any actual installs recently?

any actual installs recently?

I've been waiting for my power wall since April/May 2018 - has anyone actually gotten an install in that time frame? If so please post the approximate date (not looking for exact data) - but has anyone actually gotten one of these things in recent months?

whartnell6 | 28 februar 2019

I have already installed the update long ago. Everything suits me, although I waited for a very long time. I love all sorts of new technology, so I see that we are developing. After reading the article, which says about hoverboard and its alternative. I wanted to buy a shortboard because I think that this is just like Tesla a step into the future.

sschaem | 28 februar 2019

I got my PTO last week, but my system was not registered correctly so had to make a call to correct that.
Its been mostly cloudy so I'm getting next to nothing from my 40 panels.

I had 2 short power outage this week already and the powerwall did their work. my light did flash, but my other electronic did not shut down.

For install timing , in the bay area I think it might take around 3 month now ? maybe quicker. (from time of order to day of installation) PTO could add another month or more.

DermMD | 1 marts 2019

I have to believe that there are lots of factors that affect the time from order to install. Not the least of which would be whether Tesla has a presence in a particular state or not and indeed what that state's statutes and outlook are toward renewable energy. That said here in MD I ordered my solar system Feb 19, 2019. Tesla called today to schedule my install for March 13. It requires several permits to get to this point and all these were issued within a week.

darthsebass | 2 marts 2019

I started the process for both solar and Powerwall in 6/2018. Got my solar installed in 8/2018 and PTO in 9/2018. I am still waiting on the Powerwall as I am told that they are either “out-of-stock” or working on their backlog from 2017 still. I have lost a lot of faith in Tesla with the way customer support has treated me in the process. The solar part went great and the system is awesome but the lack of communication with the powerwalls is frustrating. I live in the Bay Area in CA.

DermMD | 12 april 2019

As I posted above, it took three weeks for me from ordering to install. Now a month from installation county final approval not achieved. The county electrical inspector wants specific language on the original permit now that he has looked at the completed project. This is where Tesla rears its head. A large bureaucracy that cannot seem to get its act together. 2 failures on inspection so far. It takes Tesla more than a week to respond to what seems like a simple request. I couldn't possibly survive if I ran my business this way. This has been my experience on the car side and now Energy is behaving in pretty much a similar manner. How unfortunate.

dcross | 12 april 2019

I'm in Sydney, Australia, the Powerwall 2 was ordered on 25 March 2019 and installed 8 April 2019 that's 15 days from order to install. The battery was charging that afternoon and feeding into the house when needed.

I couldn't be happier, really great service from the installers Solaray Energy Pty Ltd.

Tesla-David | 13 april 2019

Wow, @dcross great to hear your installation from ordering to installation was so brief. Hope you enjoy your PW2's as much as we do. We got our installation in June 2018 and they have been an incredible complement to our solar system, operating in self-powered mode and using very little grid energy. Tesla has an excellent product. They just need to get caught up in all the backorders and people waiting. It took me close to 3 years to get my installation, so your story is refreshing and decidedly not the norm here in the U.S.

WSE51 | 13 april 2019

I had my system with 4 Powerwalls and 34 solar panels installed in mid-March. It has been tested thoroughly and works beautifully, and it is nearly through the lengthy final approval process which includes City of Los Angeles and Department of Water and Power. My system was delayed for months, but not due to Tesla. They were champs, undeterred by several rejections of our plans. At least here in LA, I get the sense that the city and the utilities are not anxious for homeowners to be able to make and store their own electricity.

Tesla-David | 14 april 2019

@WSE51. Happy to hear your positive assessment of your PW2's and solar. Totally agree. We were fortunate up in Edmonds, WA, as our utility did not impede our installation/approval effort. They sent inspector out to evaluate/approve our PW2 installation on the final day of finishing the installation, and we were able to turn everything on the same day. I agree based on stories by others positing here, many utilities are not keen to have homeowners exercise production/storage of their own electricity. Congratulations on getting yours up and running.

BigBrother | 14 april 2019

We had my 8.5kW solar installed in March 2019 (ordered in September 2018) and one PW2 will hopefully be installed in next few weeks. We are in Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

josheafla | 15 april 2019

Ordered powerwalls and solar install in July 2018.
Solar install completed in October.
Just heard from Tesla today that my powerwalls are ready to be installed. Verified design, now pulling permits expect install in 4-6 weeks based on info from the rep.
I was notified via text message and email to confirm my order with a phone number to call.
I’m in the Tampa, FL area.
Perhaps inventory is freeing up ?
I’ll will post updates.

Sabrina | 18 april 2019

Ordered ours in September and it arrived and was installed early April!