Two big dogs. MX on its way. Need great cargo liner.

Two big dogs. MX on its way. Need great cargo liner.

Does anyone have experience with the Canvasback cargo liner for MX? It's this one:

Wilber | 10 august 2018

Ferron - I dont have experience with cargo liners. But, it seems your thread has been ignored for about 24 hours so figured i would bump it to help get you replies. Also, are you aware of the evannex option?

interbay | 10 august 2018

ferronjones, we're not familiar with that product, however we have 2 mastiffs that routinely travel with us in the X. We went with a custom bed from Big Barker. Started with their SUV bed (nicely padded with built in pillow rails, and washable), and had a fabric (like thick faux leather) sheet attached that covers the rear of the back seats - 5 seater - and with adjustable buckle straps that connect around the headrests. This largely protects the cargo area from fur, and gives great padding to the dogs at the same time. Works with the seats up or down.

lesfj | 10 august 2018

Wow - thanks I will give Big Barker a call. I have two Bernese Mountain Dogs, and I think my usual mode will be seats up with Tesla’s optional “rear trunk load floor” in place. This option gives more headroom for the dogs, although they have to jump up, over the rim of the deeper trunk and then land down into the deeper trunk rather than jumping onto the flat surface with the two standard trays covering the trunk storage. Is this how you tackle making space for the dogs? I appreciate your insights on this!

lesfj | 10 august 2018

Wilbur - thank you for your help. I hesitate on the Evanex product, because suction cups are a nonstarter and the Velcro just doesn’t seem to hold up at all with a longish-haired breed like mine. The Velcro stops working when a little fur gets in there, unfortunately, yet it’s impossible to remove from Velcro at the same time. Thanks for the bump - I will get this challenge solved.

kellerrook | 10 august 2018

It’s Wilber, not Wilbur—I learned that in an earlier thread it which he was very helpful.

davidahn | 10 august 2018

I have not tried it on a MX (waiting on delivery) but am very happy with my Canvasback cargo liners on my Mercedes GL SUV. They don’t look very good in photos but look good in person. They have been very tough and have held up remarkably well to quite a bit of abuse from hauling our not infrequent cargo. I am leaning toward another set of Canvasbacks.

interbay | 11 august 2018

ferronjones - we also thought we'd need the lower floor for their head room, but once we got them inside the car realized there is plenty of room for them to sit up (occasionally one will turn on the dome light with her head!). Your BMDs probably stand taller than ours though. In general we were pretty surprised by just how much room there is back there! Anyway, ask for Jaime Marino at Big Barker -- she was a big help in our order and probably still has the dimensions of the custom bed that was made to fit back there.

jlmuinonen | 11 august 2018

Thanks for the info! We have a Newfoundland and were looking for something for our X. More than just the travel blanket we had used previously in other cars.

joemar10 | 12 august 2018

We got a padded "hammock" type rear seat protector from Orvis, but use it as a cargo liner.

Our dog is a very long legged 50 lb. Lurcher. We have a five seat Model X and usually leave the second row down flat. By hooking the front straps over the head rest of the front seats and leaving the hammock lying flat rather than hooking it to the back seat headrests, it serves as a cargo liner. In that position, it has flaps that hang down on each side, to protect the seats when the dog gets in the car. You can, after the dog gets in, fold them up to protect the doors. It's very comfortable for the dog 'cuz it's padded and it vacuums up very nicely. It also has a mesh area between the front seats, so the dog can see out the front and can feel like she's with us instead if isolated in back.

joemar10 | 12 august 2018

As an addendum to the above, we did initially get the EVannex cargo liner, but like the Orvis much better. We leave the EVannex liner flat in the extreme back of the car to cover the area the Orvis doesn't cover. It we have the second row seats up the Orvis covers the entire back but there's not a lot of room for two large dogs, and you lose the usability of the front mesh. Also the Orvis has a waterproof backing which is rubberized and keeps the lineup from sliding around.

joemar10 | 12 august 2018

keeps the "liner" from sliding

lesfj | 12 august 2018

Thank you all very much for your insights, and I apologize to Wilber for the name misspelling. I think I will wait until my dealer gets another five-seater in (or my own arrives), take detailed photos and send them to both Canvasback and Big Barker (thank you for contact name there, interbay). Both have good reviews here. I cannot use the Orvis solution, because it doesn't cover sufficient surface area and my seats will usually be up. Otherwise sounds like a great option - easy and comfortable. The dogs make a big mess when they are wet and muddy, so that's six months of the year - got to cover everything but the ceiling and be easy to clean. They don't seem to appreciate padding. Double coat may get body temp too hot on padded surfaces. This all leans Canvasback. You are all great - thank you for your help.

MXDogCrate | 16 august 2018

Grateful for this thread. Our MX order is in and primarily ordering as we can keep the car cool for the dogs. The Canvasback we've had for eight years in our GL has held up incredibly well. Highly recommend side panels and bumper flap. We simply load the orthopedic dog beds with cooling pads from the house into the car for the dogs as story that Big Barker Bed is just too hard to store when not using.

When anyone installs the CanvasBack would be very interested to know how the fit is as I don't see a 2018 model.

MXDogCrate | 16 august 2018

Looked at the CanvasBack more closely and have placed a call to see if there is a seven (7) seat configuration for the MX (the only configuration where seats lie completely flat for dogs).

Also meant to add though we'd like a hard shell to replace dog hair because the configuration is fixed, it's not flexible enough to adjust dogs and cargo.

kellerrook | 19 august 2018

What size Orvis hammock protector did you use?

envorion | 23 august 2018 makes custom liners that fit perfectly.

MXDogCrate | 23 august 2018

The issue with Weathertech or other hard, static liners is you must take out the liner completely in order to change the configuration of the car. In the seven seater which folds flat, we'd have to store a liner somewhere when traveling with dogs. And on several occasions when sticking someone in the passenger seat, there's no flexibility to put a seat up and keep the dogs in the back. With Canvasback, the liner is cut out to fit the seats, so if we take on another passenger, we can put as many seats up or back as we need. Definitely the most flexible option.

If you're dogs always travel behind the passenger row, not an issue.

Does anyone know of cargo nets (they come standard in the GL), that partition luggage?

davidahn | 5 september 2018

I too just looked closer at Canvasback, no 7-seat version or 2018 model option. I inquired, hope to hear back soon.

The only thing I don't like about Canvasback is it uses glue to stick the canvas protectors to the seat back carpet. Probably not a big deal, as I see no need to ever remove them, since they simply stay put no matter what configuration the seats are in (2nd row up, folded down or reclined; 3rd row up or folded down).

davidahn | 10 september 2018

Update: I contacted Canvasback and they updated their website to include the 7-seat. I don't recall for sure what was available before, but I thought they only showed the 5-seat configuration. (Their photos still only show the 5-seat version.) now shows:

6-passenger (captain's)
7-passenger 40/60 split
7-passenger 40/20/40 split
5-passenger (no third row)

They also have the bumper flap (in 18", 20", and 24") and cargo side pieces (don't know if this is new).

I ordered mine today: the 7-passenger 60/40, bumper flap and cargo side pieces. I got the 18" bumper flap, because the cargo cover is only 17" long and I don't want the bumper flap to be folded or scrunched.

One other concern is the removable nature of the Tesla cargo cover. If you order the cargo liner and bumper flap together, they sew velcro loop on the rear of the cargo liner for attaching the bumper flap. This may be ideal for vehicles without a removable cargo cover, but IMO attaching the bumper flap to the carpet of the cargo area separately in the MX's case is better, so you have the freedom to move or remove the cargo cover without affecting the bumper flap.


mbirnie51 | 10 september 2018

We have the MX 75D 5 seater and put two standard poodles in the back with second row seat kept upright. This contains the dogs into the space covered by our liner from Amazon (Cut-n-paste below for your search) :
FrontPet Extended Width Quilted Dog Cargo Cover for SUV Universal Fit for Any Animal. Durable Liner Covers and Protects Your Vehicle

I went to a boat shop to get a kit that installs snaps into the Tesla and the liner as the velcro was not holding adequatley.

The Tesla will keep the car cool enough if you adjust the front vents to direct the A/C back into the space; drape a towel over the back of second row seats to keep drool contained. I also made a word document that states:
and placed it on the dash so passers by won't break our windows thinking the dogs are suffocating.

kellerrook | 10 september 2018

Can you give a little more information on the “snap kits”. No boat store nearby. Where on the Tesla did you place them?

mbirnie51 | 10 september 2018

It's a Sea-fit "Canvas Snap Kit" (with clinching tool) model# 15543663. I drilled into the plastic part just underneath the windows (about four on each side) for the stud/eyelet and matched the Button sockets on the cargo nicely and comes off simply. The cargo liner has built in velcro stips on bottom that adhere nicely to the Tesla carpet to keep the bottom of the liner in place when dogs leap into the back.
For large dogs weighing 100 LBS or more, I'd make my own plywood platform with extra wood legs to take the weight of jumping dogs as the plastic Tesla ones have broke on other folks.
I can send pictures, but I DO NOT have reddit or other apps for photo transfer, so not sure how to do that on the forum . Cost of the liner was about $60.00 and the snap kit about $25.00; actual install time less than half an hour. MHB

kellerrook | 10 september 2018

Mbirnie51 thanks for the information. My MX is arriving in about two weeks and I need to have the Poochmobile ready for my dogs. I have used a sling/hammock style protector in the backseat of my MS for my two whippets, but that makes the car a dog kingdom and no passengers can ride in the backseat . I was hoping that I can put them in the rear of the new 5 seater X, if they choose to accept that that demoted position, we’ll see. The set up you were describing sounds good -if you have pictures send them to: please

davidahn | 14 september 2018

One more Canvasback update for those interested: their website is fully updated for 5, 6, 7 seaters 2016-2018.