Smart PreConditioning

Smart PreConditioning

Does Smart Preconditioning work well for anyone?

Both my girlfriend and I both have 2018 Model S's, VERY predictable driving schedules, and yet the car is never pre-heated.
This is after about 3-4 months of driving with Smart Preconditioning turned on.

Oddly, I've caught my car at the absolute most random times running climate control (i.e., at 1PM and ~3AM, in both cases I'm not within 4 hours of driving the car).
It seems to NEVER be turned on at ~7AM or ~5PM when I'd expect.

Is it possible to just set your own schedule rather than have the car incorrectly attempt this function?

Bighorn | 12 november 2018

Service personnel admit that it doesn't work well and can lead to a premature demise of the compressor. There are apps that can schedule climate but you have to provide your password data to third parties.

Roman.g.wilson | 12 november 2018

that sucks. Seems like something that could easily be fixed by letting the user set their schedule.

p.c.mcavoy | 12 november 2018

@Roman.g.wilson - Similar to an app, but VisibleTesla is a stand-alone program you can run on a PC. It has a Scheduler feature where you can set various commands, including HVAC ON and HVAC OFF, to be triggered at set day and time. The downside versus versus some of the other apps is you need to leave a computer running with it active and the person that developed the code is no longer supporting updates to it. The benefit over most of the other apps is it's free plus my understanding is the login credentials stay local on your PC, as does all the data, and not on someone's server someplace.

There are both windows and Mac iOS versions of the program available for free download. One note of caution, the iOS version is NOT compatible with the latest MacOS Mojave 10.14. I've been running it with MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 without issue.

Just an option.

Haggy | 14 november 2018

I tried it when the feature was first introduced. So did many other people. It didn't work well and I turned it off, figuring that at some point in the future there would be a thread about it with people saying that it works. That never happened.

It might be that improving it is seen as a low priority given that people aren't using it. And people won't use it unless it's improved.

I see that all the time in software where a feature is neglected when a company decides that it's not important since few people use it. They often miss that few people use it because it needs improvement.

DanFoster1 | 14 november 2018

My calendar syncs to my Tesla, the location I need to be is always in the calendar item which I can click and navigate. If smart preconditioning was even slightly smart, it would know exactly when I need to leave, since I live by my gig calendar. It doesn’t. The only thing I’ve ever noticed it do was turn the heat on at 3:30 am when I have a 9:30 am rehearsal 20 minutes away. I turned it off. Tesla should fix it by allowing us to select between:

1) Setting our schedules manually, or
2) using the calendar / location info the car already has!

If I really wanted to, I could set a schedule using for Tesla which I have on my phone. But it would actually be smart if preconditioning used my calendar and just did it.

tinglis_2000 | 14 november 2018

Mine has never worked in five years. I reported it twice last year but the Pittsburgh Service Center was unable to help.

StatsApp | 14 november 2018

My iOS app provides a climate scheduling feature (in addition to several other features which you can see in the app description section of the app store):

pnajar | 14 november 2018

VisibleTesla was always reliable with my 2015 P85D. With my 2018 100D it’s no longer reliable with both v8 and v9. It doesn’t appear to read all the correct parameters of the car. I don’t use it anymore. Stats is my go to app now.

etigro | 15 november 2018

My 4 years old BMW i3 (which a traded for an S) had 2 features I now miss :

1 - Pre-conditionning scheduling from the app which could accomodate 3 different routines (typically I used one for work-days, one for Saturdays and one for Sundays). Worked great. No need to me Smart here !

2 - Scheduled charging to take better advantage of off peak rates. You would input off peak hours (through App or car) and could choose to only charge during these hours. I hate that I have now to stop the car from charging in the morning if I just want it to charge at night for nights in a row.

ulrichard | 15 november 2018

I had a cron script running on my server for pre-conditioning. It worked great.
But then I found out how insecure the Tesla account system is, and disabled app access in the car.

abackhus | 25 januar 2019

2 week old ms owner here, i just read in the manual that you must have both your "home" address and "work" address in the system for preconditioning to work correctly.

TranzNDance | 25 januar 2019

My car would precondition at home in the morning, but not in the evening from work. Now, I wonder since it was underground parking garage if the car didn't know it was at work. It was obvious that it didn't work because the car could get so cold in the garage. Currently, my car is parked outdoors and I haven't noticed if preconditioning is working or not because the temperature difference isn't so large.

jeffdom1978 | 25 januar 2019

I just want to chime in here. You do really have to input your home and work addresses. I never filled that in until few weeks ago, now it really does work for me in the morning and at noon, I got in the car to go to lunch at noon like I do everyday, and at 11:55am and my steering wheel was hot and the interior was warm, I was like damn, thank you car!

It never seems to work at 5pm when I go home, but its got lunch & Mornings down!

jjgunn | 25 januar 2019

I've had my MX for 7 months.

Smart Pre-Conditioning has been "learning" for 7 months.

jordanrichard | 26 januar 2019

Pre-conditioning has not worked since it first came out. Both my home and work address are in the Nav sys and “Pre-Conditioning” is still “learning”.

info | 19 juli 2019

This is exactly why I created TeslaTasks, just drop an appointment in Google calendar and the car will precondition during that time