Unable to select Referral Reward >15 days after Referral Delivery. Is it just me or is this also happening to you?

Unable to select Referral Reward >15 days after Referral Delivery. Is it just me or is this also happening to you?

To date I have three referrals credited to my referral code. The first referral took delivery on 9/17/18 (about 16 days ago) but when I go to "My Awards" in the loot box section of the Tesla app, I'm greeted with a message that says "There was an error retrieving award details" (the same thing it has said since day 1). According to the referral program FAQs owners should be able to order their referral reward 15 days after the referral has taken delivery. I've already sent an email to but have not heard back yet. There doesn't appear to be any other contact information for someone from Tesla who could help with this issue.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar delay/error? If you are able to order referral rewards recently through the app what was your experience like? Did you see a similar error message until such time that you could order? How long after delivery were you able to place your referral award order?

SCCRENDO | 3 oktober 2018

It takes up to 14 days to get an email from them regarding the awards

bp | 4 oktober 2018

As I recall after our recent X 100D delivery, it may have taken us a little longer than 14 days to see the referral award pop up in the smartphone app.

Wouldn't be surprised to see things get delayed a little, after Tesla delivered so many cars over the last few weeks...

yorkmichael | 4 oktober 2018

As of now, its been 16-17 days after the first referral was delivered with no email or anything showing up in the My Awards section of the Tesla app. I wouldn't expect demand to affect my ability to at least place the order for an affiliate reward, however, I could see demand slowing down fulfillment.

Anyone else have any recent experience with this? Still no response from Tesla. I'm beginning to wonder why I bothered referring people to use my code if this is an indication of how Tesla values owner referrals.

Anzir | 4 oktober 2018

Same here, and my referral received their car 6 weeks ago. I get the same error.

yorkmichael | 5 oktober 2018

@Anzir (or anyone else in a similar situation) - have you reached out to Tesla for this issue? If so, any response?

Anzir | 5 oktober 2018

I sent an email this morning. They responded in 20 minutes saying they would be updating the loot boxes this weekend and we should be able to start ordering next week.

yorkmichael | 5 oktober 2018

@Anzir - thanks this is super helpful. What email did you use? I'm surprised I've not heard back after several days if you heard back in 20 mins.

yorkmichael | 7 oktober 2018

Top close the loop on this issue - as @Anzir was told, the Tesla app loot box section was updated on Saturday and I was finally able to order my first two referral rewards. I also noticed on the referral program FAQ page that the 15 day wait after delivery is now gone. Future referrals should be able to place their orders the day the referral takes delivery, so hopefully nobody else will experience this issue.

Anzir | 7 oktober 2018

Yes, my loot box updated as well. Glad to see it!

shane.partlow | 24 januar 2019

I don’t even see “my awards” in the loot box. I see my two referrals, but no awards.

EVRider | 24 januar 2019

@shane: The My Awards link might be off screen — scroll down and you might see it.