system crash

system crash

So I was on the road and a major accident happen in front. traffic stop a long time (multiple tow truck etc..)

We where in park, and decided to show the Atari games to the occupant... well a game loaded, made some beeps and.. the car crashed.

By that I mean all function stop, the screen was locked in a mode where nothing was updating but you could hear game sounds.

When I had a loaner computer crash happen, and another time the radio also locked up. So I knew how to do a HW reset (alt-crl-delete)

So I did it and it took longer then I expected to reboot. Good thing is that the car can still be driven with the computer rebooting.

But my question is, why is Tesla software still crashing so much in 2019 !?

And more importantly, can I remove all the bloatware ? I really do now want all the lame/kid stuff ready at any moment to crash the car and requiring a system reboot.

Tesla.. stop adding games. and instead work on software stability!!

jimglas | 9 januar 2019

sounds like FUD to me

jjgunn | 9 januar 2019


Channeling my inner Magic 8 Ball >;-}

lilbean | 9 januar 2019


sschaem | 9 januar 2019

So none of you ever had to do a hard reset on your Tesla because of lockup?

Now, it could be that the software is not that bad and its HW related.

Im saying HW because EAP has yet to work, and it took over 300 miles to "calibrate" . Now its just flacky , but it might just be broken sensors VS a defective computer.

Then again the software locked up on the three of the five X I drove. (1 test drive, 3 loaners, my own)

Vawlkus | 9 januar 2019

Nope, and thrash the heck outta mine.

Periodic soft resets, but nothing more.