Refund on Tesla Roadster

Refund on Tesla Roadster

I thought i could reserve the new roadster with a 5,000 deposit and I must have misread the form. Ive tried several times to contact tesla for a refund but no replies. Any ideas?

Xerogas | 8 oktober 2018

@jim: it’s $50,000. Might want to call your credit card company; I’m sure they’re happy to reverse an accidental charge that magnitude. Surprised you didn’t get a phone call from them immediately after making the order online.

Jinnymobile | 9 oktober 2018

5k starts the process, but yes, it takes 50k total to make a reservation.

jim | 9 oktober 2018

I think i made it clear that i know the deposit is $50,000 but there isn't a place to request your refund on the 5,000 is my point. I've sent multiple emails bu no response so i am going to just talk to my credit card company to reverse the charge.

sschaem | 16 november 2018

I'm might soon be in that situation. How was the outcome of your refund ?

jon.crowell | 28 februar 2019

I reserved a Roadster in April of 2018.. I Canceled it on 9/19/18 after many long calls in very long call queues. They said the refund would take between 30-60 working days. On 10/26/18 I got my $5K credit card deposit back. I have yet to see the $45K wire back. The good news is for some reason the 888-518-3752 number answers in minutes now.. I call all the time, the story changes.. First they say the wire happened Nov 7'th, I say, no money in my back, can I get the FEDwire IMAD # to find out what went wrong?? Then they say, Oh, didn't go through will re-submit, Feb 7.. No money, call again, person on the phone is trying but can only pass messages to finance, can't talk to any level up, ever.. Then they send me a FEDwire record with an IMAD #, my bank tells me that's a record of sending them the original $45K. They send me some other text that my bank says doesn't show a transaction.

Very unprofessional, and troubling handling of the matter. I have filed a complaint so far with, FTC, BBB, AG, send a note to Tesla's Board through the web site, No help. The Better Business did get them to say on Feb 8 that they have queued up by $45K wire transfer, it will take 7-10 business days.. No money..

I have lost all faith as Tesla as a company. Anyone know someone to call to put pressure on them to give me my money?????


Shock | 3 marts 2019

"Anyone know someone to call to put pressure on them to give me my money?????"

Yep, they are called lawyers. You're going to have to sue them at this point for your $45k.

jperflankowicz | 19 marts 2019

Hi Jon -

I was wondering if you ever received your refund.


3dgotcha | 20 maj 2019

I would have to say that Tesla's handling of our money and now theirs is quite questionable. I have
sent the $250K on a "Founders Series" roadster to them. I have had no "thank you" and had to
ask local Tesla Sales to find out it the money had been received. I question their level of customer
service. Sorry you are getting jerked around on your refund. Asking for a refund is a consideration
of mine.

stevencsimpson | 28 maj 2019

Attention Roaster buyer Payments: My money for the Founder's Series Roadster was received by Tesla on May 10th and haven't received the promissed email 18 days later. I have called and was told that Tesla received the wired deposit on May 10th. I called today and the Tesla representitive said that my "Order" will continue to reflect "Awaiting Deposit"on until the car goes into production! What the Hell is that BS!? Has this been the experience of other buyers with payments?

RedTM3 | 6 juni 2019

All of these is why I cancelled our Roadster order. Tesla showed no appreciation. Their product/technology is indeed great, but that doesn't mean they can ignore customer service.

On the other hand, our deposit was returned back to us within 5 business days, $5K via credit card and $45k via wire.

Throttlesteerer | 27 august 2019

Made a roadster reservation, paid the full deposit.
6 weeks no confirmation, no nothing.
Wrote 2 times trough my account. No reaction.


1 more week and I will cancel.
How can a company be so stupid to treat their customers like shit?

ecrisologo52 | 16 september 2019

I do not think "STUPID" is the correct word to describe Tesla Customer Service. ARROGANT for sure, stupid no. I just do not understand why not send a "monthly communique" to alleviate customer dissatisfaction and continue the peaked interest in this roadster. In this modern day "instant everything", communication is vital, especially when dealing with the high income / high net worth customers like us who are accustomed to Instagram, instant feedback on social media, texting, and so on. When one person places a deposits of $50,000 and more for a car that is still not in production, a streamlined customer service should be in place to keep the interest at high. I joined the select few in "Good Faith" when I placed my order. I remain truly amazed on how ignorant they are in doing business with the elite. I am keeping my order in place, however I am very disappointed with the way the upper management is handling this issue. It is no wonder the stock price reflects their ignorance and their arrogance. I sold all my Tesla shares. That is too bad, just because I used to believe in their visions.

jimglas | 17 september 2019

enjoy your kia

natalejulie5961 | 24 september 2019

We were aware that Dan had a Tesla Roadster reservation, which he recently canceled since he won another through Tesla's Referral Program (more on that below). We'll be honest to say that when this video popped up on our feed, we did a double take

Technistore | 2 november 2019

I thought the deposits were all non refundable ?

Xerogas | 2 november 2019

@Technistore: "I thought the deposits were all non refundable ?"
They are refundable.

john | 5 juli 2020

They have had my $50k for 2.5 years and there has been no communication at all, except when an arrogant punk called and said my Model 3 was ready to finalize. WTF? Then Elon did his stupid Covid tweet. WTF 2. But Elon endorsing Kanye was the last straw. I'm cancelling.