Would anyone like to buy my Tesla winter OEM 19 inch wheels and tires?

Would anyone like to buy my Tesla winter OEM 19 inch wheels and tires?

I have a complete set of four used Tesla Model S OEM 19 inch wheels with Michelin X-ICE winter tires that I no longer need. $600 for all four wheels with the winter tires.

Two of the rims have a little bit of curb rash, but just on the rim. Otherwise, the rims are in great shape.
Two of the tires may need to be replaced due to a bad camber setting on my two rear wheels - Thanks Tesla service! The inside tread on two of the tires is thin because of this.
The other two tires look practically new and only have a few thousand miles on them.

The wheels are in the Pittsburgh, PA area if anyone is interested.

prust | 18 november 2018

What year car were the wheels from? What style wheels? Do they have TPMS sensors? Thanks

lilbean | 18 november 2018

Curb rash otherwise in great condition?

nick-r | 19 november 2018

@Prust - They are from my P85+ from 2013. They have TPMS sensors.
@lilbean - What I mean is that the blemishes are cosmetic. For example, not deformed. The wheels are functional and for all intents and purposes of having winter wheels, they operate well. I will try to have someone take photos of them for me, as I'm not in Pittsburgh at the moment.

murphyS90D | 19 november 2018

2013 TPMS sensors are not going to work on any car that has the ability to display individual tire pressure readings. I think that started with the "D" models.

nick-r | 19 november 2018

Thanks for the info Murphy. I didn't know that there was a difference with TPMS sensors. I suppose they can be replaced though.

murphyS90D | 19 november 2018

Yes they can be replaced but it requires removing the tire from the rim to install the newer sensors.

jegsmotors | 19 november 2018

If you can ship them to Seattle I’ll probably buy them

nick-r | 20 november 2018

@jegsmotors - Not sure if it would be worth it for you with the shipping costs. I can look into it, but I'm guessing it would probably cost near $100 per wheel to ship across the country.

jmarvel | 3 december 2018

I am in Fairmount Indiana, zip code 46928. I have a 2013 Tesla Model S, and I am interested. How much with shipping?

nick-r | 8 december 2018

@jmarvel - UPS Ground estimates the cost to be about $300 for shipping. Is that ok for you?

TripleTrucker | 9 december 2018

NE Ohio with a 2015 Model S. Any progress on pics? I could probably meet halfway to pick up

nick-r | 12 december 2018

Hi Triple Trucker,

Sorry for the late reply. This forum doesn't alert me when someone posts a response.

Anyway, I'm not in Pittsburgh at the moment, so I had my father (76 year old Italian guy who doesn't understand technology well) take some photos and send them to me. For some reason, it looks like he took four photos of the same wheel instead of one photo of each wheel. Ugh!

Here is a link to the photos. I keep the wheels covered with TireRack wheel bags, and I would include four of those.

Since I probably won't be back in Pittsburgh till after the new year, I could probably have a friend drive them half-way to you. That way, you would be able to examine all four wheels and tires before paying for them. Remember that two of the tires would probably need to be replaced soon because of the uneven wear.

Kerry | 25 januar 2019

Are these still available?