YouTube Music? Google Play Music? Soundcloud? Spotify?

YouTube Music? Google Play Music? Soundcloud? Spotify?

It would be nice to have other ways to stream media as I don't use Slacker or TuneIn. I still have to rely on my phone to stream music but no access to playlists and other features.

EVRider | 7 december 2018

Yes, it would be nice, but for now those are your only options. You can get playlists in Slacker if you pay for your own Slacker Premium account and log in to that from the car.

rikkirose22 | 27 april 2019

soundcloud is now much more popular, as for me if you want to listen to new, interesting music, you should look there. A lot of young, unknown artists who create profiles and upload their music. Moreover, to pump your account there is quite easy, with the help of services such as . After that, there is a great chance that someone will notice and appreciate your work.

randy_abigail | 23 maj 2019

Among all these streaming services, honestly I like Google Play music best. It has the feature to let users to store 50,000 songs for free. So I switch from Spotify to Google Play. This tips help me do the transfer smoothly:
And if you'd like to get more tips about enjoying digital streaming music easier, you can also check:

Banni | 25 maj 2019

So Spotify is added, would really like the AppleMusic client, shouldn't be that hard as there is also multiplatform support for that one (Android, IOS).