Blind Spot Monitoring Expectations

Blind Spot Monitoring Expectations

Are people expecting to not have to look in the mirrors and turn their head to manually check the blind spot with the BSM feature?

If the answer is yes is that realistic and within the recommended use by any car manufacturer? Or do all manufacturers say something like: 'these types of features are for assist only and the driver is responsible to make sure'?

ron369 | 10 oktober 2018

Personally, I would like to have BSM as a pre-check. On our Prius, the mirrors constantly indicate when there is something in the adjacent lane. I find it very useful to look at the indicators first, and if they are clear, then do mirror / shoulder checks, and then do the lane change.

That is why the current BSM monitoring in V9 is not very useful to me. It only warns you AFTER you initiate the lane change.

Being able to see cars in your blindspot on the display is a big improvement, although I don't find them very reliable at the moment (only about 2/3 of the cars in my blind spot seem to show up on the display).

With current technology, I have no expectation that BSM will ever replace checking yourself. They may be very good at telling you exactly what is in your blindspot, but not very reliable at indicating cars that are speeding and a ways behind, other cars changing into the same lane, etc.

M3phan | 10 oktober 2018

V9 BSM on my M3 works very well displaying ghost vehicles all around my car avatar, very accurate, but doesn’t replace me shoulder checking.

vmulla | 11 oktober 2018

People need to check their mirrors, a good BSM system should assist drivers with alerts without having them look away from the mirrors - because drivers should be looking at their mirrors.

stevegs | 11 oktober 2018

I would like the BSM feature to work this way: Show the image from the front fender camera on the screen when the turn signal is pressed just like the image from the rear camera is displayed when the car is put into reverse.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 oktober 2018

I am actually not sure about BSM, at this point. I sense too many are wanting too much and will get lazy about their own responsibility to turn their head. The hearing impaired also drive so audible warnings do not help them.

vmulla | 11 oktober 2018

@Magic 8 Ball,
The argument that an assistive feature can make drivers lazy about their own responsibilities can be made for EAP as well. If I phrased the sentence as "I sense too many are wanting too much and will get lazy about their own responsibility to pay attention to the road", will that be an acceptable argument to restrict the full potential of EAP, another driver assistive feature?

Many many on the forum have suggested an audible alert AND steering vibration/resistance as a viable option - and that solution would work for hearing impaired as well.

Anyway, I believe in Tesla's implementations - they might make us wait, but Tesla typically throws in novel solutions that change the status-quo. I'll wait until I experience Version 9 to make the decision for myself.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 oktober 2018


I will also make the same argument for EAP. Folks are abusing these features.

If you want more bells and whistles that is fine but to try and paint their absence as a hazard, as some have, is absurd.

classic68 | 11 oktober 2018

Magic 8 Ball: Because some (few) people cannot hear does not mean this should not be included as a feature. These are all aides to help people. They do not replace the human aspect of driving at this point. Those who rely on these capabilities 100% are foolish. Also, deaf people know they cannot hear and they will turn their head as necessary.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 oktober 2018

@classic68 I agree, and my point is same as yours. All people should still be checking their blind spot the old way and these are just aides not replacements.

oghowie | 21 oktober 2018

Honestly I have had a C300 and Rx350 for 3 years with BSM and no longer check my blind spots because they work that well. We also have a QX60 without it and miss the feature all the time. There's a reason almost every other car manufacturer implements BSM with a light on the side mirror. I'm also very surprised the Tesla BSM doesn't even beep when you turn on your signal if a car is in the blind spot on V9.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 oktober 2018

It would be interesting to see a data compilation on BS accidents from those that no longer use BSM as an aide and use it as their only BSM technique.

omahagtp | 21 oktober 2018

The truth is that the BSM feature is lacking and anyone honest with themselves knows it. I can’t think of any good reason to defend it other than people wrapping their self worth in Tesla itself and defending anything remotely negative said against it.

Why not do away with the rear camera, too? Clearly people are being too lazy to turn their heads around.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 oktober 2018

I am honest with myself and I find nothing lacking in BSM.

BSM is all just an aide and I find some aids, crutches, to cause people to be too reliant on them to where they fail to execute the fundamental safety function themselves.

thedrisin | 21 oktober 2018

I use a computer aided detection device in my work. It actually helps focus even more and in no way becomes a crutch. The technology without question is beneficial. I have BSM in my other vehicles and I find it to increase awareness and safety. I would think people purchasing a Tesla would embrace any technological adjuncts. After all, isn't the eventual goal to have autonomous driving?

Magic 8 Ball | 21 oktober 2018

The goal is to have autonomous driving.

From the CURRENT user manuals for all cars (paraphrase): 'It is up to the operator to insure safe driving.'

Tell me, the machine vision you use at work. How many lives are at risk when it farts?

garretn | 21 oktober 2018

I would like to see BSM have some kind of warning like a beep or maybe the steering wheel vibration like the lane departure warning does if you turn your signal on and try and move out of the lane. The red line is good but that just makes one more place to have to check when switching lanes. This would add one more layer of protection and seems like it would be a very easy change to add.

vb1 | 21 oktober 2018

hud would be ideal.

vb1 | 21 oktober 2018

we could have 3rd party developers make the product if tesla can expose api,

Magic 8 Ball | 21 oktober 2018

IMO, hud should be able to be turned on/off. Some users will not like or use it. The display system for BSM could be folded into hud, but BSM should be useful independent of hud if one chooses to turn hud off.

Bighorn | 21 oktober 2018

Do you get a red line if you're not in EAP?

thedrisin | 21 oktober 2018

@Magic. A human life is at stake each time I use it. Not funny.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 oktober 2018

If you are asking me I have not driven the car since V9 install. Going out later today.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 oktober 2018

@thedrisin I am not trying to be funny. I participated in development of several machine vision systems over the years. If you are talking about something like da Vinci I understand the things that cannot be done without such systems. You are are trying to compare apples and oranges. People can change lanes without BSM they cannot perform microsurgery without da Vinci.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 21 oktober 2018

I get the impression a lot of people are lazy and not interested in performing the activity of driving at all. Those people should not drive ANY car. They cannot be bothered to use mirrors, or windows, or the windshield to observe the world around them while behind the wheel of a car. Mandatory FSD cannot come soon enough.

slingshot18 | 21 oktober 2018

All it needs is an audible warning and it would be perfect.

thedrisin | 21 oktober 2018

@Red. Isn't the goal of TSLA to eventually implement FSD so you don't have to actually drive? I am looking forward to that time.

oghowie | 21 oktober 2018

Audible warning is probably enough and they could easily implement it in an software update.

People that don't think BSM is important, but want autonomous driving make no sense to me.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 21 oktober 2018

oghowie: Yes, BSM is important, as an aid for lazy, blind, inattentive people who don't like to drive but always try to kill ME in traffic. I want autonomous driving to happen so they can get what they want, the ability to travel safely without actually driving. Just like I want contraceptives, adoption, and abortion to exist for people who can't be bothered to rear their own children.

vb1 | 21 oktober 2018

You are saying the tech is good enough for FSD but not BSM?

Magic 8 Ball | 21 oktober 2018

"full" vs "monitor"

Did my shakedown V9 shakedown cruise. I do get solid red lines, when turning blinker on, if I am about to encroach into someone else's lane with no drive assist on and in just plain cruise control mode. I get dashed red lines, in an encroachment situation, when in EAP.

My full apologies to those on HWY 280 and HWY 380 and HWY 101 who had to put up with my experiments.

The system is excellent. The improvement to the display of surrounding cars, bicycles, truck, etc. is plenty for me. The red lines, meh.

frankye2000 | 21 oktober 2018

use V9 for two days. It is great. However, It would be better if Tesla put BSM with a sound alarm. Hope next software updating will add this. The redline still show up without EAP engaged.

jimglas | 21 oktober 2018

I just keep the rear camera up while driving