2018 Model S left scroll wheel on steering wheel broke.

2018 Model S left scroll wheel on steering wheel broke.

So I was driving home yesterday afternoon and wanted to turn my music up (good song) when my scroll wheel just fell back into the housing. Now I have no volume control except on the screen. The push to mute still works though. Has anyone her experienced this problem. I contacted service to add it to the list that the ranger has to do when he comes out next month. Charger port locking mechanism sometimes doesn’t work causing slow charging and no supercharging. Front passenger window will be partially open after passenger gets out. I asked them to move my appointment up. I have had mine about 2.5 months. Now these things are starting to pop up. I hope that’s all that goes wrong. I’m OCD when it comes to every thing working.

Bighorn | 29 august 2018

Scroll wheels can fail that way. $200-300 out of warranty, which you aren’t.

murphyS90D | 29 august 2018

I once got a loaner that had a broken right scroll wheel.

rxlawdude | 29 august 2018

That could make a reboot rather impossible. That would be my biggest concern if it happened to my S.

EVRider | 29 august 2018

@rxlawdude: Doing a power off from the touchscreen is an alternative to rebooting. Don’t know if they accomplish exactly the same thing. Although in the OP’s case, the broken scroll button can still be used to mute, so it probably works for reboots too.

Bighorn | 29 august 2018

Reboot is still possible.

rxlawdude | 29 august 2018

@Big, how? Power off/power on? Is that functionally the same as the two-scroll-wheel salute? As the two-scroll-wheel salute in Park with foot on brake?

Kj11856 | 29 august 2018

The scroll wheel will still push to mute. So holding the button down will still reset. Just can’t raise or lower the volume.

Kj11856 | 29 august 2018
Bighorn | 30 august 2018

The rotation doesn’t engage, but the press function doesn’t break.

dunhamdj | 31 juli 2019

My 2015 Model S with 47k on it just had the same problem. The roller knob slipped to the right off the axle. Need to get it in while it is still in warranty. I bought the 5-8 year warranty up to 100k miles, anyone know if this kind of thing is covered?

EVRider | 31 juli 2019

The Service Center knows.

FakeX | 3 oktober 2019

Mine just broke (out of warrenty)

cfishkin01 | 3 oktober 2019

Just got mine repaired by mobile service. 20 min. 2017 75D, 47,000 miles, just made it.