Can a Tesla Referral Code be added after Order?

Can a Tesla Referral Code be added after Order?

If someone doesn't add a referral code at the time of order, can they add it later?

richardls | 24 januar 2019
Teslanene | 24 januar 2019

Yes I picked up my car in December and the sales rep added the code at the time of pick up.

CorkChop | 24 januar 2019

During the order process I never found where to add the referral code, so at delivery I gave it to the rep. The referral code I gave them was wrong but I got the six months SuperCharging and $100 SC credit anyway. Not sure who's code they used but they took care of me.

FirstDoyle | 24 januar 2019

David, you can add a code to your account easily after ordering (that's how I did mine, since I didn't know about the referral program when I ordered):

E-mail with the code you want to use (I'd love one more referral on my account, if you're so inclined: ).

In my experience they're very quick to respond (within the hour), and you'll get 6 months of free Supercharging. I tested Supercharging a couple weeks ago and can confirm it's active.

awad_chi | 24 januar 2019

i ordered my car and tried to add a referral code before i signed the papers at delivery (Chicago/Grand Ave location). The rep told me that he couldn't do that and it was supposed to be added at the time of ordering. I told him i hadn't signed anything yet so the car wasn't purchased yet. He allegedly went back and "talked" to someone who said no dice. so i missed out on 6 months free supercharging. He was kind of a jerk about it as well. Only blemish on otherwise easy delivery.

Teslanene | 24 januar 2019


When I was picking up my car, the person across from me thought that the car came with 6 months of free supercharging. The sales person said they needed a referral code obviously she didn't have code, but she continue arguing and they finally gave in and I guess someone added a code in the back.

awad_chi | 24 januar 2019


I hear you, I probably should have complained more. But his attitude towards it was very "used car salesmany" and I didn't want get in an argument on the day I was getting my new car. they had already low balled me for my trade in (a few hundred less than kelly blue book). at that point, i just wanted to get my car and get out of there.

in retrospect, i should have argued about it. i live in a condo building without a charger so i have to supercharge my car to charge it. didn't think it was that big of a deal, but in the winter, efficiency is so bad that i have to charge every 75-90 miles driven even when charged to 279 (i drive in the city, so short trips, traffic, not skimpy on the heater). add to it the increase supercharge price (paid 0.32 on monday), i really should have complained more.

Teslanene | 24 januar 2019

Yea you should of complain more. I supercharge once a week and then use the 110v to get me all through the week. The way I see it, 6 months of super charging is going to save me about $400-500 more if I go on road trips. Here gas is about $3.20

FirstDoyle | 24 januar 2019

It's my understanding that you can definitely get a referral code added to your account after ordering, but before delivery (that's how I did it).

After delivery, I'm uncertain, but can't hurt to e-mail the referral program and see, they might be able to add it in retroactively.

richardls | 24 januar 2019

@FirstDoyle, I agree with you that it never hurts to ask, but the earlier in the process the better. Pre-delivery seems to be the cutoff (and even then, not guaranteed). So, if I ordered without a referral codes, I'd be reaching out to Tesla ASAP to add one, especially with the upcoming end of the program. Tick-Tock...

FirstDoyle | 25 januar 2019

For sure, program ends in a week, so if you don't already have a referral in, get on it! :)

Joshan | 25 januar 2019

Thank You for contacting the Tesla Referral Program! Unfortunately, we are unable to apply a referral code to an order once the vehicle has been delivered.

Best regards,

Joel Parker | Tesla Referral Program Support
6900 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont, CA 94555

Joshan | 25 januar 2019

that was 2 days after delivery I asked.

FirstDoyle | 25 januar 2019

Bummer. So it sounds like pre-order and pre-delivery are fine, but post-delivery is a no-go.

sheldon.mike1010 | 25 januar 2019

I see others here saying that referral could be added, but my experience is different. The same afternoon I ordered at a Tesla store, I went back to add the referral. Sales guy said he did it, but that did not happen. At delivery I asked and was told there was no record of any referral and that it should have been done concurrently with order. No free charging for me. Ordered Aug 13, got car Sept 30. Totally love the M3 P- even without the charge referral.

richardls | 25 januar 2019

Yes, Tesla doesn't seem to be 100% consistent on this, but it shows that one should ask in as many ways possible if they find themselves in that situation, and ask as soon as possible - as explained in my initial reply.

hassan | 25 januar 2019

I'd ask your Delivery Advisor. Mine offered to add one after delivery

ODWms | 26 januar 2019

I added mine after delivery. In my zeal to change my order for the AWD non P to the inventory P, I had neglected to add the referral and arrived in Orlando (a 100 mile drive) to pick up the car they there the same day I was informed of its existence. I had even written out the check for the whole amount of the purchase, forgetting I had already given the $3500 deposit and ordering fee, so I had to rewrite that, I was so giddy.

Two days later I remembered about the referral, and called my delivery advisor. He went ahead and added it, and I had lifetime free supercharging almost instantly. It never did reflect on my account until recently, but when I went to supercharge it was there every time. Never got charged, except the first day when I supercharged before I called and had it added.

richardls | 26 januar 2019

@ODWms, just does to show it doesn't hurt to ask. Some people have received different results. Either way, the clock is ticking.... and anyone with a pending order, should add a referral code ASAP as explained at .

FirstDoyle | 26 januar 2019

It seems like the answer varies depending on who you talk to at Tesla. Can't hurt to keep trying!

ScottEVJ | 26 januar 2019

We were assured at the time we picked up our car at Rocklin that the Referrral Code was added to our account. Still waiting 3 months later. i wish Tesla would have some consistancy. Also, it would be nice if Tesla salespeople promise something they follow through.

thetankster | 26 januar 2019

Yes you definitely can do so. I'd love one more referral if you're willing to use mine :)

richardls | 27 januar 2019

@ScottEVJ, you should call the person who promised you that and follow-up.

richardls | 28 januar 2019

@ScottEVJ, any luck?

Devpsaux | 28 januar 2019

You can also change the referral code if you want to use someone else's. In my eagerness to order I used a random youtubers code without thinking. Then realized after I did so that I really should have used my bosses friends code because he's the one who let me test drive his Model 3 and really sold me on the vehicle.

My delivery rep put a request in to change the code, and was able to confirm that my code was changed. I did this all before delivery though. I later found out that youtuber already has enough referrals for a Roadster, so I definitely feel better about changing my code now.

thetankster | 30 januar 2019

Yes you can. I just need one more referral for something valuable! Someone please help me out.

awad_chi | 4 februar 2019

here's the response i just got from Tesla. kind of BS considering all of the more recent posts on the forums about being able to do so.


Thank you for contacting us regarding the Tesla Referral Program. I apologize for any inconvenience this delayed response has caused.

Referral codes must be applied at the time of the order being placed and cannot be applied retroactively.

Please visit our Support Page, which covers frequently asked questions about Tesla and your vehicle. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can reach Customer Support 24/7 at or by phone at 1-877-79-TESLA (83752).

Best Regards,

richardls | 7 februar 2019

If you ordered a Tesla by Feb. 2, you may be able to add a referral code to your order. This is most likely to work if you do it before taking delivery or within 3 days after delivery.

Just email with your VIN/Reservation Number/Order Number and ask them to add a referral code. You're welcome to use mine (richard17191) if you don't have a friend's or family member's to use.

richardls | 7 februar 2019

@awad_chi, had you already taken delivery?

richardls | 8 februar 2019

@awad_chi, in a recent email an owner received from Tesla's referral staff, Tesla said the code has to be added within 3 days of delivery. Maybe remind them of that policy and let them know that you were not allowed to in the time-frame. For others, if you have a pending order that was placed by Feb. 2, you might be able to add a code (see explanation in my post of yesterday).

richardls | 11 februar 2019

Has anyone that placed their order by Feb. 2 tried to add a referral code after Feb. 2, but before delivery? If so, what was Tesla's response?

awad_chi | 11 februar 2019

I took delivery a long time ago (end of October 2018), but was told it couldn't be added. I placed the order on a saturday (28th) and took delivery the following tuesday (31st), so within 3 days.

richardls | 11 februar 2019

@awad_chi, you should try again. Remind them the dates. Tell them you've heard they've told others the policy is that it can be added up to 3 days after delivery (and you tried to do so and were not allowed to). You can use the email address I shared above. Good luck. Share the response.

lennycurcio | 1 maj 2019

I order the model 3 and throughout the order presses it didn’t give me a place to add the referral code. Will they add it the day after the order

jeffbarge | 1 maj 2019

I was told no today. They used to, but can't anymore. At least that's what they told me.

richardnewbould | 6 maj 2019

No, not any longer. It used to be possible to add codes retroactively under the old referral program but this scheme ended on February 2 2019. To take advantage of the new referral program orders have to be placed using a link including the referral code, such as The new referral program currently offers 5,000 miles of free Supercharging for 6 months, however this reverts back to 1,000 miles from May 28 2019.

Kenz | 6 maj 2019


MilleniumFalcon | 6 maj 2019

I had luck retroactively adding a referral code in April. I placed the order for my car over the phone and the lady that helped me did not ask me for a code at that time and I forgot to mention it. I e-mailed her stating this fact a few days later and she opened up a ticket to get it added after the order had already been placed. You are welcome to try it with my code rodolfo15952 but your experience may vary.

rick.leblanc4 | 13 maj 2019

Feel free to use my Referral code:

divieshm | 18 maj 2019

Afternoon All,

If you need to referral feel free to use mine, I'm new to Tesla, ordered mine here in the UK about 3 weeks, waiting patiently (or not) looking forward to actually start to drive.

Does any one know how the whole process works, today my account changed to ask for registration detail and payment options, got exited but assume its standard practice, and probably doesn't mean i will suddenly get my car in June:) i will keep my fingers crossed.

my referral code is:

For Model 3 orders in the UK email with your RN number

Europe orders email

With the subject line of REFERRAL and the body of the email containing your reservation number, referral code you wish to use and your contact info.

Let me know if this work for anyone

scottz | 19 maj 2019

How long does take for referral credits to show up in your account after delivery?

jmda61 | 19 maj 2019

For 5,000 miles you can feel free to use my code: my referral code is :-)

thakkm | 21 maj 2019

Ordered my Model 3 May 19, 2019. For credit of 5,000 miles for free supercharging valid until May 28, 2019, please free to use my code,

St☰v☰ | 22 maj 2019

And where do these free miles appear as available?

souperdave | 22 maj 2019

I ordered my Model 3 on 4/22/19 and didn't take delivery until 4/30/19. When I talked with someone on the phone from the Delivery department, I had them add a referral code to my order since there was not a place to add a code during ordering. They said they took care of it. Well it's now 3 weeks after I took delivery, and i've emailed the referral program 3 times with absolutely no response. I realize it's only 1000 supercharger miles, but still, they have balked on their agreement. This has put a small black mark on my experience, but I still love the car. I think the company is under immense cost pressure and they obviously don't have all their processes and people properly trained. I'll cut them some slack, but I'm still gonna pursue this and see how far down the wormhole I'll need to go.

renvu | 22 maj 2019

My brother was trying to order his Model 3 using my referral code on his cell phone but couldn't so he just ordered thru forgetting to enter my code. He as able to add it afterwards by emailing If anyone needs a referral code here's mine.
It should be easy to remember...just remember the rule of 3.

geoffharder | 22 maj 2019

Fyi, in my experience they will no longer add the referral after the order.

The dealer/showroom told me I just had to "enter" the code when I ordered. So I left, ordered the car expecting to see a spot for the code but never found it.

So I emailed thr referral program. Long story short, after emailing the program, calling Tesla's central sales number multiple times, and calling the local dealer, I was consistently told the same thing. They no longer enter codes after ordering.

I had to cancel my original order, and go through the referral portal and place a second order. This meant another deposit, while the original once gets refunded. The guy at the dealer was able tp port my old financing approval over so I didn't have to do that again.

This was all in the last two days so I don't know when it changed. He said he has to deal with similar complaints almost daily and apologize profusely. He was great, but overall I was completely unimpressed by my experience, as other than the last guy I talked to, no one seemed interested in helping me.

But, I am really excited to get my Tesla.

black_router | 23 maj 2019

@geoffharder, similar experience.

They don't care and I didn't get a response about adding the referral code to my order until after I had already taken delivery. I live in OK so they have to be shipped. Referral program basically said sorry. I'm still pretty pissed about it, but have no recourse and no sympathy from them. I even went so far as to forward my email and response to their general customer service email and the same referral program person answered that too. It's BS b/c I was told to just email them to have it added, and got rejected.

WAS a huge tesla fan, now I'm kinda like the car is great, everything else is questionable. It's disheartening to be such a fan of a company and then they screw you over b/c of their lack of responsiveness/poor customer service.

Beegee | 23 maj 2019

A friend and I were similarly shafted on the referral program. She though she included my referral code when she ordered, but it never showed up on either of our accounts. When I inquired with the local service center, they suggested it can take a while and might not show up until she took delivery. She also inquired before taking delivery. Alas, no luck. And they have refused to add it since.
I also love the car, but owners aren't even rewarded when then help sell their cars, which it's looking like Tesla really needs these days. Unfortunate.

gabejmilian | 26 maj 2019

i received the 1000 free supercharger miles but don't know how to use it. i charged at a supercharger but it didn't deduct it from my miles, but instead it charged my credit card. how can i make it deduct from my referral miles?