Chargers and National Parks

Chargers and National Parks

Starting to map out our summer vacation and would like to take our Model 3 MR from Charleston, SC to Seattle, WA to visit with family and old friends. My wife has never been to our great national parks in the northwest and this would be a must see for her. We are new to the EV world and just completed our first road trip this week and learned that cold weather and mountains play havoc on your charging time and range and I'm a little gun shy about loading up and heading out west. That said is there a source that shows charge points in or around our national parks?


EVRider | 1 februar 2019

If you're just interested in supercharger locations, use this: If you're interested in any type of charger, use this: PlugShare also has a mobile app.

johnse | 1 februar 2019

Road trips in a Tesla are a great way to experience the car, the road, and the journey. I've done Seattle to Phoenix and to other cities on the West Coast.

Cold weather will decrease your mileage, but it is something you'll get used to. Also the average speed you travel will affect mileage. As a reference point, in my summer and fall trips in my Model X, typically driving the speed limit, the in-car nav system was very good at predicting my state of charge entering each Supercharger.

Elevation changes (mountain driving) is well understood by the route planners both in the car and online. I often scope out a drive using and usually get better mileage than estimated by it.

Recommendations on here are to give about a 30% buffer for cold weather--and then fine-tune for your experiences.

Mainly this results in giving yourself a bit more charging time at Superchargers than what the in-car nav suggests.

stevenmaifert | 1 februar 2019

Plugshare is probably your best source of info for charging locations in and near your National Parks of interest. Most RV parks have NEMA 14-50 hookups and are another source if you bring your UMC and adapter with you. You'll find most of those listed in Plugshare too.

I have personal experience with Mesa Verde National Park. There is a Tesla destination charger and co-located ClipperCreek J1772 at the Far View Lodge within the park. It is open to everyone. You don't have to be a guest at the lodge to use it.

segalpal7 | 1 februar 2019

Does abetterrouteplanner mentioned above realy works?