Chill mode should still accelerate quickly when floored

Chill mode should still accelerate quickly when floored

I really prefer Chill mode for normal driving. Makes for a much more comfortable ride for my passengers. However, there is no reason that it shouldn't give me the same acceleration as Standard when I floor it. As it is there is an annoying lag - feels like turbo boost on older ICEs. That lag could very easily be the difference between getting hit or not. If I am stomping the pedal, it means I need speed and I need it now - we are no longer "chill."

Magic 8 Ball | 21 november 2018

You can drive "chill" with "chill" turned off, I bet you did not know that.

Brian B | 21 november 2018

Magic 8 ball says "No"

Thrillion | 21 november 2018

Stop pulling out in front of people and it would be a problem.
Not everyone on the road as a quick car or even a new car and they know when to pull out.
If you are putting yourself in a position where you need supercar speed to stay safe, you are doing it wrong.

In response though, I drive in Chill 95% of the time (I have a P3D though) and its just as quick in Chill as my last car. Never had a problem with the last car.

Thrillion | 21 november 2018


Chnowak | 21 november 2018

I'm going to agree with Magic 8 here - the whole point of chill mode is to slow down acceleration.... If you you need full power acceleration with the pedal floored then normal driving mode would do it, and just get used to being a little more gentle with the throttle.

coleAK | 21 november 2018

I’ve been driving in “chill” for over 3 weeks now. That is ever since we switched from summer to winter here in Alaska. It went from 55 (F) and sunny one day to 25(F) and snowing the next. That the car drives fine and is pretty quick on “chill”. However a soon as the snow/ice melts from the roads in ~May I’ll switch it to “normal” and use much more Wh/mi :)

TickTock | 21 november 2018

I think folks are missing the point. I don't floor often nor pull out in front of people. I only noticed when I was testing my acceleration. Glad I did because you don't want to wait until you need something to discover you don't have it. I am just making a suggestion which is easily implementable. My prior car was this way, I could drive in ECO/Chill mode and enjoy the finer speed control but if I floored it it still accelerated just as fast as when I was in sport mode (IOW, end points of the transfer function are the same, just eco mode looks slightly exponential and sport mode looks slightly logarithmic).

Magic 8 Ball | 21 november 2018

If you trim your toenails your foot will not have as much inertia. Maybe a lighter foot will help.

tp81 | 21 november 2018

I honestly don't understand this post.

It sounds like OP is just advocating for not having a chill mode at all.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 november 2018

OP is just telling the world he needs training wheels on occasion, no shame in that.

TickTock | 21 november 2018

LOL! This forum cracks me up. [rolls eyes, shakes head, chuckles, and leaves]

CorkChop | 21 november 2018

OP- Chill mode is an "acceleration option" which makes "acceleration more gradual" which is "ideal for smoother driving and gentler ride". It does NOTHING else. No suspension changes, no braking changes, etc.

vanfriscia | 21 november 2018

Geez...dude asked a perfectly legitimate, logical question and even offered a potential solution. Disagreements are fine, but why get snarky about it? He's basically suggesting that Chill mode be "chill" up to maybe 75% depression of the accelerator, and above that should be full power. He does have a point.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 november 2018

Here I thought the OP was whining about not having it his way.
Guess I missed that one.

howard | 21 november 2018

@vanfiscia, I totally agree. The snideness is just getting old and frankly childish if not down right insulting.

lbowroom | 21 november 2018

Until the next person floors it and then wonders why chill mode isn’t chill

Magic 8 Ball | 21 november 2018

Uh, was there an actual question from the OP?

Pretty sure it was criticism and some tried to help with a work around. Want punch put it in punch mode and learn to drive chill. Dang!

Drizzle | 21 november 2018

Why drive in chill at all unless there is snow? The acceleration in sport mode often surprises me by how relaxed it accelerates when I drive with a normal foot vs lead foot.

aptwo | 21 november 2018

I'm siding with M8B here. You can actually drive "chill" with chill mode off. Trying to get tesla to implement something specific to your need is a big waste of time. There are tonnes of other improvements tesla can focus on and this is not one of them.

DanFoster1 | 22 november 2018

My S85D is the easiest car to drive slowly I’ve ever driven—I’ll bet the 3 is equally refined. Turn chill off; train your foot.

TylerAnderson | 22 november 2018

I think it’s a reasonable point that the OP made. Obviously chill mode is just a different acceleration curve than normal/standard mode, but it’s reasonable to want a smooth ride with the option to have the car jump when the pedal is entirely depressed in an “oh shit” emergency moment.

There’s no reason to jump on the fella’ for his bringing up something on his mind. He wasn’t aggressive about it at all, either.

kevin_rf | 22 november 2018

I still have yet to actually take the car out of chill mode. Well I popped it off once, but the traffic was too heavy to play. Even in chill it still crushes my Prius. Plenty of umph for my driving... Not everyone has a lead foot, many of us bought in because it is electric, has decent range, and the super charger network.

The fact that an AWD non-performance can crush 90% of the ICE's on the road is a bragging bonus. Those that put the money down for a performance can handle the rest the riff ICE...

Now if Tesla told me they could give me a larger battery for more range, I would have been interested. Until they pack 150kwh into the frame I will keep dreaming.

bj | 23 november 2018

The 2012 Nissan LEAF has “Eco” mode which sounds analogous to Chill - acceleration is not as intense and regen is stronger. But if you floor it in “Eco” mode, acceleration is the same as when in “D”.

So it sounds like the LEAF has this feature TickTock seeks in Model 3.

ODWms | 23 november 2018

I’m still not getting what chill mode actually is for. It doesn’t give you better mileage, per se. It just limits your acceleration. If it did that AND actually saved you some mileage, I could understand that. But I can do what it does myself, and still have the power there when I need it.

Mike UpNorth_ | 23 november 2018


Owned 2 months. Never put into Chill. Will only when there's heavy snow.

Mike UpNorth_ | 23 november 2018

+1 ODWms

lilbean | 23 november 2018

Y'all need to chill. ;)

lilbean | 23 november 2018

Magic 8 Ball | November 21, 2018
You can drive "chill" with "chill" turned off, I bet you did not know that.

wayne | 23 november 2018

I think the OP was suggesting that the relationship between pedal position and acceleration should be exponential rather than linear when in chill mode.

RES IPSA | 23 november 2018

The finely tuned finesse of applying pressure and releasing such pressure on the accelerator pedal makes chill mode irrelevant to me. Once you master it, you can slowly accelerate and slowly brake.

RES IPSA | 23 november 2018

But my wife still makes me drive in chill mode with her in the car. She wants to remove the possibility of being able to accelerate fast... apparently she does not like how I get onto the freeway (one of a few legitimate opportunities on a public roadway to accelerate fast).

wayne | 23 november 2018

Chill mode will remain very useful on ice and snow when you want fine control over very small amounts of torque.

vmulla | 23 november 2018

I enjoyed the full power of Model 3 for the first few months, and I lost about 1/2 the usable tread on my tires over the first 9k miles. I then started using chill mode to make my tires last longer, I also started keeping track of my tire tread depth at every tire rotation.

I finally ordered new tires last weekend at 23k miles.

Rough math showed me that chill mode helps my tires last 30% longer (I'm sure it varies from person to person)

I believe chill mode doesn't just slow down acceleration, it changes the power curve a bit more intelligently to make tires last longer.


I'm habituated to the chill mode now, and I agree 100% with the OP - flooring the pedal should unleash the full power of the car even if it's in the chill mode.
Despite our best efforts, good drivers share the road with idiots, and sometime it is just safer to power our way out of a bad situation - and we just do not have time to change modes then.

TylerAnderson | 23 november 2018

I agree wholeheartedly with you, vmulla.

David N | 23 november 2018

Train foot and mind, problem solved.

vmulla | 23 november 2018

Hmmm...We can train ourselves to address most feature requests, so is that the way towards a better car?
The OP's request is a decent idea that has the potential to improve safety while maintaining an existing feature. So, why not?
There are several threads on the forum where folks ask for track mode improvements, performance tuning idea etc - isn't this an idea that merits atleast the same attention?

TylerAnderson | 23 november 2018

Still in agreement with vmulla, here. It’s a sensible and reasonable request for those who drive on chill mode.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 23 november 2018

The car will do what you tell it to. Control of acceleration is in your right foot. People who are 'CHILL' tend to cruise at 2 miles an hour, so everybody sees you. They are in a state of mind that encourages parade ground style driving rates. Luckily, Tesla vehucles are fun to drive slowly as well.

Do you enjoy going slow in your Model S?
Submitted by sbeggs on November 13, 2014

SpeedyEV | 24 november 2018

I find it easier to leave the car in “regular” mode and put my right foot in “chill” mode when I have passengers.

vmulla | 24 november 2018

For those who drive in the standard mode and think the chill mode is not needed, good for you - you can continue enjoying your car as it is. What's more, you don't even need to concern yourself with whatever happens in the chill mode.

Tesla provided the chill mode because it's a preference for many owners.

Here's a question: many Teslas have the ludicrous mode, so is it correct to just get used to driving in ludicrous mode all the time? My point, how the car should accelerate is a matter of preference.

Model 3s (all Teslas) are safer cars because they have more power available if needed.

To be clear, better acceleration when the pedal is floored is being requested to improve safety when we need to get out of a tricky situation.

Magic 8 Ball | 24 november 2018

IMO, chill mode is training wheels mode. It really is a no win with the whiners. If they get the non-linear "lurch mode" response they will continue to claim they can't tune it to their liking (I.E. it lurches too soon or too late).

lilbean | 24 november 2018

I think Tesla made chill mode to help those prone to pedal confusion. People really asked for chill mode?

TylerAnderson | 24 november 2018

I exclusively drive on normal mode but am still in complete agreement with vmulla. It’s nothing short of immature to simply make fun of and call someone a whiner who prefers to drive in chill mode, and if you’re so antagonist toward it in the idea then ultimately it’s functionalty should mean little to nothing to you, which begs the question: why bother to have an opinion or belittle the opinions of those who this would affect?

ODWms | 24 november 2018

“... is it correct to just get used to driving in ludicrous mode all the time?”

If only!!!

gballant4570 | 24 november 2018

I guess i just don't understand. But I have never driven in "chill" mode. I drive my Tesla slow sometimes, and sometimes I might drive it faster. I can accelerate quickly if I want. I don't have to accelerate quickly if I don't want.

Just what is this "chill" mode supposed to be for, anyway?

PBEndo | 24 november 2018

When driving by myself, I tend to initiate MDE's (Maximum Discharge Events) at every opportunity. I only use chill mode when transporting my in-laws or multi-tiered wedding cakes. Though my S allows very precise control of acceleration, it requires effort and attention to break the habit when I want to accelerate more gently. Chill mode makes it easy. When in chill, I would like to have instant access to full acceleration so the OP's request sounds good to me.
Remember the acceleration of the car can be both a function of pedal position as well as the acceleration of the pedal itself (how fast you press it forward) giving the engineers a lot of flexibility. Maybe they could call it Chill+

ODWms | 24 november 2018

Sub Ludicrous Super Lite?

ST70 | 24 november 2018

@SpeedyEV- Amazing....I do the exact same thing...we must be superheros!

PBEndo | 25 november 2018

Chilludicrous? Chinsane?

jamespompi | 3 oktober 2019

Wish you could set Chill for just AP, although i think its gotten less jerky anyway.