Tire Repair Kit Compressor Not Working

Tire Repair Kit Compressor Not Working

I purchased the tire repair kit mostly to top off my tires to its rated pressure (310 kPa) for my Model 3 (after about 4000 miles of driving, my tire pressure indicators are showing 2.9 bar or 290 kPa). I could not find any instruction manual online and the printed version uses tiny fonts. Anyway, the kit worked perfectly as all I had to do is to unwind the cable, connect it to the 12V port (hidden in the back compartment) and take the kit close to the tire, connect the black tube to the valve, set the switch to the pump icon and press the power button. Tire-1: done; Tire-2: nicely finished. When I went to Tire-3, the power button will do nothing. I disconnected and then reconnected everything; same result. The compressor did not hum anymore. I cannot find any contact info in the Tesla shop to see if the unit (most probably defective) can be replaced. Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

jamesguan117 | 18 november 2018

I had an issue with it as wheel. The dial to choose air compressor or the tire sealant seems to not switch correctly so I end up having to hold the dial in position before it will start pumping. These were definitely poorly made.

jimglas | 19 november 2018

I have to hold my button for it to work also

rxlawdude | 19 november 2018

I think it may have thermal protection, as those pumps get very hot. Bet it works after it cools down.

David N | 19 november 2018

As mentioned, first is to let it cool down. Those units are meant to add a few PSI, not much more than that or they will overheat and shut down.
I’ve had a 12v unit overheat, worked a bit more than just shut down, had to have it replaced (non Tesla).

kcheng | 20 november 2018

Small compressors may not have enough cooling to pump up more than two tires. When you shop for a compressor, read the reviews to see whether it'll meet your needs. Most people only need to top up a tire or two. if you need to fill a tire from a flat, then that's alot more air, and it may overtax your small compressor. Some small compressors with lots of cooling fins, seem to do better. Read the reviews.

NoMoPetrol | 21 november 2018

Compressor cooling is not the issue with mine. When it is stone cold, I have to hold the dial handle to get action. Definitely an inferior product. But at least the Tesla "T" is on the carrying case :)

jamesguan117 | 21 november 2018

Lol, do you think this can be swapped out? I think this is a defect with the product...

vts747 | 8 september 2019

Same issue here. Worked in Winter just fine, tried it today, completely dead. No contact info or anything to get support.

Yodrak. | 8 september 2019

When I tried mine for the first time, it did not work. Will not turn on at all. POS.

NKYTA | 8 september 2019

Mines worked fine the handful of times I’ve needed it. If I just need a few PSI, I just use a bike pump.

morissette | 13 september 2019

I was disappointed today when I also discovered that the compressor stopped working, I've quickly pictured myself stuck with a flat tire and this $114CAD Repair Kit would not work as intended.
After reading this column I have to agree with jamesguan117 as the culprit is the faulty Sealant/Compressor switch. I you manually hold it to "Compressor only" it will work. Yet disappointing Repair Kit for the price we pay and sold by TESLA.

fzhamilton | 29 september 2019

Today I had a flat tire, went to use the kit (Still wrapped in cellophane) and selected the sealant and nothing happened after hitting the power button, Then disconnected, reconnected and tried again, no luck. Just to check the unit I tried the air compressor, which worked fine. Very frustrating to be stuck on the side of the road with a repair kit that cost $80 and it not work when you need it, and even more frustrating trying to find the link to contact Tesla Store Customer service as they do not have a phone number. Wound up having to have the vehicle towed. I sent the Tesla Store an email and will prost the result once they reply,

NKYTA | 29 september 2019

Pretty sure you have to remove the canister from the Tesla compressor and use it directly, for the slime.
But I’m not speaking from personal experience. Haven’t needed it.

The air compressor does work fine, though I’d go 5 over what it says to get to the correct pressure.

Monthly when I need a 1-2 psi bump, I just use the bike pump (which I bring on trips just in case).

Also, double check the tightness of the valve stem. The Discount Tire in Springfield, MO managed to not tighten that. Thought I had a crisis when I really did not. | 30 september 2019

The sealant has an expiration date of less than five years. May not function after that. In addition, even if the tire is repairable, Tesla will not fix it once the sealant has been applied inside the tire.

sanvandur | 30 september 2019

I’ve had too many problems with compressors. Now I just have a foot pump in my trunk. It’s very affordable, never fails and is stupid easy to use.

KevinKeys4125 | 30 september 2019

Tire sealants are safe for the environment and for humans to use. They will not damage tires or rims. Tire slime can be cleaned up with a dry rag or equivalent.

KevinKeys4125 | 30 september 2019

Tire sealants are safe for the environment and for humans to use. They will not damage tires or rims. Tire slime can be cleaned up with a dry rag or equivalent.

fedorbt | 30 december 2019

I bought the Tesla kit and it is dead pretty much on arrival. I tried to use the pump function (no slime). The pump worked for 2 seconds and never turned on again. I contacted requesting to exchange the defective kit. There has been no response.