One Step Closer to being Carbon Free!!

One Step Closer to being Carbon Free!!

We were just given permission to operate our brand new Tesla Solar System! I bet the Model 3 drives even better on sun beams :)

Next step: In a year or so we will be throwing a couple of powerwalls into the mix so we will hopefully be generating and consuming 100% of our own solar electricity.

The future is looking bright!

mystoneguyindallas | 8 oktober 2018

Friggin Awesome!

Tesla-David | 9 oktober 2018

Congratulations, I know how good it feels, as we got our 2-PW2’s turned on in June to complement our 13.2kWh solar system, and charge our twoTesla’s (MS, M3) off our roof.

spockagain34 | 10 oktober 2018

Thanks guys!

@Tesla-David, that's the dream! We only have the M3 right now, but are looking forward to adding a Y when it becomes available.