"Systems powering up" message when getting in car

"Systems powering up" message when getting in car

Quite often, and not related to outdoor temperature, i get a "systems powering up" message when i get in my X. Usually takes 30-45 seconds before anything is active and can start driving or close garage door or anything. It's happened when it's been 2 days since using, or less than an hour since last use. Power saving feature is OFF and i am "always connected". Never had this happen in my Model S. Anyone else enjoy this experience? Any ideas to prevent it from happening? Thanks!

jjgunn | 2 januar 2019

Stop trying to jump in the car & drive so fast. Slow down... ;-)

I've had it happen occasionally in the Model X too. Just give it 15 seconds or so, should be ok.

lilbean | 2 januar 2019

We get spoiled. It happens.

lilbean | 2 januar 2019

Remember when we had to warm up the car before driving off?

Vawlkus | 2 januar 2019

It’s the deep sleep routine. If you want to wake it up, give your car a poke via the app while you’re getting your jacket and shoes on. That will wake it up and it’ll be ready to ride when you sit in the chair.

PawelSokolowski | 5 januar 2019

At least 3 times I got "Systems powering up" that took just forever, I had to reset the computer after 5 mins or so.
3 days ago, I got it also with new software, and forcing reset with 2 scroll wheels did not work ! No reaction.
I thought it will end in Service Center, but finally the reset kicked off by itself when scroll wheels were not pressed.
Pretty scary.
There is so many bugs in the new software, and there is no reaction from service center.
I reported few times that my autopresenting doors stopped working, no reaction.
The car is great, but service is bad.
I wonder if anybody from Tesla is reading the forum. If they give us some debug mode access, at least some of us, that are IT literate, could help locate bugs, when they happen.

jjgunn | 5 januar 2019

That's cuz you live in Poland. LOL....just messing with ya.

Nobody from Tesla is reading the forum.

Dual scroll wheel reboot - especially after new firmware is installed. Patience with the car is super helpful.

@Vawlkus +1

packpike | 5 januar 2019

See other posts about this. The newer cars have a this issue. My 2017 MX doesn’t show the problem. I can jump in it and go 99% of the time. This is an advantage over an ICE (no cranking and waiting delay) so we should promote it as a plus. My 2018 MS routinely makes me wait 15-30 seconds. Jump out of the car to return a redbox movie, get back in and sit. Why does it need to ‘go to sleep’ in 2 minutes? Crazy annoying. Tesla needs to figure it out.

dsk79 | 8 januar 2019

I have the exact same issue since the latest updates. My X from Sept 18 seems to go to sleep instantly when not connected to wifi. To make things even worse, I can't even wake it up via the app, I just keep getting vehicle connection error! I do notice that when I am at the office and it is on wifi, it never deep sleeps, not even after hours. I open the app and see the status of the car straight away.