Rattle from center console

Rattle from center console

Getting a constant rattle from the middle center console where I out my phone. Super annoying, hopefully the service center can do something about it. Does anyone else have this issue?

smyszko | 20 august 2018

Yes I have or had a similar problem. Mine sounded like a creaking sound from the plastic of the center console whenever I went over any rough surface. I could stop it by applying downward pressure on the panel where your phone sits.

My car is at the SC currently, having a scratch that was present on delivery fixed. When I dropped it off I demo'd the rattle to a tech and they claim they've been able to fix it. I don't have the car back yet to confirm but fingers crossed it's gone.

Lla4u2 | 21 august 2018

Yup, mine sounded like a pirate ship, anytime I went over 20 MPH the phone dock would start creaking away. I brought it to the SC, drove a service technician for 2 minutes and he said "ya that's not normal." Glad I wasn't going crazy! They kept my car overnight, gave me a loaner S and the next day it was fixed and perfect!

rishabh0428 | 21 august 2018

Awesome, making a service appointment now. Its driving me crazy, once you notice it, you can't stop noticing it

Jlomb436 | 21 august 2018

I don't get noise (yet), but the enter up portion of the center console feels cheap. Maybe it's just my car? But if I drum with my fingers on the side of it, it sounds like incredibly light cheap plastic thats barely secure. Anyone else get that same sound and feeling?

rishabh0428 | 21 august 2018

@Jlomb436 I agree with you. Even the scrolling wheel on the steering, hopefully the rubber won't fade soon and be less bumpy.

Jlomb436 | 21 august 2018

My grammar is terrible. The upper part of the center console that runs along the armrest and up to the phone tray. It does feel cheap. They should have at least put some rubber or some felt material between the 2 plastic pieces... Really my only complaint about the car at the moment haha.

trebonius | 11 september 2018

Do you know what they did to fix it? I have the same problem, and it seems like something I could probably handle if I could figure out exactly what is making the sound.

voytres | 11 september 2018

Reproduce it in SC. They should fix it, if not - again and again.

smyszko | 11 september 2018

My rattle was still there after they claimed it was fixed on the last SC visit. Guess I'll bring it up again whenever the car next needs to go in. In the meantime I'm just living with keeping the center console lid closed as it then doesn't rattle for me.

bckator | 11 september 2018

I have the same issue. Complained about it and demonstrated when I took it in but the SC did nothing.
As previously described, the tray creaks over rough roads and this can be halted by applying pressure to the tray.
It seems as if the plastic pieces are rubbing against each other at points. Its annoying and takes away from one of the things I love most about EV travel, the quiet. I imagine this could be fixed w/ some kind of glue at just the right spots but suspect the SC solution would be to start replacing things so, understand their desire to ignore it.

Nexxus | 13 september 2018

@bckator, et al,

Apply a rubber self adhesive pad between the plastic pieces to solve the rattles.

trebonius | 13 september 2018

It seems like it should be simple, but I just can't determine which two pieces of plastic are rubbing together. It's exactly as other have described it. Putting pressure on the phone tray makes it go away. Unfortunately, nobody who has had a service center fix it has mentioned any details about what they did to fix it. It's probably as simple as sticking some padding or lubrication in the right spot, or tightening something.

Kidscollegefund | 13 september 2018

Easy fix, turn stereo up.

Mike20sm | 13 september 2018

Ditto all the previous posts. Hard to determine exact source, but pressure on the phone tray usually makes it go away

Mike20sm | 13 september 2018

Ditto all the previous posts. Hard to determine exact source, but pressure on the phone tray usually makes it go away

VLTWGGN | 13 september 2018

I feel like my car creaks a lot from the driver door trim. Can't place it exactly, and I feel like taking it to SC and having them tear down the trim will make it worse.

bckator | 13 september 2018

The pieces are already joined together and not designed to be separated. We are talking about the plastic tray under the rubber mat.

trebonius | 15 september 2018

I'm having the SC take a look Tuesday. I'll see if I can get any details on the issue or fix, since it seems fairly common.

trebonius | 20 september 2018

The issue is fixed. The SC employee agreed that it was a pretty annoying noise. During delivery, there was a deep scratch on the center console, which I also asked to have fixed. This resulted in replacing the whole center console, and when they were done, the noise was gone. The tray does feel more solid when moving it up and down. My suspicion has been that the creak comes from the hinge. It made the noise when the tray was up or down, but not so much when it was somewhere in between. Putting pressure on the tray made it stop, though two phones were not enough weight on their own. My theory is that tension on the loose hinge kept it from moving.

Now the car only has occasional, rare, and fairly quiet noises rather than a constant and very irritating one. Good enough for me.

JamesTG | 9 oktober 2018

Anyone know if there is a fix that doesn’t involve a SC visit?Anything I can do to avoid that is a major plus as I honestly have zero time to deal with that? My only other issue is the common left turn signal not functioning correctly, but secretly hoping that bug can be fixed with V9.

Jongaudreault | 15 oktober 2018

EXACT same problem here

miguelcampeau | 15 oktober 2018

I have a rattling sound and finally found out it is the passenger side belt buckle vibrating against the back of the seat which is plastic. If i move the belt buckle out of the way the noise stops.
Overall the car is very silent and squeak free.

Cepera | 15 oktober 2018

> Yup, mine sounded like a pirate ship...

Mine sounds like the background creaking noise in Alan Price's "Sell Sell" from "O Lucky Man!" If anyone figures out how to fix it without going to SC, please post!

IntelSPE | 18 oktober 2018

I stick small velcro as shown in picture and rattle is gone now. Earlier it was very irritating.

coselectric | 19 oktober 2018

Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

brars522 | 20 oktober 2018

Thank you for your help! Can you please provide more photos of where exactly you applied the Velcro on the phone tray?

g35rocker | 20 oktober 2018

Picked up my car today and heard a small rattle in the center console. It was my phone when on the charging pad...Hope you figure it out.

bob | 29 oktober 2018

I noticed it on the way home after picking up the car....super annoying. Made a service appointment right away.

wayne | 30 oktober 2018

My rattle is faint. It seems to come from the left hinge of the plastic shelf that holds the phone. I may try lubricating it. I will also try the Velcro trick if I can figure out where it goes.

Matt Model 3 | 30 oktober 2018

had some rattle/squeak from the phone tray on bumpy city roads sprayed a very small amount of WD-40 on a Q-tip [while outside/away from the car] and rubbed it around the hinge at the top, seems better for now

wayne | 30 oktober 2018

I will try this once the snow ends. Will try a high grade oil first.

Carl Thompson | 31 oktober 2018

I have had (at least) 6 distinct rattles in my Model 3. I am not kidding. Fortunately Tesla has been very good about addressing them. Apparently my early car was delivered with missing clips and insulation which accounted for most.

sn9535049 | 18 november 2018

Same here...went into Fremont SC, showed them one video clip out of hundreds that I took while driving to make them feel how annoying it is when hearing such 'cheap' noise from ~$60k, they immediately ordered parts to replace the center console on 11/3. Close to 3 weeks has passed, no update on the ETA...probably all the parts were used building their NEW model 3...

sn9535049 | 1 december 2018

Center console has been replaced, noise was reduced but still there. The front dash noise now becoming more annoying since the center console rattle got reduced... might as well being it in for service.

shjin | 14 februar 2019

Service center fixed the rattle by sticking felt tape on the hinge area of the phone holder.

whosyourbaba | 14 februar 2019

I had similar issue with rattle and would improve with placing force. I had my issue fixed with mobile service. They replaced the console and luckily he had the part in his car. Took an hour to install. If you push back and forth on the console it would make the sound, the new one did not. Also I noticed the compartment lid to be much more secure and well put together. It just doesn't open with lightest force. So far I'm happy.

OC.M3 | 23 februar 2019

I heard rattle 1 week after delivery (12.16.18).
It's in the hvac vent driver side, hear it when going over bumps/rough road and only when hvac is off, no noise when running AC/heat/fan.
SC tried to fix it end of last month but rattle returned 2 days after fix.
Maddening, gonna return it for another try, better fix it!

skycondition | 23 februar 2019

I've had my Tesla M3 for 2 weeks now. I have never had this many issues with a car before:

2/9/19 - I could not take delivery of my Model 3 because the windshield was cracked at its base.
2/12/19 - I came to attempt delivery again after they repaired but discovered the windshield wipers weren't working because the service team either damaged the power coupler to the wipers or didn't fully seat them.
2/17/19 - I noticed the following build issues immediately:
1. Bulging and uneven door weather seals on all doors except driver.
2. unevenly installed rear triangle window driver side. There is a bulging piece of rubber material along 1 inch of the length of the window.
3. Random chirping/whirling wind sound. It appears to happen anywhere from 10-75MPH coming from the right side of the corner near windshield, maybe at
2/20/19 - The rear right corner closest to the back of the car of the truck floor/carpet was not installed properly. There is a plastic cone glued to the back of the carpet that is supposed to snap into the aluminum body of the car. In this case it was glued incorrectly so the plastic just bulges off the body and is no where near the hole.

2/23/19 - Plastic creaking of the center console. I've tried to push on various panels to try to stop or recreate the sound, but have had no luck. Tried the wall that the usb ports are at, the various joints on the lids, the panels around the steering console, the dash etc.

I have a service appointment in a couple weeks, but my expectations are low, how can I come to them with so many issues? I'm worried this is going to take multiple trips and/or specific issues won't be resolved.

Anyone had luck with resolving so many issues with tesla?

jaime.smedes | 26 marts 2019

@miguelcampeau; great observation I'll check to see if that's the issue with the noise I'm experiencing. I've had a persistent rattling noise within the cabin, noise sounds like its coming from front passenger door area; happens on smooth and rough roads. Has been happening since I took delivery three months ago.

But I may have missed the passenger side seatbelt rubbing against the seat itself.

Carl Thompson | 26 marts 2019


I get a similar sound occasionally from the front passenger door area. I haven't figured it out yet.

gballant4570 | 26 marts 2019

skycondition, sorry to hear about the troubles. I cannot give you any insight into finding resolution, since I haven't had anything with my car that has needed any attention - I've only gone back to get the tires rotated when I passed 6k miles. I did have an audio problem for a bit (all sounds, including music, was the same as a turn signal sound) but that was resolved with a reboot.
I have heard varying degrees of satisfaction expressed by others - many seem to get things put right, but I have also heard sad stories. Cannot of course verify any of it....

jaime.smedes | 27 marts 2019


Found the route of the issue. There is a plastic case attached to the driver and passenger seatbelts. This case; which is at the base of the lap portion of each seatbelt, about two inches from the base of each seat, makes a rattling sound when the seatbelt is unbuckled and not in use (the stalk coming from the seat base to the plastic case moves up and down).

I tested by buckling the passenger seatbelt and ensured tension on the lap portion. No rattling sound occurred. As soon as I unbuckled the seatbelt I could hear the rattling as I drove along. Going to see if Tesla has a fix for this issue.

jdturpin | 28 marts 2019

I have several rattling noises coming from the center console. The most pronounced comes from the charger wires that clip in behind the phone dock, which seem to constantly move and make clicking-clacking noises. I've just pulled those out and it's better, but still have the center console lid rattle. My one experience at SC was painful and time consuming so I'm reluctant to go back.

Carl Thompson | 28 marts 2019


I wouldn't be reluctant about going back if you're unhappy with the rattles. Tesla will work to remedy it so let them do it. You paid a lot of money for your car; you have a right to expect basic quality.

rv2019 | 28 marts 2019

@Carl Thompson, Is the noise from the front passenger door area when someone is sitting in the passenger seat and using the seat belt or when the seat belt is not in use? Did you eliminate the front passenger seat belt buckle hitting against the center pillar?

Carl Thompson | 28 marts 2019


I haven't heard the noise since I read about the seatbelt thing so I'm not sure. I've only heard it occasionally so maybe that's where it's coming from.

VeeBee | 17 april 2019

Wow! So many folks reporting the same issue. I too started hearing a rattle from the front passenger door area in my Model 3 (has under 1300 miles) about a week ago. I hear it on bumpy as well as smooth surfaces doing 25-75mph.

For the same exact route (~150 mile roundtrip), the pattern was different for 3 trips made within a week.

Trip 1: On/off rattle irrespective of surface and speed. Stopped at a rest area to see if there was anything in the door storage area or under the seat area (there wasn't) and even made sure it was not the seat belt rubbing against the B pillar. The rattle continued (on/off) for the rest of the trip.

*Tried to figure out what was causing this as soon as I got home.
- Used a tone generator but was not able to recreate it (did not go higher that 100Hz though).
- Noticed that the seat belt height adjuster on the b pillar was not locked in place. I locked it hoping that was it. *
Trip 2: No rattle on the way to work. On/off rattle on the way back. The seatbelt adjuster was locked in place all along, so I guess that was not it.

*Tried to troubleshoot at home again:
Rolled down both front windows and opened the doors all the way to compare the problematic area against the non-problematic area. After a lot of tapping, inspecting and comparing, I noticed that the chrome trim on the front passenger door seemed a little misaligned as compared to other doors. I applied gentle pressure on the passenger-front chrome area that is right behind the door mirror and it make a different and comparatively more audible sound compared to the driver’s side. I am not sure if this is it or it is just me splitting hairs.*

Trip 3 (This morning): Rattled throughout the journey on the way to work and I expect it to rattle all the way back.

I have an appointment at the service center tomorrow, so we will see what they say. I just hope it rattles when I am there tomorrow.

Also, in the process I also noticed a couple of spots on the body where the metal is bare :/ (two small areas in the crevice where the front bumper meets the body). Almost looks like the human or machine that put the bumper on was not careful with their screwdriver. I should have caught this when I took delivery.

Kind of bummed out. Let’s see what happens.

vndosamp | 19 april 2019

I have been dealing with the center console rattle since taking delivery of my M3 last June. I've been to the SC multiple times. This past week when I visited I received a less than warm welcome. They have a new policy now. You must agree up front to a $175 payment (they said this was increasing to $195 this week) in advance of they sitting in your car to look at the issue (even to diagnose via test drive). I was pretty furious about this when informed. But they gave me two choices, sign and agree to pay the $175 in the event they do not find a defect/warranty covered issue or leave. So I had to sign.

Also, another important point to note, they informed me that rattles are not covered under warranty and that I'd need to keep this in mind should I come back --- WOW!!! For me, this is not what I had experienced when I'd been to the SC in 2018. Clearly, things have changed. On this visit, they said that their work to date to try and diagnose the rattle had only been done as a courtesy to me. So to translate, don't come back again with this issue unless you agree to pay out of pocket for a fix! Nice customer service after you've forked over $60k for a car.

After 4 hours they contacted me to let me know that the car was ready for pick up. After picking up the car I drove 50 yards down the road and heard the rattle! I turned around and took the car back. The kept the car overnight and worked on it again. The following day I picked up the car, drove 50 yards down the road and heard the rattle! At this point, I gave up! No point going back to them. Tesla does not know how to fix this issue or is unwilling to fix it because it might require replacement of a part that is either expensive or difficult to get at. What a shame!

Footnote, my car was delivered last June with multiple quality issues. Last year, the SC was great about addressing them. However, unlike the rattle, they were all very evident of poor quality, so there was no need for debate or discussion about how I might have to foot the bill. The rattle is different! I suspect that with so many of us visiting the SC asking for a resolution to this issue, they've decided to change the policy on how they work with us.

OliFast | 27 juli 2019

I took delivery of my M3 earlier this month and noticed the same rattle / creaking sound coming from the center console. I was able to solve this issue myself so I thought it would be helpful to post my findings here.

I traced the noise to two sources: 1) the USB phone charger lightning connector jiggling around in the base of the phone dock (other folks mentioned this) and 2) the hinge itself for the phone dock. For 1, some foam or felt strips on both sides of each lightning connector in the dock seem to fix this. For 2, I removed the rubber pad and sprayed a small amount of silicone spray on each end of the hinge and the middle portion that is accessible. I had a small amount of excess overspray that I cleaned up with a rag. Make sure you use the straw nozzle on the silicone spray can so you localize the lubricant to just the minimal areas where you want it. All rattles and creaks are fixed ..... and no lengthy trip to the SC !

draas1 | 2 august 2019

I too had an annoying squeak / rattle. I isolated mine to the phone tray. As someone else mentioned, putting pressure on the tray with my hand stopped the issue.

I used the fix suggested above, putting a self-adhesive felt pad (available at Home Depot, cut to size) on the back hinge of the tray (accessible when lifted up. The above linked picture shows this (notice the felt behind the wires):

**As an aside, I noticed the tray itself has rubber feet on each side of the area where I placed the felt; apparently they made some attempt to prevent plastic-on-plastic rubbing.

___ This helped, but did not fix the issue. ___

My kids and I did some testing and were able to isolate the remaining noise to the sides of the phone tray rubbing on the surrounding console. To fix this, I got some self-adhesive velcro from Home Depot. I used the *soft side only* of the velcro on both sides of the phone tray, cut to about 2-3 inches in length. This is easy to apply with the tray in the up position.

I used black velcro so it is not noticeable when the tray is lifted up. With the velcro strips applied, the tray fits snugly in place when closed. I have not had a rattle since.

My OCD thanks me every time I get into the car now ;)