Referral Code, now 6 months of free supercharging and not limited to Model 3 Performance...

Referral Code, now 6 months of free supercharging and not limited to Model 3 Performance...

I just tested my referral code. The referral code is now good for six months of free supercharging and is not limited to only performance Model 3.

Bighorn | 21 oktober 2018

Flagged for excessive redundancy

lilbean | 15 november 2018
rxlawdude | 15 november 2018

Didn't free supercharging offers all expire a couple of weeks ago?

onetwocombo | 15 november 2018

rxlawdude, no you can still get the free supercharging using the referal!

gtbuzz | 15 november 2018

What's up with all the jackasses posting referral codes recently?

Magic 8 Ball | 15 november 2018
dsvick | 16 november 2018

I'm an owner now - why can't I flag all the people posting referral codes .... sigh....

jimglas | 16 november 2018
jebensonff428 | 16 november 2018

Why does it bother people so much that others put their referral code on related threads?
Jealous someone beat you to it?

burdogg | 16 november 2018

@jebensonff428 - NO! There are many of us that have been here for a very long time...just imagine if all of us were self serving and each posted our referral code for a thread (and to answer your Jealous question - you don't think those that have been here since the beginning of referrals are...jealous? Those getting after others spamming their code are in fact long time owners)...what would the forum look like to anyone that tried to come here? These referral have been around for 3+ years. Can you imagine if everyone decided to try to grab attention by spamming their referral code? There would be NO forum! It would just be referral code threads. This is NOT the place - you don't think every owner has a code that they could share? It is called being polite and considerate - the Tesla forum is NOT for hey, here is my code - spam...

jlramsey12 | 29 november 2018

@jmda61 I just used your code! Hopefully thats six months

jmda61 | 30 november 2018

Thank you, @jlramsey12... Model 3 is a fun to drive.

rl1969 | 12 december 2018

Tesla doesn't honor 6 month free supercharging referral program!
Model 3 long range (ordered 9/24 pick up 10/11)
No one can help over one month!!!
Can not believe it! Catherine from referral program said its not performance & order date?! What she talking about?
Is my order qualified for 6 month free supercharging? My owner advice said YES, People from store said YES.

Owners can give five friends six months of free Supercharging with the purchase of a new Model S, Model X or Model 3. All owners who received a $100 Supercharging credit with a referral order placed between September 19 and October 19 will also receive six months of free Supercharging.

tvs_priya | 22 december 2018

Used code from felix to order a model 3 on Wednesday and got delivery today. Entire process was smooth though I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through with this or not. Still having mixed feelings about the purchase.

lithni | 29 december 2018

here is a working referral code

jmda61 | 31 december 2018

Working referral code

TeslaMarque | 31 december 2018


What model did you get? That’s an extremely fast delivery, most of us had to wait months!

What are you unsure about? I often get buyers remorse, especially on large purchases, but I’ve had my P3D since Halloween day and it’s one of the few things I just keep liking better as time goes on. Give it a chance, very few buyers are disappointed w the vehicle. Is there anything specific that concerns you?

Steve_in_Socal | 1 januar 2019

See if mine works

ModernTriDad | 1 januar 2019

Nope. None of these codes worked. I think the codes posted in the forums actually double your charging fees, higher than idle fees.

kevin_rf | 1 januar 2019

This code is sure to work, and they deliver

jjgunn | 25 april 2019

WOW! You all are supremely special. You're the only ones on this forum with codes!


rdclark53 | 25 april 2019

What exactly does being flagged mean? Is it like a citizen's arrest?

82bert | 25 april 2019

Posting referral codes on forums is no bueno. That’s all.

mehta.viral | 16 maj 2019

@rl1969. I am finding myself in the same spot as you. It is the same person. I am hoping this link ( helps prove that 6mo free supercharging was included for my referral bonus which is no longer showing on my account.

Any recommendations on how to handle this?