Bat sh*t crazy.

Bat sh*t crazy.

So, yesterday, when I called the SC to confirm my delivery appointment for Monday, they regretfully told me my car wouldn't arrive until ~10/9. Okay, that's disappointing, but it's something to look forward to.

I just got email, a moment ago, from Tesla Delivery Scheduler, informing me that my car wasn't going to be available when promised (she's a day late), and asking me if I was available on 9/29 to pick it up in Fremont.

Seriously? I live in eastern Pennsylvania, and she wants to know if I can pick it up in California? She's out of her frakking mind.

This is BS.


sterickson | 18 september 2018

They have removed both the original delivery date AND my VIN, from my account page.

RES IPSA | 18 september 2018

Left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing... embarrassing for Tesla in my opinion

RIP ICE | 18 september 2018

@EV Neophyte- I’m so glad you weighed in on this.

efuseakay | 18 september 2018

RIP, your contribution is just as useful.

OP. unfortunately this seems to be the norm for Tesla right now. It's a total mixup on their end and they could have matched you with the wrong car, which would explain why the VIN is gone. They will find you one soon. I'd suggest calling them, but that's a waste of at least an hour on hold. Hang in there.

RES IPSA | 18 september 2018

@ RIP... My current dealings with Tesla, unfortunately, are relatable to the OP's current dealings with Tesla.

I apologize if my opinion, based upon articulable facts, offends your unconditional love for Tesla.

shawncordell | 18 september 2018

Wow!! That’s just insane!

jrbethke79 | 18 september 2018

Hey, I'm in Raleigh where there is zero chance that anyone is getting their car this week if it isn't already at the SC. Yesterday someone from the SC e-mailed me to let me know I would not be getting my car Thursday. Later in the evening I got an email from an IDA (ISA?) in Vegas requesting my work address so they could deliver the car to me there. Clearly they're not working from the same information.

I have to agree with EV. It's a bit embarrassing and wholly ridi

jrbethke79 | 18 september 2018

Ridiculous. Damn typing on the phone with the save button right over the keyboard.


Xerogas | 18 september 2018

Lots of people have flown to California to pick up their Teslas, then had the best road trip of their lives driving home. If you’re not interested, just say no. Most people are very excited to get their cars early, and this offer gives them that opportunity.

djharrington | 18 september 2018

I’d love to pick up in CA, but I wouldn’t love to pay the taxes there.

RES IPSA | 18 september 2018

@Xerogas... That is possible, and is the most favorable way to construe the situation in Tesla's favor. I would think (or hope) the OP would mention such an explanation by the Tesla employee as for why Fremont would be offered as a pick up location. Something like, "I know you live on the East Coast, but just as an option sir, and if you like road trips,you can pick up in CA much sooner." What is more probable is that the Tesla employee was a little sloppy in how she interacted with the customer.

I guess we would need more info to come to a more definitive conclusion. That is a fair point.

gballant4570 | 18 september 2018

Sorry, but getting an email and rushing onto this forum to flame Tesla just smells like FUD. Time to add to the ignore list.

shawncordell | 18 september 2018

Where was the flame?

sterickson | 18 september 2018

@gballant4570 - No, not FUD. So as to not be a total dick, I've hidden her details, but here's the email:

Hi Shaun,

This is [hre first name], your Tesla Delivery Scheduler. I am reaching out to let you know your Model 3 RN109174922, is not going to be ready on the date we originally expected. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

We are removing you from your current scheduled delivery date and will need to reschedule your delivery appointment . Are you available for delivery on 9/29/2018 at our Fremont location? We have appointment openings that day a 12:30pm and 2:00pm. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Please feel free to email me at [her email address], or call me anytime at [her phone number]. Thanks!

We look forward to hearing from.

My reply was rather sarcastic and she has since reviewed things and is now scheduling me for 10/9 at the original SC in NJ.

b.tesla | 18 september 2018

Welcome to the Q3 push. They probably realized that they had zero chance of transporting it to your local Tesla location and getting you to take delivery before the end of Q3, and proposed this as an option.

Earlier this year while doing a big road trip from Austin to Las Vegas, I met a brand new Model 3 owner and family at a supercharger in Kingman, AZ. They had just taken delivery at Fremont, and were driving home to Houston. He already installed the aero wheel cap kit on his M3, where I specifically removed mine and had installed the full aero covers for my road trip. Some people love making an adventure of taking delivery at Fremont.

Please don't take the proposed new delivery location personally. Take it in stride as they're trying to push as many deliveries as possible these last couple of weeks in Q3. One of my coworkers took delivery of his M3 today, and they were so busy that they were running a couple of hours behind vs. his scheduled delivery appointment. And I know someone who has a delivery appointment on Saturday Sept 29 a couple of hours after the Tesla service center is supposed to close on Saturdays. Biiiig push, but let's hope Tesla has a fantastic Q3.

billlake2000 | 18 september 2018

Some day, there will be huge factories turning bat sh*t into useful fuel to power our black and decker coffee makers.

sterickson | 18 september 2018

They have now officially rescheduled me for 10/11 in Springfield, NJ. They said there system shows the car in-transit, and scheduled to get to the SC on 10/9, but not at what hour. So, to save me from showing up before the car does, and to give them time to detail/prep it, we decided on the 11th. Perhaps the second time will be the charm. | 18 september 2018

Tesla is just not very well organized. The delivery operation has lagged the production capacity for at least 5 years.
Poor communications, lack of communications, delays, mistakes, calls not returned, you name it but eventually they get it right. We have taken delivery of three Tesla cars. The first got lost between Baltimore and Tampa but eventually made it a couple of days late. The second one got held up in Birmingham on the way to Tampa and eventually arrived. The most recent, a Model 3 arrived only a day late. Living 50 miles from the Service Center hasn't helped. But we got our cars. They were clean and had no defects except a poorly designed Model X door latch mechanism that was eventually replaced under warranty and a loose piece of trim on a model S that was replaced.

As long as the company keeps growing at >50% year over year, there will be growing pains. The cars are great. The other stuff is transient noise. If you can tolerate it, you will be rewarded with a sensational battery-powered car.

slingshot18 | 18 september 2018

@djharrington That’s not how taxes work. You tell the dealership you aren’t registering here and you don’t pay taxes in California. Taxes are based on where you plan on registering it, not where you buy it.

acer_wei | 18 september 2018

I took delivery yesterday at the Dallas SC and today I got a call from Tesla saying my car is here and if I want to have it delivered to my house. I told them I wouldn't mind having another 3…

WTF Tesla?

RES IPSA | 18 september 2018

@Acer... that is hilarious!

RES IPSA | 18 september 2018

Hilarious in a sort of sad way as I want Tesla to get more organized. No owners benefit from Tesla having troubles. I want the Supercharger network to stay viable and expand

leo33 | 18 september 2018

EVN is starting to remind me of someone who used to post here a lot. A real deja vu. Can't remember just who, though.

shawncordell | 18 september 2018

@Acer lmbo... | 18 september 2018 Why do you accept this behavior? Tesla cars are absolutely revolutionary. There's nothing revolutionary about painting or delivery, but Tesla can't get those right. I don't understand why incompetence in those areas is is dismissed as "growing pains" when nothing groundbreaking is happening.

Sw0rdf1sh | 18 september 2018

jrbethke79 I understand the East Coast Hurricane Struggle. Things were moving quickly from early September and then last week it went cold. They want to deliver to me here in Wilmington but honestly I would rather have a true pickup date and come up to Raleigh/Cary and get it.

It should be an interesting few weeks after all the movement they had up until now.

Xerogas | 18 september 2018

@shawncordell: "Where was the flame?"
In the title “bat sh*t crazy”, and the angry response to a very cordial email from Tesla offering an alternative pickup location, albeit a long shot.

johnse | 19 september 2018

@slingshot18 “That’s not how taxes work. You tell the dealership you aren’t registering here and you don’t pay taxes in California. Taxes are based on where you plan on registering it, not where you buy it.”

That’s certainly how we would like it to be, how it is in some other states, and how the CA legislature attempted to change it. But current CA law is that if you first operate the car in CA, you pay the sales tax in CA.

Most states will credit you for the tax paid in CA, but will not refund any if the local tax is less than CA.

dd.micsol | 19 september 2018

UMMM... something called a hurricane to blame??? All those cars sitting around would have been damaged beyond repair.

jamespompi | 19 september 2018

If I didnt have to pay the CA taxes and Tesla waived the delivery fee I would've definitely had my first few thousand miles put in via cross country road trip.

shank15217 | 19 september 2018

@dd.micsol Back up your statement, cars can survive hurricanes, especially the ones stores inside other structures.

djharrington | 19 september 2018

“slingshot18 | September 18, 2018
@djharrington That’s not how taxes work. You tell the dealership you aren’t registering here and you don’t pay taxes in California. Taxes are based on where you plan on registering it, not where you buy it.”

That is how California tax law is currently set up. As Johnse mentions, there was an attempt to change it, with no success. So, I could head to California for delivery, and pay around $6750 (or slightly more in taxes), and not have to pay anything more when registering it in NM, or Imcan take delivery in NM and only pay $2250 in taxes. The road trip is not worth $4500 to me.

M3BlueGeorgia | 19 september 2018

Very few Tesla cars would be at risk of damage from Florence.

However, there'll be lots of ICEs with flood damage, since old line auto companies typically keep 100 days of supply on their dealer's lots, plus all the used car lots, plus all those ICE cars you see flooded on TV.

RedPillSucks | 19 september 2018

I'm thinking this is Teslas chance to work out the logistics stuff before they ramp up to delivering the $35k versions.
People waiting for those will be much less forgiving of logistics FUBAR