Tesla has gone from first rate to last rate. The delivery experience I had was literally a 0 on a scale of 1-10. I recently upgraded my model S and could not get any straight answers. then waited an hour past my scheduled appointment and was lied to several times about waits. Then found out later from my insurance company that the $5,000 enhanced auto pilot is not covered by many major insurance carriers and doubles the price and it supposedly due to self driving which is not even legal in any state yet and not enabled. I asked my salesmen to find out what Tesla knew about all this and called him back twice with no return call.

Many of my functions are not working like auto handle present, I spoke with someone who promised to call me back but never did.

I got the new download and now some of my functions are disabled. I can't find my cold weather functions. Every time I call support the wait is around an hour and today call got dropped 2 times after getting picked up with no call back.

Tesla has gone from first to worst. I hope they can get their act together but I will not be returning as a customer if they don't.

Xerogas | 15 oktober 2018

Well...OK then | 15 oktober 2018

TEA score?

Xerogas | 15 oktober 2018 "TEA score?"
Agreed. It’s like a litany pulled from various headlines

rxlawdude | 12 april 2019


sgormani | 15 april 2019

I agree. I got into an accident on dec 14th. Car needed no metal work just plastic parts and a new condensor. 4 months later ZERO eta from Tesla on a new grill and it's IMPOSSIBLE to get to the parts center that services tesla certified dealers . I bought the car new in Jan 2013. LOVE the car and used to love the service but it's beyond crazy,...easily the WORST service and support of any car that I have owned ever. -Sean

fmwhatsappp | 14 august 2019

thanks for sharing the nice i formation with us

rxlawdude | 14 august 2019

@fmwhasapp, you are FLAGGED.