Is there a place where we can learn what features are being released in an update? We bought our Model S earlier this month and have had 3 updates, and each time is was to install the pin feature. Just curious is we all get the same updates. Thanks!

jordanrichard | 24 september 2018

First congrats on becoming part of the future.

As for the updates, there are major updates and minor updates. Major updates, or rather the notification on the screen about the update, will say that it will take about 1 hr 30 mins to install. A minor update will say 45 minutes. Minor updates typically won’t list anything other than the statement that the update was only for minor fixes. Though as you have seen, some times these minor updates will add a new feature.

So there will be times where there is a minor update, and the release notes will list the same thing.

As for learning what features are to be released, Tesla does not release that info, but word does get out. The big update coming in the next couple fo months is version 9.0 and as an “Easter egg”, there will be 3 old school Atari games.

andyl | 25 september 2018

Thanks - we are having a lot of fun with the car so far. As noted above, we've had 3 updates, and all for the same update (or so it appears). Is this normal? Do we all get the same updates? If so, is there a spot where we can list what was included in that update so others know before they update their vehicle?

EVRider | 26 september 2018

You didn’t get the same update multiple times, you only got the same release notes, which is normal. To know which update you received, you need to check the version number after you install the update. You can do that using the mobile app or by tapping the Tesla logo on the touchscreen.

jordanrichard | 26 september 2018

andyl, yes we all generally get the same updates, BUT not everyone gets the same things from them. If part of an update has to do with AP, then that portion won't apply to non AP cars.