Shock absorber life expectancy?

Shock absorber life expectancy?

I live in Upstate New York where roads resemble bombed-out runways in war zones. My S is nearing her first 100,000 miles; I sense my shock absorbers are nearing end of life.

Would those with many miles please relate experiences with shocks? How long / how many miles did you get from the first set? What did the replacements cost? Etc.

2015 S 85D with coil springs; 92,569 miles; still grinning

Bighorn | 10 december 2018

214k on first set. Live on washboarded gravel road. No sign of needing replacement.

Silver2K | 10 december 2018

if the car hits hard on bumps or bounces too much, it's time to change them.

jordanrichard | 10 december 2018

134,500 miles here in CT, still on original shocks. When the car feels bouncy, the shocks are shot. Keep in mind, technically it is the springs that absorb the shock of a hit. It is the dampener (aka shock absorber) that controls the reaction of the springs. When there is an internal/external leak, the car will get a bouncy/floating feeling. Not that one should do this to an aluminum skinned MS, but there is the old school bounce test. In the past one would give a good push downward on say a rear fender and see how the car reacts. If all is good, the car would go down with the initial push, then rise and settle back down. In other words, down, up, down. If it goes back up on it's own, a second time, that is a sign the dampeners are failing. So as to not press on the rear or front fenders of a MS to do this test, you could open the trunk and frunk and push on the threshold plate (latch area).

anand.shukla | 18 juni 2019

Hi DanFoster1 - Did you resolve the problem? If so, how and how much did it cost? Remarkably, I'm in a very similar situation (2105 S 85D and 92K miles) and it seems I can now feel every crack in the road.

DanFoster1 | 20 juni 2019

@anand.shukla, I think the bulk of what I experienced was the severe cold we had this winter.

In a former car, I once had water intrusion that froze my shocks almost completely. I was afraid the seals had gone bad and allowed water into my Tesla shocks, but now it seems it just was the extreme cold (-15ºF to 0ºF) that stiffened my ride beyond what I’ve come to expect. I’ve known my whole life that shocks get stiffer in the cold, but what we experienced this winter was beyond the norm. Now that it’s warm, my shocks feel normal.

islamone | 17 juli 2019

My model S making noises as if it need Shock absorbers
I bought car at 13000 miles and now it has 75,000 plus.
I use my car daily for 110 miles.
Do i need replacement. | 17 juli 2019

@islamone - Hard to tell. I suggest making a service appointment and finding out.

Bighorn | 17 juli 2019

Mine are fine at 254k with air suspension

Bighorn | 17 juli 2019

Noise is more likely from a worn control arm bushing.

jordanrichard | 17 juli 2019

Shocks don’t make noise when worn out, they get bouncy.