Kettleman Lounge

Kettleman Lounge

I had a busy summer this year traveling between Southern CA and Sacramento. I went through the Kettleman charger at least 12 times. On many of these stops, there was a housekeeping lady there. Always quietly wiping up the counters after owners pick up their wet cold cups, or the crumbs from the fast food, or the little handprints down low on the window between the relaxing area and the food area. She even wipes the water fountain down after use. She brings out her broom and sweeps up the things on the floor we leave behind. Always there working. She keeps the place beautifully clean. Always like the first day. Well, after watching her do her job so many times, I finally interrupted her and thanked her. Her name is Noy. She loves Teslas. She was so nice and appreciative for my wife and I even talking with her for a few moments. She said she never talks to anyone. She is perhaps a middle-aged thin asian lady, usually wearing a black T-shirt. If you happen by, please stop and thank her. If you do, tell her Craig and Effie also say hi. Please help thank her for what she does behind the scenes so we can have such a beautiful and safe place to relax, while the rest of Kettleman is a pit of stressed-out travelers trying to get some overpriced gas.

NKYTA | 23 september 2018


Madatgascar | 23 september 2018

I love Kettleman. Last time we were there we watched a BMW driver pull up and try to get in. He looked through the windows for a while, then drove off. It’s a pretty cool advertisement for Tesla.

Madatgascar | 23 september 2018

Didn’t notice the cleaning woman but the barista was very nice.

jordanrichard | 24 september 2018

Perhaps someone should have let that BMW owner in so that they could see what they are missing out on.....

greg | 24 september 2018


My thoughts exactly on doing that. Agree a lot of BMW drivers come across as arrogant asshats who know it all.
But not all are. And some just don't know any better and would likely change if they did.

I assume tit would be ok for an existing owner to invite someone like that in for a look and a coffee.
As long as they didn't ICE a SC slot.

I am quite sure they'd have a lot of questions though. So your SC stop might become a little bit longer than planned!

Anyone wanting/bothering to hang out at a SC is by definition "EV-curious" - so by just being inclusive and inviting him in would probably do a huge amount of "EV-angelising" of electric driving and the Tesla brand and overall Tesla experience in general.

And if you'd had your referral code handy, might have got a referral as well.

Tropopause | 24 september 2018

OP- I’ve seen that cleaning lady several times as well. She is always working and does a great job! Thanks for breaking the ice, I’ll definitely say hi to Noy and mention your names as well.

David N | 24 september 2018

@ Sleepydoc1

Well said.

So often we forget that many dedicated individuals are responsible for things we take for granted.

A simple "Thank you" goes a long way.

Earl and Nagin ... | 24 september 2018

I've spoken with her and thanked her for making the place such a nice place as well. In my opinion, she's another welcome member of the Tesla family, keeping our family home nice and pleasant.

Sleepydoc1 | 25 september 2018

Thanks Tesla family.

I too have seen a BMW driver pull up and come to the door. He did park in the non charging spots back by the dumpster, where the employees park. I think he came in when someone exited.

Tropopause | 25 september 2018


jordanrichard | 25 september 2018

"Spy", perhaps we need to create a secret hand shake or question when greeting each other, like. "the radio goes to.....?"

sbeggs | 25 september 2018


Mrx50518 | 25 september 2018

I have been to Kettleman a half-dozen times now and it is great. The staff are always friendly and meeting other Tesla owners is a great experience. Next time I stop through, I will make a special effort to thank Noy if she is working there at the time.

Sleepydoc1 | 25 september 2018

Spy or future customer. Perhaps BMW will open a lounge in place of that junk yard garage across the street. NOT!

Thanks Mr X.

carlk | 26 september 2018

The BMW driver is just a future Tesla owner, whether he knows it or not.

SamO | 26 september 2018

I love the cornhole and super-Jenga. Also like the high backed lounge chairs, the yummy cold brew and the friendly staff.

Thanks, Noy!


Sleepydoc1 | 5 november 2018

Stopped by again this weekend. Said hi to Noy again, She was grateful She said several have come up and said thanks started talking with her. She was almost in tears. Thank you Tesla family for supporting a quiet hard working Tesla employee and fan. Her boss even showed her the comment I made on TMC. Her only hope is that Elon comes by someday when she is there.

Teslalinked | 7 november 2018

I enjoy this post, nice job Sleepydoc! We're going to thank her and drop off a nice holiday package (chocolates or something, unless you have a better idea?) on our way down to LA over xmas holiday

Syed.Hosain | 31 maj 2019

Yes, indeed! The cleaning lady there is amazingly polite and nice. My wife and I have made a number trips down to Southern California from San Jose over the past year and this lady always remembers us.

One trip, I was on my own (my wife was visiting her family) and the Noy asked if my wife was okay and said to say hello to her!

Uncle Paul | 1 juni 2019

BMW owners are much like Tesla owners. We seem to be willing to pay extra money to get a premium experience.

Lot of Model 3 owners are previous BMW 3 owes as well.

Tesla Model 3 sales have been going up, while BMW 3 sales are dropping away.

We welcome them to the Tesla family :)

Tesla2018 | 1 juni 2019

People in some of the posts above have mentioned letting BMW and other car owners in. Every supercharger I've seen, anyone can just drive into the parking lot area. Is there something that prevents other people from coming in and going to rest stop , food court , supercharger or whatever they have there?

Earl and Nagin ... | 1 juni 2019

The Kettleman City lounge has a keypad by the locked door. You get the code from the listing of the site on the vehicle display when you're near.

SCCRENDO | 1 juni 2019

I think Tesla should support other EVs in the interest of ameliorating climate change. But many SuperChargers are oversubscribed and Tesla needs to take care of its own first. Tesla is not in the food business.

Tesla2018 | 1 juni 2019

Sccrendo- If Tesla could buy the land and building and then rent out the places or offer Tesla service station franchises they might be able to make a profit. But then we probably would wind up paying football or airport concrssion stand prices. People might get free supercharging but pay $25 for a hot dog, fries and a soda!

We have coffee and snacks our lobby for clients that are waiting and sometimes we run out of water im the Keurig machine and people complain. I feel like telling them that we aren't a Starbuvks or Dunkin Donuts.

SCCRENDO | 1 juni 2019

Nobody is against business opportunities. But principle comes first. The primary function is to provide supercharging. Concessions are a secondary consideration.

SamO | 1 juni 2019

I’m still holding out for the burger shack/drive in Supercharger on 14th street in Santa Monica.

Principles my ass.

sbeggs | 1 juni 2019

I second @SamO's dream!

Tesla2018 | 1 juni 2019

They should setup a store or vending machine like they have at airports that sells Tesla accessories at these locations. Going on a trip and forgot an adapter? Left your mobile charger at home? How about a Tesla remote or maybe some floor mats or sun visors? Anyone need a usb cable or extra thimb drive for their dashcam?

sbeggs | 2 juni 2019

Good point!

SamO | 2 juni 2019

They sell t-shirts, chargers, batteries and other assorted gear at the coffee bar AND there are vending machines with snacks. Adding another technology vending machine (with Tesla goodies) would be a very Japanese solution.


Sorry we missed you over Memorial day. When they open up the drive-in you should come up and grab a burger.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 juni 2019

All this seems fun, pretty close to my vision of a Tesla Waypoint or Tesla Depot location. Of course, I'd want to have window washing supplies, garbage cans, and tire refill air machines on hand too. I don't drink coffee, I am medically restricted from caffeine intake now, but I'd be fine with water or juice. If such a site could combineba Lounge, Showroom, Service Center, Food Court, Convenience Store, and Car Wash, it would be really nice to attend. Maybe even if it only had maybe 16-to-24 charging spaces or used Urban Chargers instead of V3 Superchargers.

Mike83 | 2 juni 2019

ReD Kettleman already has window washing stuff and free air. How about a Smoothie bar?

We bought some Tesla water bottles and stuff there also.

sbeggs | 2 juni 2019

Same here, @SamO!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 juni 2019

Mike83: Smoothie, ICEES, Foster's Freeze, all of the above! Works for me! Piña Colada flavored slushies, anyone?