Home charging while away on vacation

Home charging while away on vacation

I was on the phone with Tesla home charging support and asked them what the protocol is for home charging while away on vacation, say for 2 weeks. They said it's typical for the car to lose 2-4 miles a day sitting there in the garage, so they recommended keeping it plugged in for the full 2 weeks while away. So I tried leaving it plugged in but the car still loses the same 2-4 miles per day because once the full charge of 276 miles is reached, charging shuts off. So not sure what the point is of having it plugged in. Of course I can always re-initiate charging via the app, but that's something different.

howard | 15 december 2018

Just left mine for two weeks while at the AZ home. Leave it plugged in. Once it drops a bit it will charge up again. Seems like mine would drop to around 260 and then charge back up to 278.

jfaubl | 15 december 2018

I went on a weeks vacation and it lost 1-2% a day. I plugged it in and set the charge to 70%. I started at 86% and it never quite reached 70 to start a charge.

gwolnik | 15 december 2018

My car was delivered the day before I left on a 2 1/2 week vacation, so I was very concerned what to do about the charging. I verified with several different employees that the car should be set to charge at 80 or 90% and left plugged in, which is what I did. By the way, if you want to ruin a long-anticipated trip to Europe, get a cool, new car the day before you leave! I certainly didn't plan it that way, but I did not want to reschedule delivery and risk longer delays. However, just driving it for a day made me want to return home to drive it more! By the way, I managed to get rim rash in those first few hours of having it before I had to leave.

efuseakay | 15 december 2018

Keep it plugged in and set to 50%.

jerrykham | 15 december 2018

Like @Howard said, it will indeed charge again after it drops a certain amount. Just leave it plugged in and don't worry.

joey1959 | 15 december 2018

I took delivery of my 3 on May 19. On Nov. 7 I left for a 2 1/2 month vacation. I am still away. The car has almost 5000 miles on it. I plugged it in when I left and set limit for what turned out to be 203 miles. I purposely did not set limit to 80%, but set at a lower level. I check it every few days via my app and it has gone as low as 193 miles and then the next time I check it has gone to 203.
I checked with my local service center , which is a few miles away and I go there and talk and ask questions when I have nothing else to do. They advised me to do what I have described. It seems to be doing what I was told it would do.
If I were going away for a week or two I would be tempted to park it and walk away. Losing two or three miles a day would be in the tolerable range for me.
I hope this input helps.

M3phan | 15 december 2018

Side note may be of interest: Since cars parked and sitting for a long time in warm-hot climates can develop “flat spots” on tires (which eventually go away upon repeated driving), before leaving in these conditions, fill tires to the max recommended pressure on tire sidewall. This helps alleviate the flat spots. Upon return, adjust pressure back down to what you normally have it set at.
And as mentioned, yes, per manual, leave car plugged in.

Frank99 | 15 december 2018

If you're concerned, you can set up timed charging - have the car start charging at 1 AM or whatever. The car will then wake up every day at that time, charge up to the limit, and shut down. That way you'd never see more than a couple of miles variance in the state of charge.

63strat | 15 december 2018

Great to know it'll kick in after dropping to a certain point. The Tesla guy didn't mention that. Timed charge also not a bad option, but I'll just leave it plugged in and forget about it.

howard | 16 december 2018

Bet you check on it.

andyj | 5 januar 2020

I am going to try that, leave in charging and set the timer to kick in at 1:00AM. I will be gone for 4 weeks.

Sparky | 5 januar 2020

@efuseakay is right. I do it all the time. Just charge it to 70 or 80% and then set the charge level to 50% and leave it plugged in. It won't charge for a long time but it will if it has to to maintain 50%. No problem.

Joe M | 6 januar 2020

I leave mine for months at a time and similar to @Sparky I charge to 60%, park it, plug it in, and after a few weeks when it gets to 50% I reset to 60% over the app, let it charge, and reset to 50% the next day, and repeat. My intention is to reduce the heat signature to avoid rodents. Not sure if my process helps but so far so good.

EVRider | 6 januar 2020

I left our Model 3 unplugged in our garage for 4 weeks and it only lost about 25 miles of range.

alexabrown252 | 18 februar 2020

Yes, I agree, I also bought a new car a week before the holiday and was worried about charging. I was on an amazing vacation here ( But I kept thinking about my car, which I left in the garage. Therefore, no massage, no Spa, no other benefits of the vacation are unable to relax me. And I was right, because when I got back, I had to deal with my new car. I didn't think I would have problems with it so quickly. And I realized that Teslas are still expensive to repair. There may be a lot less long-term maintenance required on the car due to its electric drivetrain and regenerative braking, but if you need body work, be ready to shell out for it. So, I was lucky that the problems with the car (with its charging) will be fixed for me under warranty, but if I need bodywork, I will not get off so easily. So I'm starting to regret buying it.

walnotr | 18 februar 2020


stingray.don | 18 februar 2020

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