I purchased my Model S one year ago exactly. At first I was thrilled and from a performance and technology perspective, the car is amazing, however, the customer support and experience have been the worst I have ever experienced for a call costing ~ $100K.

First after having the car for a week the mobile app did not work. I contacted Tesla and the dealership and was told that I should wait. I waited another week and was then called Tesla again because the app was not working. During this call I was told that the car had a recall issue and the app was inactive because it should not have been released in the 1st place. The problem was quickly resolved with yet another visit to the dealership and despite the hassle I still enjoyed the car

Second, I have been receiving invoices for my Tesla for the amount of one loan payment for the past 6 months. Keep in mind I paid for the down payment of the car and had a loan for the rest when driving the car off the lot, so why I owe a month's payment to Tesla is beyond me. I was told that Tesla decided to make a loan payment on my behalf and this is why I owe them. Did I ask them to make a loan payment? Did they ask me if I wanted them to make a loan payment? The answer to both of these is NO. Now after 1 yr they are still unable to provide proof as to why this payment was made and proof that US Bank even made a payment

Third, I unfortunately was in a low speed front end collision affecting the radiator and other damage to the fender. It sucks, but I thought, no big deal. It was minimal damage and as per the collision repair shop would take about 2 months based on other cars with similar damage due to the mishaps regarding Tesla and spare parts. 2 months is long time but I'm okay with 2 months. It has now been 4.5 months and I still dont have the car.

What a miserable customer experience Ive had with Tesla. Ive had to deal with mobile access folks, incompetency regarding the loan department and the dealership, and an inability for the Tesla Advocacy Group to get spare parts for an accident 4.5 months after the accident.

I really had high hopes for Tesla and still love the car despite not having it for the past 4.5 months but will likely never buy another Tesla again. The Porshe Mission E should suit my needs when it comes out.

Thanks a lot Elon.

amar.mohan | 6 september 2018

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Tropopause | 6 september 2018

Don't worry, Porsche dealerships will take good care of you and have your best interests at heart.

lilbean | 6 september 2018

Are you in Glendale by chance?

rxlawdude | 6 september 2018


sentabo | 6 september 2018

^^Yeah, I'll take the over also.

SamO | 6 september 2018

Where is this? Which radiator?


TabascoGuy | 6 september 2018

Did you get an estimate to replace the radiator?

lilbean | 6 september 2018

Radiator lol

rsrivast | 6 september 2018

may be radiator for the battery coolant? I will meet its demise if things don't change. Appears like there is no accountability

Run4Waffles | 6 september 2018

Which dealership did you go to?

rxlawdude | 6 september 2018

He's gonna have so much fun with the first year Porsche, he'll never think about Tesla.

akikiki | 7 september 2018

Sounds to me that maybe you should not have pissed those Tesla people off.

reed_lewis | 7 september 2018

I bite... Who is sending you a bill for the loan payment? Tesla should and does not care about the loan from US Bank. You are paying US Bank back for the loan.

I did not have mobile access when I first got the car. I quick call to the local service center took care of that in about 10 minutes.

But physical damage to a Tesla is a difficult thing to deal with right now. They do not seem to be supplying the parts quickly to the body shops. This is a known, and hopefully will get better.