safety issue airbag

safety issue airbag

Ive got an safety issue with the airbag (model s, 2015), the light goes on and off while driving.
Ive called the service but they say the service center will call me back within 5 days !!!. what a service is that !!. I live in the Netherlands but this is really bad service for a safety issue.
For any other normal car you can go to the dealer and they fix it.

Anybody experience the same ?

jordanrichard | 21 januar 2019

No, a dealer would not just fix it. If the issue is a faulty airbag, they have to have one on hand to “fix it”. Why didn’t you call the service center directly or better yet, go to the service center.?

Not many people realize that there are only 4 companies that make airbags. That is just 4 companies in the world, supplying every car made plus any replacement airbags. | 21 januar 2019

And why not just make an appointment? Here in the USA you can do it online in a minute or two. Not sure if that program is rolled out worldwide yet, so you may have to talk to someone to make an appointment.

Also for emergency items, you can go to the Tesla service and they try and fit you in. While an intermittent light is serious, not sure I'd consider it an emergency. Still, best to get it checked out.