TeslaCam folder

TeslaCam folder

Do you need to add the paraphrases to the "TeslaCam" for the folder to work?

jerrykham | 8 oktober 2018

No, just TeslaCam. But it will only work if you have AP2.5 - which is on cars from approximately August 2017 on. If your car was produced before that it will not get the DashCam feature.

Roger1 | 8 oktober 2018

I tried the Dashcam feature. I put a TESLACAM folder on the USB, plugged it in and the Dashcom icon with the red dot appeared on the top of the screen to the right of the Tesla T. The camera automatically records in a loop if the red dot is visible (default). The camera records two kinds of files labelled 'recent' or 'saved' in the file name. Recent files seem to last about 1 minute and have the record time in the file name. The record time is GMT. The camera makes recent files continuously and I expect they disappear after about ten minutes. Pressing the icon causes the download symbol to display and creates a 'saved' file. The symbol reverts to the dashcam symbol (red dot) after a brief interval.The image looks like 4:3 aspect ratio and has heavy compression so the quality is not great. The files play without difficulty on a Windows 10 computer. FYI.

kclark | 10 oktober 2018

Do you need Extended AutoPilot or just Auto Pilot 2.5 hardware.

DRFLGD | 10 oktober 2018

You need EAP 2.5.

Is the TeslaCam recording continually while the Flash Drive is plugged in, or only when the car is on?

Bill_75D | 10 oktober 2018

Reported to be only when the car is on.

DRFLGD | 10 oktober 2018


EVRider | 10 oktober 2018

@DRFLGD: Are you sure you need EAP for the dashcam, vs. just HW2.5? The information I've seen about this hasn't made that clear (to me anyway).

DRFLGD | 10 oktober 2018

EV: Actually I'm not sure. The only way to know is for those with HW2.5 but not EAP to chime in.

ODWms | 12 oktober 2018

My understanding is that it is available to vehicles with the hardware 2.5 and above. as as stated, if someone with a different configuration of hardware can check and see if they have it, that would be great.

finished | 13 oktober 2018

"Bill_75D | October 10, 2018
Reported to be only when the car is on"

Not true, at least for me. The front camera also starts to record and continuously records when you remotely enable climate control from your phone; and it also continuously records if you enable HVAC always on before you exit the vehicle (a.k.a. camper mode). BTW, I have energy savings OFF and always connected box checked, but I'm not sure if that has any effect on it.

Bill_75D | 13 oktober 2018

Interesting, but wouldn't the car be "on" if the A/C is running?

aaronadms | 13 oktober 2018

I can confirm that Hardware 2.5 without EAP does have dashcam.

abereese | 28 november 2018

Based on these facts I created a short video with some footage, setup and file outputs. Hopefully it acts as "a picture is worth a thousand words" to sum up these findings.

joho32 | 28 november 2018

Great video!

hkmayes | 30 december 2018

Just tried using the Tesla dash cam with an 8GB flash drive and TeslaCam as the folder in the root directory. It worked fine. The camera icon displayed at the top of the screen with the red dot displayed. When the flash was played back on a laptop there were multiple files, each a minute long. I also tried saving a video file by pressing the icon and it saved the video; i.e., it changed the file name to saved... from recent....
Two items to be aware of: 1) I pulled the flash drive out without turning it off and it required a "scan and repair" for it to work; 2) I tried a 64GB flash drive and it did not work, because it would only allow me to format with exFAT.

FreddyC10 | 30 december 2018

Silly question, how do you turn the flash drive off before removing it from the car?

SnoR | 31 december 2018

How do I know which AP hardware I have? I've got cameras on the sides (where the T badges are) and on the beams between the doors (like the Model 3s have) I tried this, and never saw a record icon anywhere. 2017 Model S, but I don't have AP software enabled (wasn't on the car when I bought it). 8GB USB drive formatted FAT32 w/ TeslaCam folder.

EVRider | 31 december 2018

@SnoR: I think HW2.5, which is what you need fir the dashcam, came in late 2017. When in 2017 was your car built?

@Freddy: There’s no way to turn off the flash drive exactly, but you can turn off recording before you remove it. I guess the safest thing to do would be to power off the car from the touchscreen before removing the drive.

SoCal Buzz | 31 december 2018

@fred and EVRider, if you press and hold the cam icon for about 3 seconds it will turn grey (if I recall correctly) and stop recording.

FreddyC10 | 31 december 2018

Thanks SoCal. I appreciate the info.

NewTeslaOwner | 1 januar 2019

Is there a way of automating the saving of the dash cam footage, or do you have to keep tapping the dash cam icon every half an hour or so?

dougk71 | 1 januar 2019

The Tesla master USB software often has issues with various flash drive slaves. The flash drive slaves present to the Tesla master their performance capabilities. Only if the Tesla accepts these capabilities does it show anything on the screen. San Disk drives often are compatible but even after the Tesla accepts the flash drive it next has to accept the Fat32 format and find a TeslaCam folder in the drive root only success is acknowledged on the screen.
This has merit for there is little gained if the images from the dashcam arrive too fast for a specific card to record.

pnajar | 1 januar 2019

If you read the documentation its pretty clear, the dash cam continuously records in one minute long snippets. After one hour the software overwrites the oldest with the latest video snippet. If you need to save the last ten minutes you have to hit the icon on the dash. If you're in an accident and want to save the recording you must either hit the dash cam icon or remove the USB to force a stop of the recording. Otherwise, as long as the USB is powered, it will keep recording eventually overwriting the video of the accident.

feormadrigal | 1 januar 2019

When TeslaCam folder is present on my SanDisk 64MB FAT32, my model 3 does not recognize it. Dashcam records okay but USB drive doesn't work. After deleting TeslaCam folder, thumb drive is once again recognized. Anyone else experience this?

SnoR | 2 januar 2019

@EVRider - Not sure, bought pre-owned. All I know is it's 2017.

akikiki | 2 januar 2019

What do Model 3 owners say on the Model 3 side of the forum? There may be a Model 3 owner that has experienced this.

p.c.mcavoy | 3 januar 2019

@SnoR - If your car is a US spec vehicle, you can find the build month on the identification label at the lower rear corner of the driver's door jamb. There is a Tesla label there with information including VIN, etc. In the very upper left corner of the sticker you will see a four digit code. Something like 0517. That is the two digit build month followed by two digit year code. My example of 0517 would indicate car manufactured in May 2017.

NewTeslaOwner | 3 januar 2019


SnoR | 4 januar 2019

@p.c.mcavoy - My sticker shows "05/17" in the upper left. Guess that's "early" 2017 so I guess I have 2.0 and not 2.5 which is why it doesn't work for me. =( Bummer.

aravindtri | 26 marts 2019

@feormadrigal - I have the same issue. | 26 marts 2019

@feormadrigal & aravindtri - Sounds like a classic case of being in exFAT format rather than FAT32. Windows can't format FAT32 and always uses exFAT for drives > 32 GB.

This comes up so often, I wrote an article on it last week: Shows how to format along with other advise and troubleshooting.

rbennett | 14 juli 2019

I just tried to view my Sentry mode videos for the first time, and all of the files on the USB look like they are named properly and have different time stamps, but they are all 1KB in size and unplayable. Anyone have this problem before or have any suggestions? | 14 juli 2019

@rbennett - Sounds like you have a HW2.0 car that doesn't include dashcam video. You need HW2.5 car or better. Here's a list of dates with HW version over various variants:

rbennett | 15 juli 2019

Thanks @teslatap. Seems like that's something they could've #ifdef'd in the sentry mode code to only display the option to HW2.5 and above. Have they announced that it will be available for HW2.0 cars?

EVRider | 15 juli 2019

@rbennett: Sentry Mode does work to some extent with HW2 — the alarm still works — but it just can’t record video. The dashcam on the other hand is not visible unless you have HW2.5 or later. | 16 juli 2019

@rbennett - It's been announced dashcam will not be available to HW2.0 cars, even if you buy the HW3.0 AP processor (for FSD). I like that HW2.0 car acts like a 2.5 with dashcam. It may fool someone from messing with my car. Then again, I added my own front/rear dashcam.

joland | 2 oktober 2019

I couldn't get the dashcam or sentry mode working using an SSD ... so I broke down and bought:

USB reader that can take 2 Micro SD cards at the same time.
It has both USB-A for the car and USB-C so you can watch the videos from a phone!

128 GB Samsung Endurance PRO Micro SD card for the dashcam.

256 GB Sandisk High Endurance Micro SD card for music.

1 foot long USB-A extension cable so I can put the USB stuck UNDER the cubby.

So far it's working great.

joland | 2 oktober 2019

I should add that an SSD worked OK in my previous car (2016 Model S 60D), but it didn't work at all in my new car (2019 Model S Long Range) - presumably due to too much power draw.

nwfan | 2 oktober 2019

@TeslaTap, have you tried viewing Sentry or dashcam footage on your phone?
If you have and were successful hope to see a tutorial on your website.

EVRider | 3 oktober 2019

@nwfan: I’ve been able view video on an iPad running ipadOS 13.1, using an SD card to lightning connector. See for details on how to access external files. I was able to use to view video, however you are unable to select folders to view as you can on a computer, you can only select individual files.