Chademo to Tesla Supercharger Adapter

Chademo to Tesla Supercharger Adapter


Is there a Chademo to Supercharger Adapter I could buy? In other words, is there a way I could recharge my Nissan Leaf with a Tesla Supercharger?

I also have a Tesla Model 3 so I have a Tesla account and will be able to pay for the charge.

I hit the search engines and could not find such a device for sale.


P.S. Is there a Supercharger to Chademo adapter so I could charge my Model 3 with a Chademo charger?

tomasrey88 | 7 januar 2019

To plug in to Chademo with your Tesla, I found this:

However, I still cannot find a way to plug my Leaf into a Supercharger.

kevin_rf | 7 januar 2019

A Chademo adapter has not been released for the Model 3, Only the Model S and X.

It is not supported.

Mozart | 7 januar 2019

And superchargers won't charge anything other than Tesla

ReD eXiLe ms us | 7 januar 2019

Superchargers transmit data before there is a transfer of energy. Superchargers would not communicate properly with a LEAF. That allows the Supercharger to determine the cuurent State of Charge for the vehicle's battery and determine its authorization to receive power from the Supercharger. The maximum energy delivery rate the LEAF receives from CHAdeMO is 50 kW. Conziderably less than the typical 90 kW-to-120kW that Superchargers provide to Tesla products (as low as 72 kW from Urban Superchargers). For these reasons, there is no Supercharger-to-CHAdeMO adapter in existence. Thus, you cannot use a Supercharger to charge your LEAF.

Earl and Nagin ... | 7 januar 2019

To the OPs question:
Nobody makes an adapter to enable charging a Leaf (or other CHAdeMO equipped EV) with a Tesla Supercharger. Tesla paid for the Supercharger network themselves while all other car manufacturers refused to contribute. Therefore, you cannot charge another manufacturer's car with a Tesla Supercharger.

kcheng | 7 januar 2019

How is Tesla going to know to bill you. There's no screen on the supercharger.

tomasrey88 | 7 januar 2019


Oh, I didn't realize that there's no screen on the supercharger. I've only had my M3 for a couple of weeks and haven't Supercharged yet. However, Elon Musk said on the May 3, 2018 earnings call, “Our Supercharger network is not intended to be a walled garden, It’s intended to be available to other manufacturers if they’d like to use it. The only requirements are that the cars must be able to take the power output of our Superchargers, and then just pay whatever their proportion their usage is of the system. We’re actually in talks with some manufacturers about doing just that, and it will be exciting to share that news.”

OK. so if the adapter is active and equipped with a microprocessor then it could communicate with the Tesla supercharger network and the Leaf. It could be the "translator" to help it connect the Leaf to the Supercharging network. You type in your account details on your smart phone and via bluetooth, your smartphone gives your account details to the charge adapter so that Tesla could exact a toll for your charge.

I thought that, surely, such a device exists, given that Elon Musk says that it is OK by him.

Earl and Nagin ... | 7 januar 2019

I suppose that Tesla could make a Supercharger -to- CHAdeMO or Supercharger - to - CCS adapter that they could then sell. If they sold the adapter at a sufficient profit, it could subsidize their Supercharger network buildout. However, a reasonable price would probably be on the order of $3,000 to $4000 plus usage costs. The adapter could be registered with Tesla and charges could be billed to the person registering it.
Unfortunately, we'd most likely hear endless grousing about gouging from self-entitled Leaf, Bolt, etc owners who would expect a $75 adapter like quick plug power adapters, not realizing they are paying for the network, engineering the solution, a complex adapter, and electricity usage.

Tronguy | 7 januar 2019

Actually, it's all slightly more evil than just getting an adapter.
Tesla had Had It with the collection of so-called standards for charging cars and came up with their own, pleading with other car companies and such to join in. They all went "No Way!", for what appears to be competitive reasons. Main idea: each crowd wanted their car to Win, and putting out incompatible cars and adapters would slow the competition down.
There's a reason that the current new standard based off the 1772 plug is called the "Franken Plug": Another attempt to kill off competition and slow down, say, Nissan, with the Leaf.
The FrankenPlug does have an ultimate high-power capability that even Tesla can't match and leaves the ChaDeMo in the dust. Tesla's going to support it by using the FrankenPlug in Europe on the M3 and is currently retrofitting superchargers to have _both_ the Tesla and FrankenPlug. Fun.

kevin_rf | 7 januar 2019

Funny thing, in Europe if pundits are to be believed, the Model 3 will sport a CCS plug and the Super Charger network will have both CCS and Tesla adapters on the pedestal.

-TheJohn- | 17 juli 2019

And so it goes..

-TheJohn- | 17 juli 2019

Wow! Fishhorns post got vaporized within 2 minutes or so and my reply makes no sense without it. Dude/lady is a tool.