Longevity of LIthium ion Battery

Longevity of LIthium ion Battery

Anyone have an estimate regarding the lifespan of our battery packs?

jordanrichard | 19 januar 2019

Depends, what is considered the “end of life”.

My S85 has 140,000 miles and I still have 96-97% capacity. My personal definition of lifespan is at the point that a 100% charge isn’t enough to reach a supercharger on a road trip, then it is done.

Earl and Nagin ... | 19 januar 2019

Nobody really know the answer. However, here's a fact: Our 10 year old Roadster has around 80% of its new capacity after 65,000 miles.
Tesla takes very good care of the Li-ion packs with good thermal management and charge control. It shows.

cardsbyglenn | 19 januar 2019

Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated.

jordanrichard | 20 januar 2019

EnN +1. Far, far superior than what Nissan has for the Leaf. Even after revamping the car, Nissan still has no BMS for the LEaf. Meaning, to maintaining ideal temperatures to promote longevity. Seemingly the only thing thier limited BMS does is throttle back severely the charging capability if you fast charge more than once on a trip.