Here's why I'll NOT order a key fob

Here's why I'll NOT order a key fob

I have a phone and I have a backup credit card sized "fob" that I keep in my walet

jacklondon413 | 29 oktober 2018

Me too. Although with version 9, my phone unlock doesn't work as quickly. I need to take my iPhone out of my pocked and turn it on before my car recognizes it as a key.

stevea137 | 29 oktober 2018

That's nice, congratulations on your decision.

I'm sure many people were waiting on the edge of their seat to see if @ST70 was going to get a traditional FOB before getting one for themselves. /s

CD3K | 29 oktober 2018

This is a pretty childish thread. I honestly don't think you have a model 3 at all.

SalisburySam | 29 oktober 2018

And here’s why I WILL order a key fob:

I have a phone and I have a backup credit card sized “fob” that I keep in my wallet (née walet).

For me, both are overly cumbersome, frequently don’t work for me (not true of the key card in fairness), are miserable for inexperienced valets/car washes (yeah, I know, I know), and just cannot compete with the simplicity of a key fob.

scottdoc | 29 oktober 2018

I like being able to use the fob for summon. Its quicker and more reliable than the phone.

gballant4570 | 29 oktober 2018

I won't order a key fob. The main reason is that I have yet to see a need for one. The next significant reason is the $450 forecast price. A lot of $ for something I can't find a need for....

Its also fair to mention that I have never owned a key fob. Perhaps if I had owned one over the last few years, I would see a need.

ODWms | 29 oktober 2018

I have, on the last several vehicles I’ve owned over the last couple decades. I have zero need for it with this car. I don’t even need the card. Just keep it with me in case a need does arise. Never has.

I’d take a fib if they give it to me. Wouldn’t pay for it ant any price. Like I said, no need.

gballant4570 | 29 oktober 2018

Yes, I keep the card handy with my other cards (incl. driver's license). I haven't actually used it beyond the first few hours of ownership. My phone has worked flawlessly as a key to this point.

derotam | 29 oktober 2018

@gballant4570, where are you seeing that the fob is going to cost $450?

I'll take the free one and I'll use it, because right now I have to take my phone out of my back pocket for the blutooth to read. I don't have to turn the screen on or anything, just take it out of my pocket, which is annoying enough.

Salesguyy2k | 29 oktober 2018

I have the same issue, I have to take phone out of back pocket or turn my butt around in order to activate. I am sure it must look like I am dancing in the parking lot trying to have the ability to unlock the trunk or doors. The summons feature has never been reliable on any of the family IPhones ( 1 last year model and two newest models). If a Fob helps with these minor glitches, I would order.

ODWms | 29 oktober 2018

Wow. Have never had any idea people were having to take the phone out. If it’s in the vicinity, it just works without the car even seeing the phone. No wonder people want a fob.

jordanrichard | 29 oktober 2018

$450!!? Does that come with a bridge in NY. Unless you got that figure from Tesla, I wouldn't believe it.

ODWms | 29 oktober 2018

For that I can buy 90 key cards.

gballant4570 | 29 oktober 2018

I saw an article (don't remember the source) about Tesla deciding to make a fob for Model 3. The forecast price was given in it, with credit given to a Tesla spokesperson.

My memory used to be very good - and I may have the number wrong. But the feeling I got when I read the number in the article was just about the same feeling as $450 gives may not have been exactly $450, but it was in the multiple hundreds.

Was the article accurate? Who knows.

LA-Fohlen | 29 oktober 2018

I thought I heard something about $150 but I might be wrong as well. A key fob would come handy for me when I drive to a park for a run. I just hate to take my phone as well as a credit card.

Liferules | 29 oktober 2018

I also heard ~$150. I wasn't in the "fob" camp until tonight--picked up my dog from daycare and forgot the leash. Had to carry her to the car and sure enough, the car wouldn't read my phone! Had to try to reach in my pocket with one hand while holding a 30# squirming dog in the other... seems the phone isn't detected at the most inopportune times...

Thatguyswife | 29 oktober 2018

My husband has a Model S. Complete with key fob. From the second I found out how much that thing - that glorified car key - would cost to replace, I avoided it like the plague. Keys and me: they don’t do well. I lose them. Nearly always find them but the time between lost and found is terrifying enough without the added financial pressure of an overpriced key replacement looming. Oh my husband would kill me!

More than once I’ve found my keys dangling from the front door lock on my house. I once found my keys in the backyard trash because I tossed them along with some trash from the car on the way into the house. Keep that key fob away from me. It will fall down an elevator shaft if I even so much as touch it.

When my husband told me he was buying me a Model 3 I was thrilled. Also nervous. And completely dreading the key fob.

Best day ever: when I found out that not only would I not have an expensive key fob but a credit card that I only extremely rarely would have to use because what would I be using to start my car? My phone!

Keys and me, we don’t do well but my phone and me: we have a proven track record! I’m not afraid of losing my phone! If I lose my phone, I can track it on an app. I can make it screech at high pitch volume even when texting and calling don’t work since it’s set to silent.

I’ve had my Model 3 for nearly a year now, and for the most part, I never have to take my phone out of my purse. The car unlocks on approach. The times it doesn’t are nearly always user error. (Either I’ve turned off Bluetooth or I’ve switched to my husband’s car on the app and forgot to switch back.)

You couldn’t pay me enough to carry one of those key fobs but if they work for you, enjoy!

billtphotoman | 30 oktober 2018

I can't see Tesla charging 3x for a model 3 fob what they charge for the model S/X fobs. Given how many 100+ reply threads there are on phone as key problems on all 3 Tesla forums I am pretty sure Tesla will do the right thing for the substantial percentage of model 3 customers who have phone as key reliability issues. My guess is they underestimated the number of customers who aren't in the new $1000 phone every 2 years camp.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30 oktober 2018

"What's the point of being grown up if you can't be childish from time-to-time?" -- Tom Baker as THE... 'DOCTOR WHO'.

howard | 30 oktober 2018

Tesla needs to do something. My phone key only works half the time and if not for the card in my wallet I would be totally locked out. I would never dream of only relying on the phone key to work 100% of the time. The key card is a poorly thought out user friendly solution. I don't like having to get the card out of my wallet every time I get in, then putting it on the console and when I get out putting it back in my wallet. There should be a 100% reliable key fob just like all my other cars and past experiences.

HankMD | 30 oktober 2018

Here is a quote from another article (online):

"Tesla has confirmed that the key fob will be included with future Model 3 purchases (no exact timeline was provided, aside from “when available“). But the bigger bit of news is that existing Model 3 owners will be able to get the key fob for free upon request. "

rbnjmnz73 | 30 oktober 2018

My phone works great as a key, no need to take out of the pocket, turn on etc. I could see how that could be annoying and would make people want a key fob.

jefjes | 30 oktober 2018

@BT2MD- Thanks for providing that link. I knew I had read that it would be free but couldn't remember where. If it is offered free, I'll take it, but if they charge anything over $20, I'll stick with my phone and card as it has proven to work for me within my acceptable range which is about 99% of the time.

rparkanyi | 30 oktober 2018

I have a LG G4 (ATT) and had a less than 25% success rate in unlocking my Model 3. I downloaded "Bluetooth Auto Connect" from the Google Play Store and so far (couple days) have had a 100% success rate. It keeps the phone in discover mode whenever it doesn't have a bluetooth connection. It can also activate an application (like the Tesla App) when it discovers a bluetooth connection. Found a couple of issues, it connects and disconnects when you are in marginal range, and it seems to drain the battery significantly faster. There are lots of settings, and I am no expert, so I am hoping others can help in coming up with an ideal configuration. There are similar apps out there as well, would like to know if anyone has had experience with them

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30 oktober 2018

howard: Do you use a lead lined Faraday cage as a wallet?

markr7 | 30 oktober 2018

It's amazing how many people with inferior phones blame Tesla for their poor unlock reliability rate.
Tesla should have put out a list of phones that they tested that are known to work.
Almost every post of a phone having poor reliability is an Android phone. Not knocking Android phones, but tif it's not working with your car, then maybe it's time to think about changing phones to get something that actually works.
I have had 100% success in unlocking my car since day 1 using an iPhone X / Xs Max

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30 oktober 2018

markr7: Well said, however... Tesla probably tests phones that are either brand new, pristine... Or updated to the latest software and OS, nothing else. There is the outside chance that third party software installed by owners may corrupt or ovewrite memory registers or system storage in a manner that conflicts with proper operation of the Tesla App, so that even a phone that 'ought to work just fine'... doesn't. There is no way to test for that... So, Tesla has wisely NOT provided a list of 'phones guaranteed to work' with Model 3, or software that 'should not be installed along with the Tesla App'. Imagine if the culprit were determined to be 'Angry Birds', 'Candy Crush', or a specific version of 'Minecraft', or 'Fortnite' that didn't play well with the Tesla App...? Instagram, Skype, Reddit, Facebook... far too many possibilities. And early on, most complaints seemed to be from iPhone users, FYI.

rparkanyi | 30 oktober 2018

Old iPhones are just as unreliable as old Androids. New, expensive iPhones (redundant) such as the iPhone X are just as reliable as new, expensive Androids (Galaxy S9, Pixel 3XL for example). My LG G4 is 3 years old and cost <$300 when new. If the "Bluetooth Auto Connect" app I mentioned keeps working as well as it has so far I'll keep my G4 for a while longer.

YongGaoHD | 30 oktober 2018

Interesting thread. Why do people need a key fob? My phone and the credit card sized key both work flawlessly for me. I guess it is for people whose phones are not working reliably to lock/unlock the car.

eeb9 | 30 oktober 2018

I have an iPhone X, and it works beautifully.

Most of the time.

Except when it doesn't.

I keep my phone in my pocket, and have had to learn the "Model 3 dance" to ensure that my phone is in the pocket closest to whichever door I'm trying to open.

I also had the unhappy experience of losing phone authentication while camping out in the boonies. My phone did not function as a key until I was back in cell range. Funny thing? The app was loaded with BT enabled for the whole trip - my guess is that an encryption key expired and (since I was out of cell coverage), I could not get/generate a new key.

Soooo... I got to use the card for the rest of the weekend. Bloody PITA. Gimme a fob, please. I'll even pay for it.

jordanrichard | 30 oktober 2018

Ok, so Tesla tried out a novel approach that cut down their costs, but also cut down on customers losing their "key" and it doesn't work perfectly. If Tesla didn't push the envelope, we wouldn't be here.................

Rt002k | 30 oktober 2018

Honest question here. For those of you who keep your phone in your back pocket and don't like taking it out to get in your car - are you constantly sitting on your phone? Isn't that uncomfortable and doesn't it risk bending the phone and breaking the screen?

Tesla2018 | 30 oktober 2018

Anyone had problems with the key card not working all the time. My phone rarely works and the one card I had was giving me trouble when I touched it to the area by the armrest. I just hope the current card that works doesn't break or I am screwed. Would rather have a key than going thru the hassle of taking out my wallet and hoping that I don't have to take the card out of it to get the door to open. Sometimes it reads thru the wallet, sometimes it doesn't.

eeb9 | 30 oktober 2018

dunno about those who keep phones in their back pockets... I keep mine in my left front pants pocket, or left inner jacket pocket.

It's become almost reflex now to turn phone-first when I get close to the car... If I turn the other way, no joy, as I put myself between the phone and the car BT receiver. It's the Model 3 Dance! ;-)