Having said that, I just want to say, we picked our car last Friday at Fremont delivery hub and it was one of the smoothest new car buying experience I have ever had. Have driven a little over 300 absolutely amazing miles since then. Hang in there and you will love it once you have it.

I am visiting these forums less and less these days now that I have my car. But still want to post this to give a little different perspective to people who are soon going to have their deliveries.

dgstan | 2 august 2018

I finally heard back from the "fixer". She promises my previously "lost" car will be ready tomorrow. She says it did show up at the Fremont delivery center. They'll be bringing it to me as long as it passes the upgrade and their final QC.

She also said that delivery workers don't have access to the car's location. She had to request the car's exact location from the "logistics team".

I hope it all works out for you. This seems to be the weak point this week. It went from not enough batteries, to paint shop is too slow, to "we need a tent", to contract issues, to now the basic logistics of getting the vehicles accounted for and in the right place.

MS-lover | 2 august 2018

13 minute delivery !

SkinnyITDude | 3 august 2018

Delivery delayed second time. Was notified just 30 minute before I was about to start to Fremont delivery center. New delivery date not scheduled yet.

I'm gonna stop thinking about it. It will come when it comes.

pavru | 3 august 2018

Its not guaranteed that after you receive your delivery that you will have a well put together vehicle. So while I would love to tell you patience is key, it really isn't. Be diligent in your delivery check.

CST | 3 august 2018

My neighbor just reported a failed Fremont delivery. Issues with frunk paint under the clear coat. He asked to take the car home and schedule the body shop work later, but was told they don't do that anymore and gave his check back and tried to send him home in an Uber/Lyft, with a delayed pick-up. He argued for awhile and came home in the most beautiful P100D I've seen! Though, I hear the experience lasted all too long and he'd rather have the car he is trying to purchase.

mos6507 | 3 august 2018

And so production hell has hell!