WiFi Range Extender

WiFi Range Extender

My Model 3 parks in the garage next to the Model X, but it is against a wall and the signal from my home network is weak close to this wall.
Result: The 3 cannot connect reliably.

The X, parking farther from the wall, has no problem connecting to my LAN.

I have been able to receive software updates for the 3, but the connection with my network is "iffy".

Does anyone have experience and/or a recommendation for a "range extender" to boost signal strength in my garage? (I'd really like my Calendar to update regularly }

ElectricAlex | 30 december 2018
Coastal Cruiser. | 30 december 2018

With respect ElectricAlex, the device you are linking to halves the speed of the internet signal it re-transmits. That may work for the OPs application, but there are solutions that maintain the full speed of the WiFi signal. I realize this topic can be a can of worms, but the OP should know the limitations of the proposed solution. ;>

jackcolo, would you care to describe your current wifi set up; where is the wifi router in relation to the garage, and soes it have an internal or external antenna?

BTW, it sure would be interesting to see if your Model 3 picks up as good a wifi signal as your Model X if it were to be parked in the X's parking space!

efuseakay | 30 december 2018

I messed around with a bunch of extenders and ultimately went to a mesh WiFi system. Specifically the Netgear Orbi AC2200 system with one router and 2 satellites. Now I have full WiFi signal in the garage vs none.

RES IPSA | 30 december 2018

Mesh wifi is the way to go... Netgear AC2200 (like efuse above) did the trick for me. Better wifi for the whole house, and should meet my needs for years to come... Like I was able to get rid of two cable boxes (saves about $20 a month) and just watch cable tv through the spectrum app. Much better

RES IPSA | 30 december 2018

Costco had a good deal on the Netgear or Google mesh wifi systems a few weeks ago...

gmr6415 | 30 december 2018

Easily extends wifi over your electrical system.

Hot.Rod | 30 december 2018

Agree with the comments above regarding mesh wifi. I have the Orbi system and love it. Avoid range extenders that will eventually reduce your speed at the expense of coverage.

kcheng | 30 december 2018

Mesh is good, but pricey. If you don't want to start with a whole new LAN, then you can try what gmr6415 recommended, a PowerLINE with wifi, alternative. I have a different model and it works great. Rather than spending $300, you can spend $100 and fix that one troublespot.

gballant4570 | 30 december 2018

I think I'll try that NetGear product....

efuseakay | 30 december 2018

This is the one I have:

NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System - WiFi router and 2 satellite extenders with speeds up to 2.2 Gbps over 6,000 sq. feet, AC2200 (RBK23)

3600 sq/ft house plus full basement. Full
Coverage throughout the whole house and the router is on 2nd floor at one corner of the house.

One satellite in the front hall, and one in the kitchen right by the garage. Great coverage.

gballant4570 | 30 december 2018

I'm thinking of this one, linked by gmr6415....

Tronguy | 30 december 2018

As it happens: I, too, had problems with the M3 getting connected to the wi-fi. The wireless router was in the basement, which worked fine for the 1st and 2nd floors, but not so good for the garage, off to one side and on top of dirt.
As it happens, I wired the house for Ethernet when it was being built and happened to put a pair of RJ45's in the garage.
Next: It turns out that all of the range extenders I've found also have an option to work as a wireless access point. One can hook up an Ethernet cable to the things, give it a separate SSID, security, and all that, and run it into one of the ports in the house wi-fi router. Did that, now the garage has good coverage, and no slow-down on the rest of the wi-fi in the house. So, if you've got an Ethernet cable in the garage or can run one in there, that'd be your better choice.

gballant4570 | 30 december 2018

My car is parked in a detached building, 80-100 feet from the house. The only connection between the house and barn is the power supply to the barn.... so the power circuit based extender looks like the one I should try. Appears to be a good solution for my situation.

shawncordell | 30 december 2018


brad | 30 december 2018

I agree with those suggesting mesh WiFi. I switched to Eero over a year ago, and Have not had any issues since? I have one Eero in the garage, one in the basement (the main router), and one in the living room. The result is incredible and reliable WiFi signal around my entire property, including the entire yard. I have over 40 devices connected to it, including the M3.

shawncordell | 30 december 2018

Eero is the best I’ve ever used!

eztider | 31 december 2018

A couple of pieces of Apple equipment will work also, whether your router is Apple or not. Use an Apple Airport Extreme or Airport Express (or both) to extend the range of your wireless network. Configure using the Airport Utility supplied with macOS. Since Apple is no longer selling Apple branded networking gear you can get used equipment cheap on Ebay.

gmr6415 | 31 december 2018

For long range (line of sight) you can't beat Amped Pro. They are good up to a mile and a half. I have one for another building on our property that's 750 feet away from the house. That was a stretch for wifi over electrical wire.

SalisburySam | 31 december 2018

@jackcolo, you have a number of excellent suggestions presented so far at varying price points. Your specific use case will dictate an approach to take. Some thoughts:

1- your Mode, 3 is not in reliable range, hence the original post. First thought is a range extender. As @Coastal Cruiser mentions this will halve your throughput in most cases. If you have a fast internet connection, even half of that speed could still be far more than needed, but measure the speed at the location of the 3. Distance and walls kill wireless speeds the most. However, some routers and extenders have features that do not reduce speeds by using an additional link back to the router. An example is the Linksys EA9500 router and Linksys RE9000 extender I’m currently using. In general, adding an extender will be your easiest, quickest, and lowest cost solution with no re-configuration needed for existing connections.

2- mesh networking is a wonderful thing and generally eliminates weak or dead spots if you have a sufficient number of properly located (in range of at least one other device) routers. Each member of the network is its own router but only one is connected to your ISP. For this solution you are replacing your existing network with a new one with installation points to be determined, tested, and set up. None of this is hard, but it is far more work than option 1 above. Also, if you are changing your network SSID and password with the new installation, you will also have to individually set up each and every other device connected to your network...that could be a substantial number. Lastly, this is probably the most costly solution though arguably the best.

3- powerline distribution systems have a great appeal and work well IF the sending device and receiving device are on circuits contained in a single load center (circuit breaker box). In my case the router is inside the house on one load center and the garage power comes from a different one. For me, and I tried it, powerline distribution resulted in as weak and iffy a signal as just the wireless router itself. These systems are inexpensive enough to be worth trying if your load center supplies all the necessary circuits.

In my case, having only recently purchased a powerful router, I added the extender. If I hadn’t, I’d go the mesh route with its cost and hassles. My $0.02.

EVRider | 31 december 2018

@jackcolo: You said you were interested in keeping the calendar updated. That should happen fine with an LTE signal — can you get LTE in your garage?

SoulLessInSanJose | 31 december 2018

Google Wifi - The #1 Wifi mesh system on the market. Just like our Teslas - amazing friendly design (unlike Orbi which are huge and bulky and still look like routers), super-easy to use app and amazing software updates every few weeks. $250 for a 3pack or $279 for a 4pack at Costco.

Coastal Cruiser. | 31 december 2018

SoulLessInSanJose said: "Google Wifi"

Well, since the original poster has not come back can we talk among ourselves? I'm surprised to see the units do use Power Over Ethernet (PoE). That means one to two physical cables connecting each unit, and limited distance from outlet compared to PoE. Unusual. Do you know why they did that? Does each unit require an Ethernet cable using all 8 wires?

mmbinatl | 2 januar 2019

I live in a hi-rise condo building - 20 floors above where my car is parked, also inside the same building. There is no way that the wi-fi signal can get there! However, my Tesla app can connect very reliably even when I am in my condo. It takes a few seconds to wake-up and then I can use all the features of the app. My cell-phone is registered in/with the vehicle as I use it as a phone-key. I believe that there is a cell-phone installed in the car (by Tesla) although I have no idea where or how to use it, other than through the app.

charles | 21 december 2019

Another useful solution might be to have a range extender installed in the car itself, so the car can pick up WiFi networks with only fair to good signals, which can often happen at Supercharger locations where one might wish to watch Netflix, but not have the Premium LTE package.

Of course, if the car itself were as good at WiFi as it is at LTE, we might not even need this thread... My 3SR+ can flawlessly stream Netflix from inside the garage with zero to one bars of LTE connectivity. If I make a phone call with that level of signal, the recipient cannot make out what I am saying - if I get through.

Our car currently cannot detect a WiFi network with 3 bars (GOOD) of WiFi signal. Needs a minimum of 4 bars of WiFi signal strength. The car will connect to WiFi at the Tesla Service Center, so boosting signal strength is the way to go to make up for lack of sensitivity.

jrweiss98020 | 21 december 2019

Charles, the problem with a range extender in the car is that the extender needs a good signal to retransmit. If it sees the same poor signal, it can't do much. OTOH, if you can attach it to a long cable, you might be able to walk it in the direction of the local router...

Scrannel | 22 december 2019

A range extender will (should) "boost" a mediocre signal to a good one. That's what mine does. The idea is to put it between your good signal source and your car. Then your car will be getting its signal from the extender, usually with full bars. That's how mine works.

Woodmanrog | 22 december 2019

just installled a Netgear extender ($89,00)for the same reason, Works perfectly feeding all of my peripherals and was a breeze to hook up. Supplies both 2G and 5G seamlessly. Problem solved.

jrweiss98020 | 22 december 2019

FWIW, the Linksys WRT router series can also be configured as a range extender. If you have an old one laying around as a spare, it will likely have more power output and work better than a dedicated range extender.

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Ross1 | 20 marts 2020

I have a range extender in the form of a light globe, it works perfectly. Just turn on the light to range-extend.

Make and model if you want.

tjk476 | 22 marts 2020

About ago i picked up my New 2020 Tesla 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD I see that no Dual Motor emblem was on the rear trunk lid,is one suppose to be there? If so how do i get it?

andy.connor.e | 22 marts 2020

This is a spam magnet.

Tronguy | 22 marts 2020

@andy.connor.e: Yeah, and the worst thing about the spam is it actually is slightly on-target.
FWIW: At my place the main router/wi-fi AP is in the basement and, like I stated earlier in the thread, a range extender massively slowed down the rest of the house's wi-fi.
But those range extenders are dead cheap, less than $25. And a little bit of staring at the manual for the thing revealed that they work as an access point, with their own ssid and such, by flipping a configuration bit and running an Ethernet cable into the RJ45 jack on the thing. I already had an Ethernet cable and hub in the garage, anyway, for the solar panels, so hooking the range extender/AP into the Ethernet resulted in great connectivity for the car for a heck of a lot less than a mesh installation.
If the rest of the house had spotty connectivity then maybe this wouldn't have been such a great way to go. But, given that the house is a two-story colonial, that single wi-fi router has zero problems getting into every corner of the place. Except for the garage, where the signal has to work its way past 20 feet of dirt.

andy.connor.e | 22 marts 2020

the spam is pretty easy to spot, as its always focused on grabbing your attention, then moving your attention to a specific brand or website. While not really having any continuity with the discussion.

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