My Tesla Account

My Tesla Account

HI Everyone,

I was supposed to take delivery of my Model 3 tomorrow at 6:20PM but was told that we would have to postpone it to Saturday morning. Apparently the car is expected to get to the delivery center tomorrow but they do not have some paper work on their end (registration I think and they don't have my license plate). So I am a bit bummed about that, but the reason for my post is because in the past (yesterday) it said they were still drafting my contract (or something to that extent) but now it says "Please pay off remaining balance prior to delivery". I do not want to pay until I see the car. Do I have to pay prior to delivery? I do not live in a state like Texas so that should not be an issue.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!!

Quinten | 27 september 2018

I too wanted my credit union bank to write me a check and I had to put an additional $3K down of my own cash. I live in California so not sure if that is an issue are not. I too are afraid if I give them the money over wire and they delay me at least I will not have make payment yet. The bank howerver will charge me interest thou... so not sure...

Pkalhan | 27 september 2018

@Quinten, I just spoke to my delivery center, they said I can bring a certified check made out to Tesla Inc. so I think I will go with that.

Quinten | 27 september 2018

I see so no personal check? That sucks. I guess I will have my bank write me a cashier's check or cert check, thanks.

eeva15 | 1 marts 2019

I had lost my source of income and I won.t be able to get the car anymore. Please refund my $1000.00. Thanks Elsa

CharleyBC | 1 marts 2019

Elsa, this forum doesn't count as officially contacting Tesla. If you're cancelling your reservation, contact Tesla directly.

Teslanene | 1 marts 2019

Lol I think she was joking

apodbdrs | 1 marts 2019

On the delivery floor, I did not give TESLA the check until I saw my car, sat in and signed the papers. It really didn't matter since the car is under warranty, etc. LOVE MY TESLA M3.

jefjes | 1 marts 2019

The cashier's check is the route I went back in June and just added FSD thru my account online today. Until yesterday my account said it would be $5k to add it and I have an email from Tesla saying since I got my car back in June, that I could request a $1k back from the $5k after I paid it. Now I just added it for $3247.95 including tax. I feel like I just saved another $1k+ and don't have to try getting back the extra $1k. Thanks for the great price changes!

P49X | 1 marts 2019

I was asked to submit payment prior to delivery. I replied that I would pay after I saw the vehicle. The Tesla rep said that was fine. After inspecting the vehicle, I signed the paperwork and transferred funds from my bank via my phone in less than a minute.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 marts 2019

Weird, the theme to twilight zone plays when I open this thread.

ccash | 1 marts 2019

(In California) I was told by the delivery specialist that a personal check would be OK.

nikkirieckbailey | 9 maj 2019

I cannot get my iPhone app to access my model x. I have deleted and reinstalled the Tesla app but keep
getting "vehicle connection error" message on my iPhone?

minervo.florida | 9 maj 2019

Personal check is fine, they hit the account as soon as they get the check.

EVRider | 9 maj 2019

Both the phone and car need internet access to connect. Could also be a temporary issue with the Tesla servers.

tweet3 | 4 juni 2019

my solar account??????

watson6058 | 22 august 2019

unable to sign in to my solar account . i have set up a account but i am not interested in a auto. that where i end up when I login.

lbowroom | 22 august 2019

Watson - this is the Model 3 forum, which is an auto. Try the home energy forum for help on your solar account

JAD | 22 august 2019

In my account, the image of my Grey 2014 Model S P85 recently was upgraded to the new model, and color changed to blue! Does this mean Tesla is giving me a new car!!!